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Jul. 2nd, 2023


Hello party people! It's been a long time, but I'm dipping my toe back in slightly. This is Jesse Delacroix, boyfriend of JJ and Nicholas, living his best dad life. Lara and I are ironing out the details, but I'm looking forward to blowing the dust off and getting him back into things.

Feb. 7th, 2022


This is Armaan's sister, Arya! I currently have no real plans with her that extend past my first plan of Let's Freak Armaan Right Out. Because... fun!

She's not yet on the flist but she sure has made a post for her bro

Sep. 29th, 2021


Alright, so it's been almost a month since I've felt any motivation to actually write my plots, and other than a few comment on some old scenes I haven't done anything. I've got so many interesting plots in mind but the thought of making them into more than just internal thoughts is aaaaaaaaaarrrgggh. Even the thought of even checking the friendslist seems like way too much and is making me stressed.

So I'm officially taking an extended hiatus. Maybe all I need is a few weeks away when I'm not thinking about all the things I owe, or maybe I'll never feel into it again. I literally have no idea, I just know that thinking about all the plots that are backing up are stressing me out.

Please do consider all of my characters glorified NPCs and move them around, especially ones that are close to yours, and if you need to say someone moved away or something go for it. If/When I come back I'll pick people back up in whatever position they've fallen in. I don't want to mess with anyone's characters/plots by not being present.

<3 <3 <3

Jul. 4th, 2021


I am weak! I can't be trusted! A mentioned Hathor one too many times in the chat and so here she is!

She's living in LA right now but when I get my butt into gear and get some other plots moving, I'll move her to NYC to see the only other Egyptian here and also meet up with plenty old friends.

Hey, do you wanna be Hathor's old friend? She's very friendly, and I don't just mean that in a porny way. As well as being a love/sex/beauty goddess, she's also the goddess of joy. Just straight up joy, so what's not to love there? Music and dancing and drinking and parties, these are all literally her areas of worship so come plaaaaay. (I mean, really, she's the goddess of Basically Everything but you gotta narrow it down sometimes. There's not many quarrymen in game for her to watch over.)

And if anyone's looking to pick up an Egyptian, Hathor sure does love her Sekhmet sister, lion goddess of war and healing...

(I hoped by the time I finished this journalwatcher would have uploaded all my icons, but alas. Maybe now is bed and they will appear tomorrow.)

Jul. 2nd, 2021


text posts

Moooore, and I have a whole bunch more still in progress. It's a little Merry Men heavy, but no one minds that!

get em while they're hot! )

May. 15th, 2021


text posts

I can't be bothered writing, so I made things. (I put everyone's names in case some of the pictures weren't clear)

many image )

Apr. 12th, 2021


This is Genesis (or Gen, she goes by/answers to both equally), an ex-drug addict felon who now works for Qebhet and Anubis' funeral home. She doesn't know about the gods, but (OBVS) will find out someday, probably dramatically knowing all these people. She comes across as very confident and outgoing and well put together, and she really loves people. She had been making offers for Qebhet to come out to various social events, all of which have been politely turned down so far.

anyway, I don't know how she's going to meet everyone, but I need to find her some friends!

Mar. 17th, 2021


Beautiful party people, your king has arrived!

This is Dionysus, god of wine and madness and theatre and of generally just Being Extra. He's been mostly in California for the last decade, but he's here now and back to run his theatre and generally mingle with people. He wants to see all them muses cause The muses were naturally associated with Dionysus and dramatic poetry, and hence they are described as the companions, playmates, or nurses of Dionysus. So he loves them girls. Come at me with backstory!

Jess, I want him to know Uzume too!

Feb. 26th, 2021



Figured I should actually intro these two properly. First, Thalia, Muse of comedy and pastoral poetry. She's been in LA for a couple of years writing on a TV sitcom; now it's been axed, she's back in New York, teaching improv and working as an MC at Merlin's comedy club.

