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July 24th, 2013

July 24th, 2013

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How are you settling in? Thank you for coming with me to meet Tony and try pizza. I figured you could use some food, being human and all. This gives me an excuse to try some of the human food I've never had before.

No evil

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I really want my pop back. Like, now, kay? It's the best thing ever to have with pizza.

Filtered to Lydia

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Heard back about that job yet?

Don't Bother Evil

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Once this little nightmare is over I'm drinking till I'm numb again.

The nightmares are not going away, Ghostface is even in my dreams the rare times I can sleep. Not in the mood for the lectures I know I coming, I just want the pain to go away long enough that I can sleep.

No evil

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Which one of you thought it would be funny to switch my pills for placebos? Are you taking your hints from Cuddy? Because this sort of thing never did end well for her.

Filtered from Evil

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Seriously, I'm just gonna say it, if you're that upset the booze is gone. You might have some other issues you wanna get looked at.

Though I did see a hobo drinking fruit juice today. I for one hope the stuff never comes back

Against Evil

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I did it. I caved and watched the finale of the TV show of where I'm from, Once Upon A Time. And if I ever lay my hands on those two again I'm going to kill them. Does anyone else watch that show so I can vent? I know most people from Storybrooke don't, so...yeah. I'm really angry right now and I want to punch something, but my stitches are still in so I can't because I think Martha would kill me if I did that. Why did I watch it when there wasn't alcohol?

Filtered to Vicki

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Claudia talked to me, about you and your feeding.

First off, well done on voicing it. You let people know how hard it was getting and that right there is key.

How're you dealing with it? Do you need any help?

No evil

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It’s Aislinn and me day! And while this means Emma can go do non-kid things all she wants, it means you guys get a picture!

Out of all the toys in this apartment, the kid is the most captivated by books. She is definitely Henry’s little sister.

[Winchesters + Clark]
So Clark and I are looking into some disappearances from the homeless/migrant community surrounding Lawrence. At first it just looked like a human crime--probably some nut job serial killer--but we ran into an almost victim last week and I talked to him again today and he’s got these bite marks on his neck--which right away I thought vampire. But the guy says all the teeth were razory and she reminded him of a snake...so I’m thinking not vampire.

Any ideas?

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I'm sorry that I
I haven't been the friend
You didn't deserve my anger
I really am glad

I love you and I wish more than anything that you believed me. But I'll continue to say it anyway, I've always loved you and I always will. For now all I can give you are words but somehow I will prove to you that I do love you Henry and that nothing will ever change that.

Are you less cranky today, dear?

[House of Lust]
How're you all holding up?

[ETA: Damon]
I know you've undoubtedly been asked too often how you were doing in the last couple of days so I won't ask. But you offered to help after Jerry and I've come to consider you a friend. I may still be taking it one day at a time but I'm here if you need someone to talk to.

Filtered Against Evil

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Spike, I would like to thank you for your help a few days ago, and to apologise again for our little misunderstanding.

Considering I'm about as settled as I'll ever be and I can't ignore reality for much longer. My name is Laura and I was wondering who I need to contact to obtain the necessary documentation to work here?

[OOC: Irina trusts no one and isn't going to go by her actual name. At least for now says the muse]

Filtered from evil

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Pickles and peanut butter are not a satisfactory replacement for ice cream cravings.

Does anyone know what restaurant has the best nachos in town?

How are you settling in?

We haven't spoken in a while. How are you?

No Evil

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Just a friendly reminder, there is a bunch of pizza and a bunch of funny movies at my place. Anyone is welcome. We just got done with both Gremlins movies and we're moving onto Beverly Hills Ninja with either Caddyshack or Wild Wild West after that. Claudia is very excited for the one up next. And, by the way, Hawaiian pizza is my new favorite food. But yeah. Swing on by the complex and head up to the fifth floor. You'll hear the laughter from the hallway.

Filtered Against Evil, Regina, and Children including Henry

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I'm not sure I should have spent the last couple of hours going back on the boards and reading about the things that happened the last time I'm here.

I can't believe that I
How could I have done
Why would I

I feel I owe many of you an apology. I don't have an explanation for the things I did or said the last time I was here. I don't remember any of it, but it was still me. Right? I know saying the words isn't anywhere near enough, but if I hurt you, I'm so very sorry.


God. Especially to you and Emma. Ruby, I'm so sorry. I don't even have words. How can I make this up to you? Is this why you've been distant? Because it isn't your fault.


I honestly have no idea what to say. Maybe I hit my head? Or was possessed? I can't fathom what on this earth made me do and say some of those things I apparently did and said. I'm just...so sorry, Sweetheart. Please don't hate me.


Hi, Sweetie. I have a project I could use your help with if you're interested. For your mom.


Do you have any pictures of Emma and the kids that I can use for a scrapbook for Emma?

Text to Ginger.

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>> You.
>> Me.
>> A bowl of dressing and any vegetables of your choosing.
>> Why yes. I am that generous.
>> The only thing you have to do is give an answer.
>> I'll even make it easy.
>> It can't be no.
>> And it totally can't be maybe.

Go away evil

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I found a 7-day trip to Ireland for under $1000. SEVEN DAYS. With round trip airfare and a rental car and accommodations already built in. DOES SOMEONE WANT TO GO WITH ME TO IRELAND? I can schedule it for right after the talent show is over and before classes start at the university and it could be the 11-17 of August or like a few days after the 11th. COME ON, people. You know someone wants to go to Ireland. We could get like a whole group of us to go.

And maybe by then beer will be back and we can drink at a real Irish pub and see castles. Don’t you want to see castles?!

[Filtered to Matt]
How are you and how’s Vicki doing?
You’re on vervain right because her impulse contr

[Filtered to Elena]
What happened in March?

We can talk about it here or I can come over to your place and we can talk about this.

Filtered against evil

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Anyone who's been here a while. You get my questions.

When the seal is a dick and takes people away, how often does it send them back? Really missing the team today


Not wanting to hurt your friend here. If you think I should back off, tell me and I will.
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