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21 March 2011 at 10:14 pm
Rolling blackouts? How inconvenient.

[Not that he sounds particularly upset about it. Inconvenient, yes, but not worth fussing over, in his opinion. Besides, since Fuuma's in sector five, the lights are still on for the moment. Though he's not in his apartment. Today he decided to visit the bowling alley, since it's something he had never tried before. It's easier to find than Kamui, and less likely to get him into trouble.]

If the power goes off, it would be problematic, but if someone is up for bowling, we could try anyways.

[Company makes things more interesting. Plus he's bored, and the people here are usually talkative. He makes no promises about not using telekinesis to cheat and move the ball to get strikes though.]

((OOC: So I actually need to get to bed right now, but I wanted to get this post up for the "morning". I shall tag tomorrow though. So yeah, who wants to go bowling? 8D))
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12 March 2011 at 01:13 am
Good evening, Marina! The sun is about to set and, as promised, tonight's special class is about to begin. [ The lights in the dome flicker on across the streets, in preparation for the impending onset of night. Neil isn't anywhere near the park, as is obvious from his vantage point. The projector cannot be seen in the frame, but there is the sound of something mechanical whirring and winding up not far from him. ] There's no formal lesson tonight, but I hope everyone gathered in the park -- or anywhere you can get a good view of the dome itself -- will still take something away from it.

[ The daylight fades out, and a bright source of light nearby illuminates his face. He's smiling wide as the projection of the desert sun over Africa is displayed on the inside of the glass just above the athletic complex fields in Sector 6. ] We have shown the stars in past lessons from an outside perspective, and it's easy to forget that we can take in the same kind of beauty from the ground with just the naked eye.

[ His own right eye, the fake one, reflects the light as the sky slowly shifts to images of sunsets. Is that a celestial body in the sky? Perhaps it was Venus.

He gives a quick glance over his shoulder. Time to wrap this up. ]
I'll let you all enjoy the show, now. Have a good night, everyone! [ And he did mean everyone. With a two-finger salute, and a rather big grin, he ends the feed.

The projection continues on, showing still images throughout the next few hours including, but not limited to:

A solar eclipse seen from Japan.

The moon over the ocean.

And, for the finale, some choice shots of the Aurora Borealis. ]

(OOC: Event-style posting! Come in pairs, alone, tag each other as you like at any point before, during or after the presentation. Plenty of room on the bleachers on the field, and hopefully the mood~ will be suitable for the holiday. Enjoy the show -- romance is optional, but encouraged; feel free to use this as an excuse to get those cross-chocolate dates out of the way~

Neil will not be answering his communicator tonight. ♥)
08 March 2011 at 09:02 pm
[video on to a familiar/unfamiliar face! he is smiling pretty cheerfully. if you know Fuuma, you know this guy. if you're one of the first inmates, you might know this guy! and if you're from TRC-- well]

Has anyone seen a sentient flying carpet around here? I think I got distracted for a minute, and it must've wandered off.

We were just getting to be friends!
07 March 2011 at 01:14 am
I'll kill you.

[A deep, throaty voice rages. A dark hand pulls a dark blade from its side. There's a high-pitched, nasally laugh in response.]

With that? You'll have to try harder.

[There's a crack, like the sound of a tree branch breaking and a whip appears swinging out, wrapping around the blade and pulling on it.]



[The struggle continues as the two fight over control of the blade, the whip still tightly bound, but the owner refusing to let go. It will be all over if that happens.]

I'll die before I allow you to-- )
25 February 2011 at 05:06 pm
Valentines Day is in two days. Does everyone remember the date auction we had last time? Now that was really fun. [REMEMBER WHEN SHE SOLD YOU ALL? AND PROFITED?]

I think I lost my voice after for a couple of days, ha. It doesn't look like we'll have another date auction this year by yours truly - sorry! - but I still encourage everyone to go on dates~ After all~ when you go on a date, you help save the environment! [lmao shut up this is totally true]
16 February 2011 at 07:18 pm
[Finally getting a chance to eat, Aeristal makes his way to the kitchens. Too bad all the meat is frozen. It was something of a surprise to see the night before. Such advanced machines.

But he heard about the fridge with his kind of meal and opens it--only to wrinkle his nose.]

Why is there a "refrigerator" of human blood? If vampires are being encouraged to drink human blood, how does that ensure no troubles with the residents here? [Whoever thought human blood would be an acceptable diet for a vampire in the first place?]
[Video/Open -- Action/Closed | Sector 4 Gardens]
15 February 2011 at 02:23 pm
[Action/Closed to Alucard | Gardens | A few hours before the morning announcement]

[Despite the closed environment, preventive measures are needed for critter control. A section of the park with delicate flower beds and bushes are roped off, allowing Ken to spray pesticide. Good thing it has to be done at the rarer hours of the day so the fumes will not affect too many people.

Then again, he had not been able to sleep properly, what with what transpired the night before.

A solo tree was part of the enclosure however, and little did he know he was not alone...]


[Video/Open | Park | Daytime]

[Guess who seems glad to be assigned to gardening (again) today? Lightly humming a random tune as he went along, taking out surprise weeds, and getting a feel of the soil through his fingers. He had a notepad with him though...]

Say -- you guys know how long we have 'til spring?

And while we're at it -- any flowers or plants in particular you'd like to see in the gardens?

(( OOC: Ken's second & last day of being restrained! Thread with Alucard's closed, but those who still have their restraints on and are assigned to garden duty can also make their own threads here! :D ))
08 February 2011 at 07:22 pm
A prison in another realm? With strange machines that let you speak through magic windows? [There’s a note of annoyance and disbelief in the voice, his tone not amused.] Surely, you can come up with something more convincing than that. Next, someone will be insisting to me that I’ve entered the water realm and this is the fabled Aquasis Colony.

[A small sigh, flippant, and another minute later--the video clicks on. There's a pale-skinned, dark-haired young man looking into the screen curiously.] Ah...and I believe we have it.

[Suddenly, the tone has changed to one more inquisitive and light.] Very well, then would one mind clearing up a few details for me? Just a few things to help me familiarize myself. The brochure was a nice touch, but conversing with someone directly is just as helpful, I think. [As if he intends to stay long enough to get used to this strange place.]

Oh, and if you’ve seen a young man running around with knatted blond hair and a dumbfounded look upon his face, please do direct me towards him. He tends to get lost when left on his own.
Location: Shelter / Late Morning