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Oct. 21st, 2020


Since Nerd is actually doing something I thought I would give a little refresher about the various aspects of Nerd Gods. The original bio is here but I wrote it EIGHT YEARS AGO good god. And the Ray aspect didn't even exist yet.

There are actually three gods which compromise 'Nerd', Ben (formerly Joss), Serenity and Ray.

Ben: Ben is the easy-going, laid back, cool aspect of nerd. He writes for Cracked now he writes for Buzzfeed and organises conventions and is much more into the movies and tv shows. He is friendly and non-threatening, one of those people you could chill out and have a beer with. He's the more progressive side of nerd, down with sexism, yay for equality, let's stop whitewashing things, anti racism, Black Panther and Captain Marvel were the best Marvel movies etc. He is married to Maddie Kemp and has two daughters with her, Diana and Carrie. PB: Wil Wheaton

Serenity: Serenity is MUCH less interested in humans. She's a hardcore gamer, and sometimes when a new game is out she can be found playing it for days on end, forgetting to sleep or eat, but it's belief doing it to her so she doesn't even notice. She's still a nice person, she just hates large crowds and is much more at home hanging out with people online doing co-op. She is probably OBSESSED with Among Us right now. She says Fuck Gamergate. PB: Felicia Day usually, but she can also look like Michelle Rodriquez when she wants to be less bubbly.

Ray: Ray showed up around 2014 and he is the toxic side of Nerd. He is about an inch away from being an incel. He lives in Ben and Serenity's basement even though they hate him, only so he isn't inflicted on other people. He is sexist, racist, and doesn't understand why every movie has to have a gay character, UGH. He is every toxic Star Wars/Star Trek/Ghostbusters (etc) fan you have ever met. He spends most of his time on Reddit, bitching about 'females' and affirmative action and and and and and he's a fucking douche. Would have a Blue Lives Matter t-shirt. Is 110% going to vote for Trump PB: Jim Parsons

Oct. 9th, 2020


Jess here bringing in the Moirae, better known as the Fates! Greek goddesses of destiny, they govern the threads of all mortal and immortal lives, Clotho spinning each one into existence, Lachesis measuring and Atropos cutting them short at the time of death. They own a second-hand shop in Brooklyn filled with all sorts of curios; it's the kind of place where you're more likely than not to make a fortuitous discovery you weren't even looking for.

(PS, Clotho has a daughter and possibly an adult grandchild out in the world that she's never met, if the idea of a prophetic demigod character tickles anyone's fancy!)

Edit - details, for the interested! Clotho had a daughter in 1973, during the period she was estranged from Lachesis and Atropos. She panicked and gave the child up for adoption at birth, and she's never so much as seen her since, though she knows the shape of her life-thread intimately. (So do the other two Fates, though she's never spoken about it with them.) The daughter (now aged 47, potentially with a child aged early 20s) doesn't know about her divine parentage, though she and her child have inherited a talent for prophecy that might lead them to cross paths with godly types in the future (i.e. if anyone feels like playing them!).

Oct. 2nd, 2020


Some Friar Tuck/Marian backstory and a bit about Robin/Marian from Maid Marian (1822) by Thomas Love Peacock

It's too big to send over messenger to Lara and Ren )

Sep. 23rd, 2020


Japanese mythology

Since we didn't have a resource post for Japanese gods, I thought I'd go ahead and make one!


Sep. 7th, 2020


Here is Aristaeus! He is the son of Apollo and the soon to be back Cyrene!


Aug. 24th, 2020


Ali make me a meeeeme! :D )
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Aug. 22nd, 2020


This is Theo! She is the daughter of Erato, but was raised by Calliope and blessed by her as a baby (since Calliope does that shit with babies.) She moving back to NYC because her marriage has collapsed and she's kindly letting the wife keep the city/the friends/the band. Very darn generous, Theo thinks.

She will be opening a cake shop eventually, but currently is going to be an unemployed lump on her mother's couch.

A lot of the Greek gods will know her, because she spent her childhood trying to be the centre of attention in every single room. Hey, she follows after her bio mum in that regard.

Aug. 21st, 2020


Hiiiiii this is Rhiannon Llewellyn

I don't know if she'll stick, it depends on what happennnsssssssss but she's the aunty of Addy and Iestyn!

