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May 14th, 2015

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So on top of my hand to hand classes at the gym, I've managed to secure a spot as a tutor for young children after school hours as well as some older children in the afternoons which shall be good.

Good afternoon,

I never did thank you properly for those documents. I truly appreciate what you did. If I can do anything in return, please do let me know.

May 9th, 2015

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If this is another curse, I swear I'm going to shoot someone.

May 7th, 2015

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Getting dragged to a creepy graveyard on bumcrap nowhere was definitely what I wanted to do on my wedding day. So happy that my awesome kickass wedding dress is getting dirt on the bottom on it right now. And these shoes are totally workable in a graveyard.

Except you know, not really.

April 22nd, 2015

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Yeah, I knew my original decision not to watch the show was the right one.

And, now I need a drink. And to punch my dad for being an idiot


How are you settling in?

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Would anyone be interested in wilderness survival classes? Or are there already some set up for the displaced?

April 21st, 2015

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When I decided to leave Storybrooke, this wasn't exactly what I had in mind. I don't suppose anyone can tell me where I am?

April 20th, 2015

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Where the hell is Will?

He was just here. He was just here with me?

If it's that bloody bottle I'll

April 7th, 2015

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I really meant to say something sooner, but as soon as I arrived here, I was kidnapped to the strangest tea party. It was really very odd.

And then I needed a few days to wrap my head around this.

So...this is another world? I've had enough of those, I think But Maybe a fresh start will be a good thing.

tea party-goers.
It was very nice to meet you all, in spite of the circumstances.

Are you okay? You seemed upset the other day.

April 5th, 2015

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Huh. The first time I lost my magic, I didn't really miss it. This time around, I actually do. I actually like my magic, now that I've gotten better at it.


So. Do you have any new powers I should be aware of?

April 4th, 2015

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I set my jacket on fire.

Now I know what you're thinking. "Kenzi, you are a perfectly sane, yet adorable, individual. Why in the world would you go around setting things that you absolutely love aflame?"

1. I'm adorable? Aw, flatters.
2. No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I didn't pick up matches. I didn't throw them at clothes. I did not, in any way, trash my one of a kind, personally altered leather jacket just because I felt like channeling my inner pyro by setting fires to feel joy. No. Nyet. Nah-uh. Not me. What I did do was reach for it before the flames of frickin' jacket ruining hell SPAWNED from MY HANDS and LANDED ON MY BABY.

She was innocent. She was young. She did not, in any way, sign up for this.

April 2nd, 2015

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Kansas, huh? Not at the top of places I wanted to visit, but still, I'll take it. Creepy graveyard aside. I still have goosebumps, not gonna lie.

Anyway, what's up, Lawrence? I'm Ruby Lucas.

March 25th, 2015

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Well, watching my "show" was one of the dumbest choices I could've possibly made.

[Yeah, possible spoilers for OUAT in the comments, I'm guessing. Also, because I fail, I realize that I posted this originally in the wrong comm, and completely forgot about it. Whoops.]

March 18th, 2015

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Nothing that I am doing is working.

Will is...

Well, he's a swan. He's a very very grumpy looking swan and my magic should be able to fix that easily enough

Ideas would not be unwelcome

March 12th, 2015

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For months I debated on a theme. Going through list after list. Then I finally settled on one to realise it had to be put together. And now weeks later it is finally finished. The odds of me sharing pictures of my son once he's born are not in your favour. But I'm feeling generous and don't see any harm in sharing a picture of his nursery. So, here you go:

cut for image, not filtered )

March 8th, 2015

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Oh great. This is just what I needed.

This place is real, then?

Emma. Henry. Please tell me you're both still here.

Oh, and tell me my clothes are still at Casa de Storybrooke. Because, I'd forgotten how much wool itches.

January 14th, 2015

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Opinions, comments? Do people at least know what I was going for?

I'm being judged y'see.

Abstract Art? )

January 11th, 2015

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I really don't appreciate when people decide to try and attack me while I am headed to my car and then throw me through A WALL when they can't manage to do any damage.

My body is fine but my heels are ruined.

I guess that invulnerability wish came in handy.

January 3rd, 2015

No Known Threats

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I'm officially done.

[Casa De Storybrooke]

Can I move back in. I appear to have found myself homeless.

December 27th, 2014

No Known Threats

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And, now it looks like Killian's gone too.

This mass exodus via seal is getting on my nerves.

[Sarah Manning]

You guys are all still here right?

December 25th, 2014

No Threats

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I know we're all busy celebrating Christmas, but I wanted to take a moment to say happy birthday to my beautiful Aislinn Margaret Swan! And don't forget you're all invited to her zoo birthday party. No, I did not rent a zebra. Or an elephant. Though I may have looked...

....and now we enter the terrible twos.


You okay? I know you and Belle had gotten pretty close.


I don't know what to say. I'm sorry seems weak and useless.
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