Second, Arthur a Bland, who took to an off-the-grid cabin in December 1999 to escape the coming Y2K apocalypse and has been chilling there ever since. Sure, he's somewhat unhinged, but he makes up for it in raw enthusiasm! Before he started spiralling in the nineties, he was a hardcore activist.

Plots, connections, friends new or old, I am down for anything!

Jan. 30th, 2021



Alright, I THINK the cast list is all up to date but I admit that I was halfway through it when I went to faire and then did the rest just now when I got back. So... it might be missing some people/still have ones I was meant to fix.

Leave me a comment here if you spot something!

Jan. 23rd, 2021


Let's piggyback on Sen...

So this is Freyr Freyja, Norse god of peace war and pleasure, golden as the sun, blesser of the harvests, fertility god(dess) with the mostest.

God, imagine having to write your own intro post, couldn't be me, folks. Couldn't be me.

Anyway, as well as being the sexiest damn love/sex/beauty goddess in the Norse pantheon that every giant in the land was like HOT DAMN! over, Freyja is the goddess of magic. She knew it before the other gods and taught it to them, and they in turn taught it to mankind.

She's about to move to NYC to be with her brother after ten years of living in Washington. Currently she'll be a lady of leisure until I decide what her new job is.

Gimme old friends! She's very warm and loving, so people are her jam. You can come meet her dumb cat, Honkers!


Hiya all!

So this is Freyr, Norse god of peace and pleasure, golden as the sun, blesser of the harvests, fertility god with the mostest. He's been content to do his own thing for a while, but has lately found himself kind of without Godly friends, so he's looking to make some, if anyone is keen! I know Freyja iiiiiis ;D

Dec. 15th, 2020


HI CHUMS. This is Valefar, here to steal your wallets and max out your credit cards.

Val is a Duke of Hell, a sort of demonic patron of thieves and (to her perpetual resentment) a periodic sorcerer's familiar who takes deep pleasure in fucking with her masters, leading them into a seemingly profitable life of crime and abandoning them at the gallows. Girl's gotta get her kicks somehow.

Anyway, she loves friends! And by loves, I mean breaks into their apartments and buys them unwanted novelty purchases using their own Amazon accounts. She's such a pal!

Nov. 24th, 2020


Heyo! This is Atalanta, fast running Argonaut who was abandoned by her parents and raised by a bear. But then Artemis thought she was amaaaazing and her dad was all 'okay, you can come be part of the family again'. But then he said she had to get married. Atalanta would only marry someone who beat her at a footrace and would have gotten away with it, but Aphrodite meddled.

Anyway, she's a sporty fighty type these days, and is about to rock up in NYC for the winter. She's ready to meet old friends and new!

(I didn't quite realise how much this PB looks like Artemis until I was well into making the icons. Oh well!)

Nov. 19th, 2020


Hey guys, just slipping in to say sorry I've been kinda absent lately, I've trimmed down my cast list considerably to try and focus more tightly on some characters. The kiddos STAYING atm are as follows:

Greed [info]better_than
Envy [info]gre3n_eyed
Guy of Gisborne [info]black_guard
Little John [info]giantofsherwood
The Saracen [info]20cent_outlaw
Oedipus [info]a_freudian_slip *possibly looking to update his PB or something....
Dionysus [info]eleuthereus
Theseus [info]cut_and_run
Oenopion [info]diadochos
Adina [info]little_nephilim *could use some ideas of what to do/place her

I suppose as of now Robin is in jail. Hopefully, if things go better I can see how things go. It's a drastic drop but we shall see how things go. Please know if you EVER need to contact me, you can email me and I can get that faster as I can't always be in the chats as often, I know you guys are like 13+ hours ahead on the other side of the world, but any big plots would be great to give me a heads up and a poke and a few days time to catch up. Sometimes it is seriously easier that I email log (while not as fun for people to see as it unfolds, but a little more doable when the internet is scarce).

