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11 May 2011 at 10:00 pm
[With today's lesson, Cain intends to make sure his students have been learning the right things in his classes. It is also designed for his own amusement, but he wouldn't dare admit that openly.]

[After all, it would take years for any of the beginners to become formidable fighters. If his students are at least able to keep the pointy end out of their eyes, he considered it a fine accomplishment. But there is one lesson he can instill in them in a reasonable amount of time: how to keep control over themselves and to analyze their situation. Maybe he can't craft them all into fantastic warriors, but he can get them thinking properly.]

[That's why he's doing a mock tournament today--get the competitive blood pumping and see what happens. With his usual casual but authoritative air, Cain paces slowly back and forth in front of his students while explaining today's activities and the rules.]

--Alright, each bout will last three minutes. The person with the most blows against the other wins. You don't have to hit too hard, or try for a knockout, because you'll be disqualified if you do either one. The winners will gain personal glory and honor, and a token prize if those lofty goals aren't enough of a motivator.


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07 May 2011 at 03:47 pm
Not that I think there are many here who would, but...

[Yuuki, just appearing on screen looks deadly serious for a moment. Dark brown eyes clear and intent, focusing on the screen with a well of passionate emotion behind them.]

Wasting food is the worst.

[Giving a sigh, a hand moves to rest on her slim hips, the other lifting up to her head in the appearance of tired exasperation.]

If something happened again where the dome was to shut down and the food supplies get cut off, that could turn into a real issue. [She lifts a lecturing hand.] Playing with the supply catered to a particular group's nutritional needs is even worse. [Probably Road doesn't care all that much (actually, the worry and chaos it causes is probably something she likes ...Damn it.). Anyway she can only imagine Kamui's irritation.]

Just try not to take it for granted.

[She exhales one last time.] Anyway... [Eyes softening, she gives a small hopeless smile that tugs the corner of her mouth. Anything too serious and she feels out of place.]

Out of curiosity, is there anyone who plays chess that wouldn't mind teaching me? I know how to play a little, er...mostly, anyway... just not well. If so, I'd be grateful! I promise I'm a great student!

[Her hand lifts after flashing a bright smile and peace sign at the device, covering the screen after as she reaches forward to deactivate it before suddenly halting.]

AH! [Hands falling away she has an afterthought, only just remembering now!] I almost forgot. Suzaku-kun, can I speak with you?
05 May 2011 at 09:37 pm
[Anyone walking through the park will see Road sitting cross-legged on the floor, cutting open a blood pack. There's a large sheet of white construction paper on the floor, already spattered with blood. She drops the scissors carelessly onto the paper, before dipping her fingers into the packet. She frowns and flicks the blood off her fingers, getting spots on her blue dress.]

I hate it when it's cold. Blood's best when it's warm. [She pulls a little put-upon sigh, before returning to her art.]

[the best art ♥]
02 May 2011 at 12:52 am
[ Lenalee was walking home when it hit her. it's as. a painful rush of loneliness and anger as Lenalee suddenly remembers, and remembers everything.

she slides to her knees and shakes. Allen's left her with the words "love" and "home", and Lavi and Kanda haven't left her with anything but the news of the loss of them.

she doesn't know which way to go first - to the apartment or to Kanda's, and so she's tied to the ground with her eyesight streaking.


Read more... )
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27 April 2011 at 11:21 pm
[Just about anyone can enter the Defense HQ, right? Because that's exactly what Diva's planning to do today. She'll just be in, out, and taking a look around. And she's particularly interested in this... cell that Euphie was hiding in.]
[ Open ]
18 April 2011 at 06:31 pm
[ Voice ]
Um, Himawari? I don't know if you still need the exercises we talked about before you... left. [ He paused to clear his throat. ] But I'm at the gym today if you still want me to show you.

[ Action ]
[ Even though he didn't need to do this for physical therapy anymore, Ashton still enjoyed swimming. Beyond being a good workout, it was therapeutic.

Right now he was relaxing on the floor of the pool, eyes closed and breath held (which is surprisingly easy to do, now). Hardly any sign remained of the world outside of the water he's in. It let him shut out everything else going on in his life and just... wait. ]
[Action / Voice | Openish]
13 April 2011 at 12:28 am
[BEGIN INVESTIGATION. Thanks to the nature of the incident between Hiling and Allelujah, as well as the related complaints from parties involved, he can't exactly let them deal with it amongst themselves. This means writing reports, finding connected parties and character witnesses to interview, writing MORE reports... it's a right mess, and Ciaphas Cain expects to be at it for the better part of the day.]

[Which he is. Cain can be found at varying times in the Defense Force HQ, on his way to interview leads, or calling people regarding the matter. Those wanting to take the initiative and contact him about the incident are welcome to do so.]

