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Mar. 17th, 2018


Just kinda sending a poke to see how everyone is doing. I've missed you guys, and hope to get the ball rolling. Anyone out there? It's been quiet. Anyone alive??? XD

[Poseidon & Co.]

Feb. 13th, 2018


I'll try to be here more.

Sorry guys.

Anyone want to write something?

Feb. 6th, 2018



I know last year we went a little differently with the email grams Eros sent, did anyone have any ideas for this year? And for people they'd want to throw together? It's been a while since we just did a random hit, I just wanted to throw this out before Valentine's Day got here. I know it's been quiet on the front for most people, but please reply if you're up for making this a memorable gamewide event again and see what happens!

Love you guys,

[Poseidon & Co.]

Jan. 11th, 2018


Guys! Omg! I'm sorry I basically disappeared! D=

I've been so busy and been sick the last few days. I'm here, though!

Nov. 17th, 2017


Hi guys! It's Chelsea, a.k.a., the person who hasn't been around for months >_>

But things are a lot more stable in my life now, and my mom's health is a lot better. So I'd like to dip my toes back in and try to get things rolling again, if anyone is still interested in my peeps.

Oct. 21st, 2017



Long weekend, since it's labour day here in good ol' NZ. Which means SO MUCH WRITING. Imma tag things as soon as I finish this work thing (yes I AM working on the weekend uuuggghhhhhhhh) BUT OMG

As I do this work thing, I am watching QI as background noise, and they were talking about Saint Nicholas and Krampus. And omfg do I want to play Saint Nicholas (especially now since they're all HEY WE FOUND HIS BONES) and please o please can someone play Krampus just to fuck with him?!?!?



(I really need to fix my mood theme...)

EDIT: and of course my cat would choose the long weekend when I wanted to write, to get sick and make me take her to the after hours vet. Turns out shes full of farts. The more you know?

Oct. 16th, 2017


Aaaand now I am not getting notifs.


EDIT: Apparently they were going to my spam folder? I hope I have now fixed it, but who knows.

Oct. 7th, 2017



Just so everyone is aware, AIM is being shut down. And I mean...I never go on there any more anyway, BUT that is aside from my point. Since Liz talks about Discord, which is an IM service for gamers, and then N mentioned it as well, I have now installed it on my computer.

If anyone else installs Discord we can even have a Nevermore chatroom if we want!

It works on phones too!

Anyhoo, if you DO get one, reply here with your Discord # and we can all add each other! I am Shamrocked and I am #7347 :D

Oct. 2nd, 2017


Hey all

Been having a bit of a time due to work issues and now the death of my cousin. I'll try to start coming back in the next few days.

In the meantime, let me know by linking if there's anything you want me to do/reply to, etc. Angela, I'll reply to the Blackwoods log soon, as I know that one is ongoing and I still want to finish it off. Is there anything else that I need to keep going on, guys?

Love you.

EDIT: What I DID do was fix up my icon journal and I'm going to add to it too. [info]strange_fire

Sep. 23rd, 2017


Heyyyyyy, so I know I've massively fallen down on the RP front. I've been stressed out about...well, a lot of things, most notably the fact that I'm waiting on a decision from the university I applied to. Like, if this doesn't work out, I'm gonna lose my shit, and as a result, my brain has barely been able to string thoughts together lately.

But anyway, hopefully tomorrow I'll get around to replying to things and catching up. I have vodka in me right now, I'm lucky this thing isn't riddled with spelling errors.


Sep. 17th, 2017


Make Creativity Happen

Still trying to survive the next week or so guys. 200 orders to do in the next week. AND we has kittens! 3 week old kittens that need to be weened from bottle to solid food in a few weeks. SO TINY GUYS. I've never had such tiny kittens that are so feisty!!! This is Why I have been neglecting my gaming. Lucky and Angela even you haven't heard from me as much!. I apologize!


Time now to Make creativity happen! ➡️➡️My lovely Michael's slogan!

Love you guys and please email me stuffs!!! I also need more icons if this guy and The Saracen if anyone has links or can find any?! Go!

[Poseidon & Co.]


*falls down on floor*

I have updated the cast list, by which I mean I deleted everything and started from scratch using a new layout that will be 600 times easier/quicker for me to edit in future. I've been putting that off for ages because I knew it would be a task, but now it's done!

(Lara, if you're ever editing it it should be very self explanatory and I've even left notes hidden in the coding to help you)

But I think I've got everyone's characters added/removed/edited as we wanted them, but please let me know if not! It's very likely I've fucked something up somewhere!

Sep. 14th, 2017


my failures as a mod...

Hi guys! Can I ask a suuuuper favour? I'm about to edit the character page and get it up to date but I'm super lost because I've been not paying attention for ages and have been rather MIA...

