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Breaking Down

I've done it. I've joined IJ as a free user for now because of how tired I am of LJ. This is coming after Anildash popped up again InnocenceJ again to refute the idea of big old corporate scheming using Occam's Razor. By this explanation then, their reasoning is that the one doing all the deciding in this is an idiot rather than out to make money.

I'm not gonna comment on that except what I said in the thread, and that I should thank him for pushing me to join IJ finally instead of just lurking. Now . . . where's the anime comms? And how do I get the handy toolbar, or do I gotta pay for it? ::rubs hands::


You can look at [info]asylum_promo and [info]fandomdirectory to help look for communities, or try searching by interest. I can already tell you there's some FMA comms -- [info]fma and [info]hagaren_fans, as well as some more specific communities for pairings and stuff. No Escaflowne community that I know about yet. (I picked out those two fandoms from your userinfo because I'm kind of in those -- I wouldn't have a clue about the others.)