[info]aristoboule in [info]07refugees

My IJ tis of thee...

I had a little bit of a graphics bunny from this post in [info]announcements, about immigrants vs. refugees, and well, had to share!

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You are *shameless* and I feel I should be appalled. Instead, I am off to bed with a silly-ass grin on my face. *smirks* Thanks!
Yes, yes I am! XD
Dude... I love you :)

I'm totally ganking this for my userinfo page. I'll definitely credit :)
:D!!! Thanks!

And if someone told me how to make it so the picture linked to a website, I'd totally put that on my LJ userinfo page with a link here :)
Woohoo!!! I hope the coding goes through here:

< a href = "http://aristoboule.insanejournal.com/ " > < img src = " http://linktoyourstoredpic" border = "0" > < /a >

But remove all the spaces between characters except for the a href part!

I know there's an eaaaaaaaaaaaarly post in this comm by [info]ardath_rekha that explains how to do it!
*Cracks up and dies of laughter* Oh, I LOVE it!
:D! Yay!!! I am going to try and hold off from iconning/abusing poor Tweak any more... I just don't know how successful I'll be!
*bows* You rock. I'm so glad you did that. Now I have the urge to make Tweak icons but since my folder of pics to be made into icons is pretty large I really should work on them first.
Haha thanks! You could make just... one Tweakicon :D?
oh please could I have a copy of the icon? I always credit them, and I think it would be great fun to use it on LJ. I like the one with the quote too, but other than gaze on it fondly, I don't know what I could do with it. It's really great none the less.
Certainly! There are some additional ones in my userpics, and more in [info]appreciate_ij if you're interested, and thanks!
Thank you. I've posted with it, and now I'm off to look at others too. Tweak is pretty with the butterflies!
You're welcome, and thanks! :D
That was really an awesome comment from him. I was like "lskafjlsa;jflskj <333" XD
It was! He is absolutely the best admin/site owner ever, IMO!
Ahahahahaha! Too funny.
:D! It was horribly wrong, but the Photoshop was calling me, and well... XD!
Marvellous! *goes to gank some icons to use on dying LJ account*
Woohoo! :D
YAY. I'm glad somebody made some graphics for it.
Yay!!! I couldn't help it! ;D

The Statue of Squeakerty!

Lol. Omg, that so rocks. You already said others could take the icon, so I is, too (I will credit, mhm, yah, yah, yah), and heading over to LJ to make me a post about how much IJ rocks in comparison to both LJ and GJ.

Still laughing - I am never gonna be able to see the Statue of Liverty ([sic] son's permutation) the same, again!

Re: The Statue of Squeakerty!

Yep, snagging is encouraged, and thanks!!!

added to my aristoboule folder on my hd so I can credit when I use.
Yay!!! :D