Aug. 19th, 2020


I've started writing up some drabbles too, after Ness sent me a few prompts from Circe's master list.

I'm not going to post the master list right now because that sounds like a nightmare, but feel free to grab any from there and throw them at me!

Warnings for death and violence so far.

I don't know why we break so hard )


I'm doing a prompt thing too! I narrowed down the massive prompt list to about half (because over 500 is just too many for my brain), which is


So comment below with numbers and pairings and I'll post the fic in this post when I have some =D INSPIRE ME!

(Player Contact List, there's my chars at the bottom there if you need it =D)

Prompt fic yay )

Aug. 10th, 2020



This is Erato, BIO, muse of love (and everything romantic that entails WINK WINK)

I think she is v close with Eros (when he re-awakens) and one dubious source I found said she carried his arrows for him, like they just hung out together hitting people with fantastic love poems and arrows and making them fall in love, what a time

She likes Aphrodite too I think, and also is very fond of Peitho, and wishes they could get their silly quarreling over with, because love, you guys

She lives in NYC, just has been out of town for a bit on a book tour. HMU with backstory and/or plot ideas!

Aug. 7th, 2020


I spent tonight being productive with text post memes instead of, like, plotting.

It's really uneven as to whose characters show up - sorry! I'll try keep an eye out for more that represent a more even spread but sometimes the posts just speak to you...

Incoming shitposts, in alphabetical order! )

Aug. 5th, 2020


/end post

Aug. 4th, 2020


circe drops

Announcing some character drops, but since I never play any of them they're not really going to effect anyone. But figured I should let you know. Anyway, I'm dropping Paimon, Brigit, Mona Kearney and Euterpe. (but totally keeping the UK version of Euterpe, shhhhh.)

I will edit the cast pages in the next couple days because there are a LOT to add by now. I've been slack. (Again if you have any on there that needs editing/any drops you've made let me know and I'll do those at the same time)

Jul. 30th, 2020


Hi hi! Sen here! Officially posting my two new chars:

Calliope, [info]firstofnine muse of epic poetry
Big sister, wise and thoughtful, doesn't take any shit from anyone but is not arrogant like the other gods can be


Tinsel Gloria Claus, [info]tinseltangled daughter of Santa Claus and sister to Henry (and maybe others? who knoooowwwwssss)
Works hard, plays hard, goes hard on the Christmas cheer, although currently recovering from a broken heart and simultaneously trying to prove herself worthy of taking over big positions in the Santa Conglomerate

So yeah! Gimme ideas! =D

Jul. 28th, 2020


Aaaand I now also have Asterion the Minotaur!

I'mma have him work at Diogenes club. Throw me plotttssssss


Hey guys! Here's Ariadne!

She's definitely friendly with most of the gods and other immortals, but she hasn't been around for a few years as she's been putting her head down and studying at the University of Maryland. But now she's got a placement at a therapists office in Brooklyn so she'll start being around again, once she runs into people...

Jul. 27th, 2020


*peeks around the corner*

Well hello all. It's been...a while. I'll spare you the details, suffice it to say my desire to write anything whatsoever at all completely dried up and I hid under my rock. I'm working on pruning my list to a healthy amount that I can reasonably handle, and hopefully that'll help. I can't promise I'll be fantastic out of the gate, but I can promise I will do my best. And I'm sorry. It wasn't fair to any of you.

While I'm here, this gal is Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, wife of Hades, etc., etc. She needs all the connections, although right now she's much closer to Kore than the Iron Queen. Give it a month, though, she'll start to shift. That'll be fun.




Late night perusing had me finding this gem of a character I dropped ages ago. He's Henry Claus,the 25 year old son of Santa!

I needed to bring him back, he sounds fun! everyone, play with Santa's son! I'm up for backstory or him meeting new friends! ANd if anyone wanted to make anyone in his family too, that'd be awesommmeeeeeeee

Jul. 26th, 2020


Will/Luna Playlist

Man, I miss 8tracks. 8tracks was such a better was to organize fanmixes than youtube, but needs must. (I tried to pick videos that had lyrics on them, either below on as lyric videos but some have none. If you want lyrics then, like, google, you lazy sods.)

All These Things We Can't Undo )

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