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[Oct. 6th, 2010|11:04 am]

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Characters: Maeve Sheridan and Open
Setting: Flourish and Blott's, Wednesday afternoon.
Summary: Taking the afternoon to run errands and trying not to get lost in thought. And failing.
Rating/Warning: TBD

Maeve stepped out of the bakery, clutching her cup of coffee and stepped back against the front of the shop, out of the foot traffic, to sip her drink and observe. )
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[Oct. 2nd, 2010|04:33 pm]
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Who: Delaney Twilfitt and Maeve Sheridan
What: Delaney wanted to watch telly for her birthday. Too bad she has a mouth in her head, and a foot to put in said mouth.
When: Backdated liek whoa! Sorry guys, work got in our way. Set on September 20th, after Maeve saw the comments on this entry.
Where: Maeve's little place above the Apothecary
Ratings/Warnings: PG. Language, mostly, and a little making out.
Status: Google document log/Complete/Closed

It all started so innocently... )
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[Sep. 14th, 2010|09:40 pm]

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Characters: Maeve Sheridan and Delaney Twilfitt
Setting: Friday evening, after business hours, at Maeve's flat.
Summary: Another dinner after another awkward exchange.
Rating: PG for the moment, but let's say TBD to be safe considering the participants.

It was so easy, with Chinese food, to over order and Maeve was no exception. )
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[Jul. 31st, 2010|12:10 pm]
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Who: Delaney Twilfitt and Maeve Sheridan
When: Saturday evening/night
Where: Beginning at the Apothecary, ending who knows?
What: Delaney has an elixir to pick up. But that's not all she has in mind.
Rating: PG for kissing and awkwardness?
Open/Closed: Closed, Complete

Delaney hadn't been watching the time for the last hour. That wasn't her style at all. No, she had been keeping herself occupied, rearranging her shoes in the closet, and looking over some invoices for the shop, and okay yes, she had absolutely been watching the time for the last hour. It didn't matter anymore, because it was time to go.

She'd been planning it carefully - arrive to pick up the elixir for Nico at a time when Maeve was sure to be closing up shop, and invite her out. And then kiss her. Delaney hadn't really made plans further than that, mostly because she wasn't sure Maeve would let her get any further than that.

So. Elixir, date, kissing. Those were the three things on Delaney's mind as she strolled down the alley in a deliberately nonchalant manner, arriving at the door of the apothecary with hands that weren't shaking at all, thank you very much. She pushed open the door and walked in.
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[Jul. 28th, 2010|07:18 pm]

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Characters: Maeve Sheridan and Shannon MacFusty
Setting: Wednesday late afternoon, Slugs and Jiggers in Diagon Alley.
Summary: Scene Lottery: What to do with incompetent customers?
Rating: G, apart from maybe some customer bashing nothing big

She’d been lured in by the promise of an actual potions related question and was now trapped suffering mind numbing tedious, wondering if she concentrated hard enough if she’d be able to actually feel the brain cells as they died. )
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[Jul. 26th, 2010|11:28 pm]

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Characters: Maeve Sheridan and Delaney Twilfitt
Setting: Slugs and Jiggers, Monday late afternoon//The Leaky Cauldron and Diagon Alley, Monday evening
Summary: Maeve attempts to have a nice, normal, quiet day at work and Delaney is determined she have otherwise.
Rating: PG, some kissing and awkward flirting.

Across the shop she heard the door creak open, admitting what was surely another irritating customer in but she chose to ignore it, surely Susan or someone else was that could save her from suffering that torment twice in one day. )
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[Jun. 26th, 2010|11:29 am]

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Characters: Maeve Sheridan & Susan Bones
Setting: Saturday, 26 June, late afternoon at Slugs and Jiggers in Diagon Alley
Summary: Maeve needs to find a job and Susan conveniently owns an apothecary.
Rating/Warning/Notes: PG, pretty tame fare. Repost.

Holding open the door as a customer exited, Maeve left the heat of Diagon Alley in summer for the cool apothecary, immediately assaulted by the aroma so many described as unpleasant but to her was simply a strangely comforting bit of familiarity. )
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[May. 4th, 2010|03:00 pm]

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Characters: Maeve Sheridan and Felicity Radford
Setting: Tuesday evening during dinner hours in the back sections of the Library
Summary: Maeve is on a quest to keep herself out of harms way and exposure and possibly gets interrupted during the research stage.
Rating/Warning: PG

She supposed it was possible that someone felt so compelled to find out the Mermish word for potato or Pre-Egyptian wizards that they would deny themselves dinner rather than wait an hour )
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[Feb. 17th, 2010|04:37 pm]

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Characters: Maeve Sheridan and Open
Setting: After classes on Wednesday, in the dungeons
Summary: Maeve takes advantage of the empty potions room to work on her own potion recipes.
Rating: TBD

The Slytherin common room, even if you ignore the crowded, noisy atmosphere, would never be a relaxing place. Her dorm wasn't much better, with one room mate or another always around. )
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[Nov. 4th, 2009|07:19 pm]

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Characters: Maeve Sheridan and Open
Setting: Wednesday afternoon/evening, post class time.
Summary: Maeve spends her free time doing some recreational potions work.
Warnings/Rating: G/PG, most likely nothing to worry about.

The steam rising off the simmering brew intensified, as Maeve pushed a limp strand of hair out of her face and reached for her wand. Her end of the usual chilly dungeon was warmed by the fires she had blazing under two different cauldrons, each containing some potion as a different stage in it's development. )
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[Sep. 25th, 2009|09:23 am]

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Characters: Maeve Sheridan and Blaise Zabini
Setting: In the hallway leading to the Potions Dungeons at dinner time.
Summary: Scene Lottery: An interesting conversation with a new Hogwarts painting.
Rating/Warnings: Random ridiculousness but it should stay pretty safe if you don't count that.

She made it a point to not converse with someone who ran around screaming for no reason while simultaneously clutching a potato. It was just odd. )
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