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November 21st, 2014

November 21st, 2014

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Fargo? Can you read this? If you can, what did you do, and where the hell are you?

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I think my sister was sent home. And I haven't seen Spike in a long time either. Or Willow. I don't know what to d

Stark, Cap, Natasha

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I've been asked to look into opening discussions around a possible deal regarding SI.

I want it clear from the outset I want no stake in the place myself. I want to retain my employment and that's it. So what I'll be there for is to act as a neutral party with a good sense for business and the ability to make a deal that will benefit all three of you and the wider business.

Steve, Natasha. You have no reason to trust my knowledge of the business world bar what you've seen since being here. But I assure you it's not unfamiliar teritory. Stark. Well, you should have heard of me.

If you're all willing to trust me with these negotiations then we'll get started. I've provisionally booked Meeting room B for Monday at 11 if you're all happy with this

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Your land conquring and subjegation of culture holiday is certainly very popular. I am given to understand it mostly involves eating more food than is probably healthy and giving thanks for the things you are grateful for.

Which is nice but implies you are grateful for your conquring, which I have to admit holds no appeal for me.

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Huh. I gotta say, when you fall asleep on a big yellow bus, you don't really expect to wake up in a graveyard. In Kansas. Someone point me to the nearest bar, yeah?

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Ollie? Aside from the whole creep factor of waking up in a graveyard, I was actually really happy where I was, so if whatever's doing this could stop being a douche and send me back? That'd be great.

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Fucking son of a bitch.

( Friends and VA Verse )
Eddie's gone.

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If anyone needs me, I'll be busy eating my feelings.

I can't believe he's

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So I know there's still a week to go until Thanksgiving, but I thought I'd get this in early.

What am I thankful for this year?

I'm thankful for five stolen months, for the opportunity to know what it was like to be married to the love of my life death, for the chance to tell him how much he meant to me and for the chance to come to terms with fact that forever is always way too short.

But, despite all of that, I'm finding it really hard to feel thankful right now.

To all of Damon's friends, I'm sorry. He's gone. It took him. Feel free to join me in wallowing.

To anyone who wants to use this opportunity to kick me while I'm down, go for it. Nothing you can say could make me feel worse right now.

No Evil

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So I just wanted to say hi because we have new arrivals. I'm James Kirk and I manage Greaves House, which is one of the places where the displaced can live rent free. It's a fully furnished apartment with a laptop, TV...things to keep you from getting bored and help you get set up here. Mostly we have singles at the moment, but if you need a place to stay let me know.


Since it seems like you know one of the arrivals there's a double and two triples that the two of you could share, if you want.

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[Filtered to Elijah and Katherine, Elena, Bonnie, Marcel, Josh, Davina, Hayley, Jesse and family, Kol, Grantaire, Lagertha, Rose Tyler, Lydia B., Peter P., Crowley, Anna, Lexi and Lee, Ariel, Cami, Alaric, Tahiri and Jacen, Vampire Academy people, Ginny, Erik (Phantom) and Ward*]

So Thanksgiving. I meant to send out invites last week but school is crazy so that didn't happen. But we're having dinner at 6pm next Thursday if you would like to join us.

The only rules are no drama and come with your appetite.

If you're going to bring someone just let me know so I can make them an appropriate place card. There will be enough food to feed an army.

[*ooc: I'm sure I missed someone if I did just let me know and I'll add them to the filter]

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Right. Whatever this is, I don’t know anything. So, there's not point in asking.

Sarah, you better be bloody here.

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Don't look at

What you up to?


Believe it or not, but I'm sorry about Damon. What do you need?

Filtered to those attending the Avengers Warehouse Thanksgiving*

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Okay. So turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, biscuits/rolls, and cranberry sauce aside, are there any other dishes people would like to see at the table? It can be for dinner or dessert. But I'm planning a grocery run this weekend and I want to try and get everything I need now so no one has to be sent out next week into the mobs.

Oh, drinks! Are there specific drinks people want?

[*If your character is an AW resident or was invited and has confirmed in coming you can see this! :)]

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So look at that, seal's being a jackass. Must be Tuesday.

One thing I will say. I've seen it all since the seal started bringing you here and taking you away. You learn it changes people, helps them grow, brings out the best, and yeah, sometimes the worst in people. You think you can't cope, think its taken too many people, but it gives back what it takes, for whatever reason.

New people, you're walking into a hell of an interesting dynamic. So welcome. And to those that have lost people. Keep to that hope, because seriously, this world, you never know.

Texts to Syke

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>> Seems like the seal is taking anyone I actually let myself become friends with
>> Stark, then Damon.
>> I'm glad I still have you
>> Which I know, I don't, not really.
>> Last few days, with everything, its been hard, and this is too.
>> Its a mess, but just you've been there when you didn't have to be.
>> Can you do that again?

Stark Industries Management

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I quit.

I quit SI. Can we go do something? Like, something away from Lawrence? Can we go back home to L.A.?

How many of you are even still here?

Filtered to Felicia Hardy and Peter Parker

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Do you two have plans for Thanksgiving?

Would you like to spend it with us?

No Children

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I didn't even realize it was possible to drink that much wine and not get alcohol poisoning. And on top of feeling incredibly depressed I feel sick as well. Does anyone have any hangover cures I should try?


Mary and Ava are gone and I simply fell apart. I lost all of my friends from home in less than a month. I don't think I can stand to lose anyone else right now.

Filtered away from Thea

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So I need some advice in regards to my sister. There's so much I have to fill her in on that I've lied about but if I don't tell her she could hate me. And there is the chance she could find out if I don't tell her given we are apparently fictional here.

No evil/heaven

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My cousins are gone.

Mum? I don't suppose you'd be interested in moving into this house, would you?

No Known Threats

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I think the seal took Anna and Elsa.

I haven't watched their movie. Does everything work out for them?

Texts to Ward

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>> Well, hello there Tom Brady
>> Having fun
>> How is the little Hacker anyway?

Filtered to Casa De Storybrooke and The Dark Castle

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So, what's everyone's plan for Thanksgiving?

Would be nice to something as our crazy, huge not quite dysfunctional family.

[Filtered to Sarah Manning]

Was that your brother that arrived this morning?
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