[He might not much like the whole ordeal, but there's a part of Cain that relishes doing something which feels like his old job, even if it involves the more onerous aspects he'd normally leave to his aide. --It's a small part, though.]
12 April 2011 at 02:28 pm
What has to happen before the Defense Force deems it necessary to lock a person up? Apparently, the man who assaulted and tried to murder me was not considered enough of a threat. Maybe next time he attacks they'll put him on the watch list. As if that will do any good. How is anyone supposed to feel safe when there are people like that allowed to walk free with not so much as a warning? I can't deal with this. I will not be a part of an organization this ineffective at what it claims to do. I quit!

[She breathes heavily from her hospital bed, both arms bandaged with one in a sling. If only there was a table she could flip for emphasis. Just as well, she'd only end up hurting herself. She glares at the screen, lowering her voice.]

Allelujah Haptism, I hope you get what you deserve.
04 April 2011 at 07:31 pm
[ staaaaring at her empty room. ] That's strange...Did someone come in during the night? I can't imagine why they'd steal when everything here is free...

[ She gently closes the door of her bedroom. ] Well, it's nothing I can't replace.
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31 March 2011 at 12:33 pm
Kyouya is gone.

[And that's all he has to say on the matter. He doesn't know who knew Kyouya or who liked him, he just felt that he should make the announcement. He's hardly his usual self with virtually no excitability or happiness in his tone, but he'll probably be back to his old self soon enough but whether that means days, hours, seconds is anybody's guess. He's in the park wandering around aimlessly for anyone who wants to come find him.]
[Action | Open] Event style-ish
31 March 2011 at 08:55 am
[It's not quite the day that Jennifer was hoping for, but she's already made her invitations and plans and… Poor Maya. She didn't even have time to put her affairs in order. Stifling back anything remotely resembling sadness, Jennifer finished spreading out the blanket and putting out the picnic basket on a handy table near the playground. There's plenty of sandwiches, tea, water, and more traditional Japanese fare to go around, and they might be a small group now, but Jennifer's determined to make the most of a good day!]

[Before it rains. Sniff… Acumen, why do you do this?!]

((ooc: Jennifer's having a picnic! She's a bit sad right now, but that just makes the picnic even more imperative to keep her housemates' spirits up. Threadjacks encouraged as is anyone who needs extra threads for AC. A few people were invited or had implied invitations ICly such as Joshua, Yuki, Momiji, Kyou, and Alexis. Basically, if you know one of the housemates or just want to know what's going on, stop on by. There's more then enough food to go around.))
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30 March 2011 at 10:17 pm
[Did you know that you can do pop quizzes in a physical education class? Cain is certainly glad to prove it. Today, everyone will be drilled on everything they've practiced and learned so far until they're sweaty, lightly bruised, and/or tired.]

[Newer students will be given a much easier test than the ones who have been around since day one of the class, and those just joining today will be tested on their existing skills.]

[Before and after, Cain is his usual pleasant self, willing to chat people up and offer friendly advice. But during class, he'll be absolutely no-nonsense about working his students to see how much they've learned.]

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23 March 2011 at 10:51 pm
[ Private each to: Akito, Jennifer, Sakura, Tamaki ]
Um, hi! [ That was a good way to start off the call, right? ] I'm sorry I've been so scarce lately, I got deathly sick and I've been laying low for a while.

I promise I'm better now -- better than ever, actually! I'll be trying to catch up on things I've missed out on. [ Sheepish. ] I hope no one worried too much...

[ Private to Miranda ]
[ He's been holding onto this book for a while now, and it wasn't until he pulled the Bible out to pack it that he noticed a familiar scent all over it, practically embedded in the cover and trapped within the pages.

This wasn't Ana, but-- ]
Miranda? Hi! Are you busy today? I... think I have something that I need to return to you.

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[Action | Closed ] Sector 3 - Forward Dated to Midnight
23 March 2011 at 12:00 am
[Diva stood on top of her tower, looking down on the dome and drawn instinctively to the darkness at the center. It looked out of place, all dark and dingy and lacking the lights she usually viewed from her window. She'd been out most of the day, but that just gave her fresh energy now as she paced the roof, enjoying the less stagnant air of the dome at large.

She had been cooped up far too long.

Singing, Diva walked a fine line along the roofing tiles, dancing slightly as she swayed, and not caring if she gave anyone who might see her a heart attack or two. Such things were hardly her concern, when all she wanted was to do as she pleased. Surely no one would protest~

Smiling, Diva flung at her hands, spinning, still singing, and laughing just a little in the pauses. She would most certainly need to do this again~]

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18 March 2011 at 10:29 pm
[ so, here it is. the first -- of what he hopes will be many -- meetings between the vampires of Marina and those who would hunt them. Suzaku is very tense while he waits for their guests to arrive, drinking his tea without really tasting anything beyond the heat.

please go well, he thinks. because it has to. it really has to. ]

((ooc: Vampires who were invited by Yuuki and hunters who were invited by Zero, come on down! Don't worry if you didn't get an invite, because future meetings will be open to all youz guyz. Standard event post rules apply, tag to show up and then threadjack like crazy, but remember that Suzaku, Zero, and Yuuki will be trying to keep the peace, so if a fight starts, assume one of them is going to intervene and give them space to do so. Thanks!))

