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[Jul. 2nd, 2010|05:02 pm]
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Who: Mike and Pansy Corner
When: this morning
Where: Pansy's office
What: Mike realised he screwed up after their fight a few days prior and seeks to make up for it.
Rating: G
Open/Closed: Closed

With Love )
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[Jun. 30th, 2010|04:28 pm]

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Who: Alfie Cattermole and Neville Longbottom
What: A Job Interview
When: Just before lunch
Where: Diagon Alley
Rating/Warning: TBA

It wasn't like he didn't have experience. )
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Its a delivery: two boucing baby pygmies [Jun. 29th, 2010|06:37 pm]
[Tags|, , , ]

Who: Percy first, then Lavender
What: Percy take Lavender two pygmy puffs, to leave on her
Where: Lavender's place, then respective homes
When: Tuesday evening
Warnings/Rating: TBA/Low

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[Jun. 29th, 2010|07:49 pm]
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Who: Draco and Lucius Malfoy
What: Discussing things
When: Today, Lunch
Where: Some very fancy wizarding restaraunt.
Rating/Warning: TBA

It wasn't looking to be a very promising afternoon, all things considered. )
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[Jun. 29th, 2010|04:50 pm]
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Who: Pansy and Mike Corner
When: Today
Where: Their flat
What: Mike's decided that it's time for another conversations about Pansy's treatment of certain Ravenclaws.
Rating: PG-13? Language might be an issue.
Open/Closed: Closed

And she wouldn't like it. Again. And she wouldn't listen. Again. And his friends would get mad. Again. Such was life. )
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[Jun. 28th, 2010|10:13 pm]
[Tags|, , ]

Who: Snape & Prof. Wiltingdon (NPC)
What: Firing the Transfiguration professor
Where: Hogwarts, Headmaster's office
When: Today
Warnings/Rating: Wibbling?

He even had a suitable replacement in mind. )
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More Volunteering at St. Mungos [Jun. 28th, 2010|09:16 am]
[Tags|, , ]

Who: Gregory Goyle and OPEN
What: He still has..what?  900+ more hours to do
Where: St. Mungo's cafateria
When: Monday morning
Rating/Status: open/incomplete/tbd

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[Jun. 28th, 2010|12:45 am]

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Who: Su Li and Anthony Goldstein
What: Some talking and complaining, and Su's hidden bottle of scotch whisky.
Where: Su and Anthony's apartment, in Su's room.
When: Evening, after this and this.
Rating/Status: PG-13 for possible language and slander?  Closed.

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[Jun. 27th, 2010|09:10 pm]
[Tags|, , , ]

Who: Severus and Neville
What: Discussing the terms of Neville's employment
Where: Hogwarts, Headmaster's office
When: Today
Warnings/Rating: TBA/Low

He didn't like the thought that someone might think he was doing them a favor. )
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[Jun. 27th, 2010|06:42 pm]
[Tags|, , , ]

Who: Seamus and Dean
What: The manly men want steaks, but need to buy a grill first.
Where: London
When: Tonight!
Rating/Status: TBA/Incomplete

Talking about steaks - hell food in general - made Seamus realize that he had gone way too long without a grill. So going to get a grill and steaks and whatever else they wanted to eat was more than a good idea.

"Come on!" Seamus yelled through the flat. "I'm hungry and we still need to buy everything and set up the grill and whatever else," he wasn't beyond whinging at that point.

"Deaaaaan," yep, there it was. "Meat! I need it!" he thought about how ridiculous he sounded for a moment, then laughed. "I think this is the fox coming out of me," he said to himself.
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[Jun. 27th, 2010|09:44 am]
[Tags|, , ]

Who: Neville and OPEN
What: Shopping in Diagon Alley
When: Sunday afternoon, just around lunchtime
Where: Diagon Alley
Rating/Warning: TBA

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Visiting Diagon [Jun. 27th, 2010|12:15 am]
[Tags|, , , , , ]

Who: Remus Lupin and OPEN
When: Late afternoon
What: Checking out the bookshop and maybe stopping for ice cream
Where: Diagon Alley, near Flourish and Blotts

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[Jun. 26th, 2010|04:46 pm]
[Tags|, , , ]

Who: Lucius & Narcissa Malfoy
What: Impromptu trip to the country
When: Saturday evening
Where: Property at Ranmore Forest
Rating/Warnings: TBA

Something about the thought of moving out here permanently made his fingers itch. )
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[Jun. 26th, 2010|02:21 pm]

[Tags|, , , , ]

Characters: Sam Capper and Heathcote Barbary
Setting: Saturday afternoon, 26 June in Memorial Park
Summary: Sam gets a little antsy and restless, stuck inside WORKING on a nice summer day. So she escapes.
Rating/Warning: Gish

The day was sunny and warm but was free of the pesky humidity or mugginess that usually made her start longing for November. It made her fidgety and dragged her attention span down to nothing, making her wonder what had possessed her to agree to help her brother out on a Saturday. )
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[Jun. 26th, 2010|09:05 am]

[Tags|, , , ]

Who: Gideon & Heath
Where: Gideon's Room in the Solar House of Awesome.
What: Heath is not wearing pants.
When: Saturday afternoon
Rating: R (what part of Heath is not wearing pants did you miss?! XD )

Gideon was a jealous bitch )
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Open like yo momma! [Jun. 26th, 2010|11:40 am]

[Tags|, , , , , , , ]

WHO: Angelina, Katie, English National Quidditch Team, and friends.
NPCs: Ned the ghost. (If you want to use him you can, he's easily scandalized and analretentive and likes to rant about what proper behavior in mixed company)
WHERE: Katie, Alicia, and Angelina's house.
WHEN: Saturday June 26
NOTES: People can tag in whenever and just have fun interacting!

It was a rather brilliant time for friends and celebration, and things were getting well underway. )
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[Jun. 26th, 2010|11:29 am]

[Tags|, , , ]

Characters: Maeve Sheridan & Susan Bones
Setting: Saturday, 26 June, late afternoon at Slugs and Jiggers in Diagon Alley
Summary: Maeve needs to find a job and Susan conveniently owns an apothecary.
Rating/Warning/Notes: PG, pretty tame fare. Repost.

Holding open the door as a customer exited, Maeve left the heat of Diagon Alley in summer for the cool apothecary, immediately assaulted by the aroma so many described as unpleasant but to her was simply a strangely comforting bit of familiarity. )
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[Jun. 26th, 2010|10:13 am]

[Tags|, , , ]

Who: Hermione and Ron
What: Dinner Date
When: Friday night
Where: Ron's Apartment
Rating/Warning: TBA

She was only twenty minutes late. )
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[Jun. 26th, 2010|09:33 am]

[Tags|, , , ]

Who: Fred and Verity
What: After Work
When: After this.
Where: Their home
Rating/Warning: TBA

Asleep on Fred's shoulder was more like it. )
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[Jun. 22nd, 2010|09:54 pm]
[Tags|, , , ]

WHO: Effie Alderton & Aiden Lynch
WHAT: Hoping to witness a brawl at The Troll's Head
WHERE: Knockturn Alley, Troll's Head Pub
WHEN: 22 June 2003, mid-afternoon

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