Much love,

[Greed & Co.]

Oct. 26th, 2020


Hello hello! This is Cin, and she's a mortal living in the same neighbourhood as Tragos. Not fully sure what I plan with her yet, but I've got a scene I'm halfway through writing. Eventually I wanna get her making some nice friends, but she's very difficult with new people. Somehow she'll get involved with God Drama like all good mortals, I hope.

I'm not sure there's much chance she already knows anyone in game because... I'm not sure how they would have met!

Oct. 21st, 2020


Since Nerd is actually doing something I thought I would give a little refresher about the various aspects of Nerd Gods. The original bio is here but I wrote it EIGHT YEARS AGO good god. And the Ray aspect didn't even exist yet.

There are actually three gods which compromise 'Nerd', Ben (formerly Joss), Serenity and Ray.

Ben: Ben is the easy-going, laid back, cool aspect of nerd. He writes for Cracked now he writes for Buzzfeed and organises conventions and is much more into the movies and tv shows. He is friendly and non-threatening, one of those people you could chill out and have a beer with. He's the more progressive side of nerd, down with sexism, yay for equality, let's stop whitewashing things, anti racism, Black Panther and Captain Marvel were the best Marvel movies etc. He is married to Maddie Kemp and has two daughters with her, Diana and Carrie. PB: Wil Wheaton

Serenity: Serenity is MUCH less interested in humans. She's a hardcore gamer, and sometimes when a new game is out she can be found playing it for days on end, forgetting to sleep or eat, but it's belief doing it to her so she doesn't even notice. She's still a nice person, she just hates large crowds and is much more at home hanging out with people online doing co-op. She is probably OBSESSED with Among Us right now. She says Fuck Gamergate. PB: Felicia Day usually, but she can also look like Michelle Rodriquez when she wants to be less bubbly.

Ray: Ray showed up around 2014 and he is the toxic side of Nerd. He is about an inch away from being an incel. He lives in Ben and Serenity's basement even though they hate him, only so he isn't inflicted on other people. He is sexist, racist, and doesn't understand why every movie has to have a gay character, UGH. He is every toxic Star Wars/Star Trek/Ghostbusters (etc) fan you have ever met. He spends most of his time on Reddit, bitching about 'females' and affirmative action and and and and and he's a fucking douche. Would have a Blue Lives Matter t-shirt. Is 110% going to vote for Trump PB: Jim Parsons

Oct. 9th, 2020


Jess here bringing in the Moirae, better known as the Fates! Greek goddesses of destiny, they govern the threads of all mortal and immortal lives, Clotho spinning each one into existence, Lachesis measuring and Atropos cutting them short at the time of death. They own a second-hand shop in Brooklyn filled with all sorts of curios; it's the kind of place where you're more likely than not to make a fortuitous discovery you weren't even looking for.

(PS, Clotho has a daughter and possibly an adult grandchild out in the world that she's never met, if the idea of a prophetic demigod character tickles anyone's fancy!)

Edit - details, for the interested! Clotho had a daughter in 1973, during the period she was estranged from Lachesis and Atropos. She panicked and gave the child up for adoption at birth, and she's never so much as seen her since, though she knows the shape of her life-thread intimately. (So do the other two Fates, though she's never spoken about it with them.) The daughter (now aged 47, potentially with a child aged early 20s) doesn't know about her divine parentage, though she and her child have inherited a talent for prophecy that might lead them to cross paths with godly types in the future (i.e. if anyone feels like playing them!).

Oct. 2nd, 2020


Some Friar Tuck/Marian backstory and a bit about Robin/Marian from Maid Marian (1822) by Thomas Love Peacock

It's too big to send over messenger to Lara and Ren )

Sep. 23rd, 2020


Japanese mythology

Since we didn't have a resource post for Japanese gods, I thought I'd go ahead and make one!


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