Could you all pop over onto the directory pages and leave me a comment there letting me know:

• anyone still on the page that you've dropped
• anyone you've made who isn't yet on the page (along with their pb, journal and specific pic if you want one)
• anyone who has incorrect/out of date info

I appreciate it so much you guys and I'll have it gorgeous and up to date by Monday!

Sep. 13th, 2017


What starts as a goddess, turns into a queen, and ends up as a fairy?

That would be Madb!

(That layout may look nice but, holy wow, did it take forever to edit.)

Madb (pronounced like 'Maeve', which is the anglicized version) was an ancient goddess of war, sexuality, and wealth. By the time Christianity came into the land she was more of just a morally grey* warrior queen.

Her bio is loooong, I'm sorry, and has lots of Irish names thrown about, but I couldn't break it down anymore than it was. So Teal-Deer: She was the queen of an area of Ireland and took a LOT of lovers and husbands and made them her king, and she did some cool things (like refuse all the men who came courting until she found one who was 'without avarice, without jealousy, without fear') and some uncool things (like drown her 9-months pregnant sister who was knocked up with her ex-husband's child).

So, you know, she's a mixed bag.

- Circe

(*Really grey. Like, you know that black t-shirt you've got that isn't really black anymore? That sort of grey.)

Sep. 11th, 2017


char request


I'm here to put out a little request, if anybody feels like perhaps taking up Guy of Gisborne or the Sheriff of Nottingham? Poor Prince John is all on his lonesome. He'd love somebody he can boss around and to tell him he's amazing every once in a while. Since there are a half dozen Merry People now, you have somebody to verbally spar with. We can think up evil plots together! It'll be fun! Especially with politics being as they are. John's a Trump voter through and through. He can relate.

hearts <3

Sep. 10th, 2017


Heyo! Introducing two kidlets! This one here, Zelos, Greek god of dedication, emulation, eager rivalry, envy, jealousy, and zeal. So he's a real pistol to deal with! 😜 He has a real fiery temper and warped sense of family since he's one of the Enforcers and Zeus' lackey. (Hello sibs!) He's just been assigned to Nike's precinct! So, I'm starting him fairly new and refreshed except for a few things since the last. Plots!!! ❤️

Also, another outlaw to bring to the Robin Hood gang, The Saracen, who is the most recent addition and has become part of the family. She's also another girl for Marian to pal around with! Yay another chick in the gang! She's tough, can probably drink any of the merry men under the table (she has a cast iron stomach), beat Robin at archery and swordplay, and has been assigned as Lancelot's bounty hunting partner (Circe, I thought it could add a little competition and drama for him and Andy since this good looking woman ends up his partner)! She has distinct memories to her outlaw/Sherwood Forrest days (no matter how new they really are), but she hasn't really got to tumble with the real merry men, but I think they all feel a connection to her (whether they all like her or not)! Controversy is always fun! She's part of the gang now tho!


[Poseidon & Co.]

Sep. 9th, 2017


Hey you guys! Quick intro here! This is Rhode. Baby girl to Poseidon and Amphitrite, or others depending on the myth but here we're going with Poseidon and Amph but she remembers being raised by several different people. So it's very confusing at times. Either way, she's a sea nymph and can produce a fin when she's in the ocean. She was also married to Helios, whom she hasn't seen in years. She's here to try and convince her dad to stop flooding everything. WHO THINKS THAT'S GOING TO WORK?

Sep. 7th, 2017


Just as a heads-up, y'all. Hopefully nothing will happen, hopefully Squeaky and his family will stay safe, and so will the servers. But just in case. Backups might not be a terrible idea.

EDIT: You can back up your journals with one of these programs.

For saving icons, I'd recommend Journal Watcher. Lets you save them as a zip, very handy.

Sep. 3rd, 2017



I am around for a while today and have brains to write, yay! SO let me know if you want to do things.

ALSO I have a question for thee. N reminded me (through IC comments) that Patrick's fairy cat no longer has a player, as he was previously played by Charlie.

Is there anyone interested in picking up a bitchy Cait Sidhe? His previous threads are here and his previous journal is [info]comingupwild. His PB was Gavin Rossdale, though it can change, no worries. Patrick has had him for about six years now and Kellan only revealed himself to be a Cait Sidhe a few years ago. Patrick did think there was something different about him though, hence he never named him, preferring to call him Grey Cat. Because he was Grey. And a cat.

They have pretty close friendship and Patrick adores him, so it'd be a chance for someone to play a character close to my BB Pattykins. Wrath and Kellan are also besties, and she once bought him a lady cat for Christmas, though Patrick successfully intervened and immediately rehomed the cat with his brother's wife, Bridget.

Please play my bitchy kitty friend!! :D

Aug. 30th, 2017


Guys forgive my lack of updating here recently. I feel like there are a few things I've missed since I've been sick this past weekend/week. I'd love to have some reminders and anything plotty wise that I need a memory jolt on. Updates please~

Love, love

[Poseidon & Co.]

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