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12 March 2011 at 01:13 am
Good evening, Marina! The sun is about to set and, as promised, tonight's special class is about to begin. [ The lights in the dome flicker on across the streets, in preparation for the impending onset of night. Neil isn't anywhere near the park, as is obvious from his vantage point. The projector cannot be seen in the frame, but there is the sound of something mechanical whirring and winding up not far from him. ] There's no formal lesson tonight, but I hope everyone gathered in the park -- or anywhere you can get a good view of the dome itself -- will still take something away from it.

[ The daylight fades out, and a bright source of light nearby illuminates his face. He's smiling wide as the projection of the desert sun over Africa is displayed on the inside of the glass just above the athletic complex fields in Sector 6. ] We have shown the stars in past lessons from an outside perspective, and it's easy to forget that we can take in the same kind of beauty from the ground with just the naked eye.

[ His own right eye, the fake one, reflects the light as the sky slowly shifts to images of sunsets. Is that a celestial body in the sky? Perhaps it was Venus.

He gives a quick glance over his shoulder. Time to wrap this up. ]
I'll let you all enjoy the show, now. Have a good night, everyone! [ And he did mean everyone. With a two-finger salute, and a rather big grin, he ends the feed.

The projection continues on, showing still images throughout the next few hours including, but not limited to:

A solar eclipse seen from Japan.

The moon over the ocean.

And, for the finale, some choice shots of the Aurora Borealis. ]

(OOC: Event-style posting! Come in pairs, alone, tag each other as you like at any point before, during or after the presentation. Plenty of room on the bleachers on the field, and hopefully the mood~ will be suitable for the holiday. Enjoy the show -- romance is optional, but encouraged; feel free to use this as an excuse to get those cross-chocolate dates out of the way~

Neil will not be answering his communicator tonight. ♥)
09 March 2011 at 12:53 am
[ Action | Closed | Early morning ]
[ It was just past the crack of dawn when Ashton left the shelter, making a beeline for the building Conrad said he had set aside for Diva. That sounded a bit much, because surely no one needed that much space... right?

He didn't question it, and his steps carried him straight to the front door with an urgency he couldn't place. This went beyond just thanking her for helping him-- no, for saving his life. Ashton genuinely wanted to see Diva. As a bonus, he thought, he'd like to know if she was happy to see him doing well. If that pleased her, it would be enough for him... ]
Diva, are you home? [ He called out as he knocked. ] It's me, Ashton.

[ Action | Open | Midday and onward ]
[ Ashton needs to pack. His apartment in Sector 2 has a lot of tiny things strewn all about, and he doesn't have many clothes. He won't need the furniture -- his "workshop" will come later. He will be making periodic trips to the store for boxes, tape, and... a microwave burger dinner or two ( because everything in his fridge expired). Strangely? The food does little to sate his hunger, but it is at least does its best to fill him up.

He pauses by the mailbox in front of his apartment complex. Ashton stares at it, unable to reconcile the image of the bent-and-broken mailbox with the now fully repaired one. There is no stain on the grass or the sidewalk -- where his blood had been spilled. And yet he still knows. He knows exactly (what he's been told) happened on that spot, and he can feel the memories somewhere in his mind. Then he glances up at the third floor balcony, a chill running down his spine at the thought that his hands slipping from that railing was all it took to--

No. Best to forget that. He has two years of new memories to sort through; surely one traumatizing evening in Marina can wait until later... ]
[ Closed ]
06 March 2011 at 08:23 pm
Save my eyes, save your ears )

[ His hands clutch the mattress as he bolts upright, and though he means to yell, all that comes out is a loud, choked cough. ] Wh-- [ More coughing. Ashton looks around at the unfamiliar surroundings and covers his mouth. What was going on? Where is he? How did he get here? ]
[Action | Closed] Back-dated to mid-morning
18 February 2011 at 09:10 pm
[Diva was still asleep when she sensed someone, several someones, hovering outside the door to Conrad's room. Rolling over, she pressed her body closer to Ashton's, seeking warmth and finding him severely lacking in any. This was just not going to be her morning.]

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[Closed] Forward-dated to after midnight
04 February 2011 at 11:28 pm
[ As it turns out, Ashton's thermostat has been broken all day, but he was preparing for -- or attending -- the ball and could not shut it off. All that was left to do was to let the warm air vent that it would be comfortable enough to sleep. He changed out of his costume and into a simple pair of black house pants and t-shirt as soon as he arrived at home, and then walked out to the mini-porch of his third story apartment. His skin prickled at the feeling of cool air against his bare arms, and he sighed. ]

"That... was fun..." )

(ooc: Order is MOMO & Ashton until Diva discovers him. Then Conrad & Faith after a few tags there. *WARNING* Possible triggers: violence, blood, gore, and near-death situations. This might not be pretty, folks.;)