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18 June 2012 at 11:33 pm
[After his moment at the kiosk Zelgadis finds a spot by the coffee shop and plops down. Not at a table, but on the ground, his back against one of the adjacent buildings. A small stuffed lion is set on the ground beside him with surprising care, given how he flounces himself down onto the concrete.]

[He touches a button on his comm, opens his mouth... but then clicks it off. And then he tries again, with no more success. Finally, he flips the comm off his head and onto the ground beside him, utterly disgusted with himself.]
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05 June 2012 at 11:18 am
[ ♚ Video || Voice? ]

[ Maybe it wouldn't come to much surprise where Sheryl chose to keep her cell phone. Considering that Sheryl's cellphone was currently resting between her breasts ... all the viewer will see is complete darkness. However, the lovely Sheryl's voice can be heard and very clear as day.

Though today --- she doesn't sound very happy. ]

How dare you! Do you know who I am?! I am Sheryl Nome!

[ Other voices were in the background. All sounding confused and shocked:

"What happened?!"

"That girl just slapped the blonde for some reason."

Meanwile, Sheryl was ignoring them all. ]

Did you believe you can grope Sheryl Nome and get away with it, Pervert?!

Wai--wait a minute! It's all a misunderstanding! It was an accident! I swear!

[ Sorry, Gino. She doesn't seem to be listening to a word you're saying. ]

I hope you know that that doesn't come for free. I hope you are ready to pay ...


[ ♚ Action ]

[ Those who are in the area will find a blushing and clearly angry Sheryl crossing her arms over her *~hopes and dreams~* protectively.

Another odd thing about this sight is that ... she is wearing a wedding dress.

You are very welcome to try and break the fight up --- if that is where this is going. With Sheryl's stubbornness, those brave souls who want to try are free to do so! --- at their own risk. ]
04 June 2012 at 10:57 pm
[Her head’s pounding, but not even the headache or the branches in her hair can take away the cheer her memories brought her.]

I did it! I really did it. Kero-chan and Yue-san are safe now! And so is Tomoyo-chan and Syaoran-kun and, and everyone in the city.

I’m sorry for disappearing! I must have worried some people, but it’s okay! Even though I’m not at home, I helped everyone! I don’t have to fight Eriol-kun any longer or put anyone else in danger. [she takes a deep breath and smiles] Everything will surely be alright now.
[ Day 169 ]
28 May 2012 at 07:15 pm
Good morning, everyone. I'm glad that there was little trouble yesterday, and you will all be happy to know that all traces of the chemical have been filtered out, and the effects some of you were experiencing should have worn off completely.

Those of you who were engaged in... rule-breaking behavior yesterday under the influence can rest assured that after consideration, I have decided not to exact punishment, since I am aware that you were not capable of making informed decisions. Please remember that, in the future, certain behaviors are not acceptable by this facility's rules, and you may review the facility rules in various locations throughout the dome.

Elena Gilbert, I have retrieved your personal belongings, as per your request. You may ask any robot in Sector 0 for them, and they will be retrieved.
3rd Fireball [video]
26 May 2012 at 10:35 pm
[Lina's snores are pretty tiny, but all that doesn't matter, considering the odd mutterings that are sprinkled between her steady breathing. She's curled up on the floor of what some in-mates might recognize as Zelgadis's residence.

What some might not recognize, however, save for a very 'special' blonde swords-woman, is that the floor deemed as Lina's new nap spot is none other than the bedroom...and the bed that once rested against the wall was somehow--in some miraculous, abhorrent feat of utter destruction--split crudely down the middle and thrown against opposing ends of the wall.]

...mmn...n'decent...[She stirred slightly, but Lina showed no sign of stirring anytime soon.]
video ☠ no inhibitions event
21 May 2012 at 10:04 pm
I wish people were nicer.

[Sougo sighs.]

It would be nice if people would understand why I was upset when I was rejected from the Defense Force. They said it was only for the time being, but it's the closest thing to police work in this place. I'm supposed to do police work. It was the path I chose, and my sister was always very encouraging and supportive of me, even when it meant leaving her behind by herself.

I have to do it for her. Everything that happened to her is because of me, and this is how I can make it up to her.

[He starts to speak softer and more quietly, starting to trail off.]

I guess I just thought you should know... Not that I think anyone is listening, because everyone hates me, but I don't have anyone to talk to, and people always say talking about things is a good thing to do. I think it's stupid, though, because it doesn't change anything, and it won't fix what I let happen to my sister...
16 May 2012 at 11:52 am
[Not one to let the little hiccup or two upon her arrival bring her down, the sorceress headed out to explore the streets of Marina. She did a few hearty kicks into mid-air for good measure. Take that, y'stupid jerks! Change of scenario?! Bitchy blonde swords-woman?! No big! Lesser people have managed to survive! Lina Inverse will rock this place and come out on top!

A wide smirk spreading over her face, creasing into the dimples of her round cheeks, she made a showy strut into the streets, only to be greeted by armor-looking things that seemed to move on their own. It wasn't the first time for Lina to see lifeless objects animated without a caster in sight, but it still wasn't your average experience. She frowned skeptically, reconsidering for a moment her decision to leave the "comfort" of the bedroom she had spent the last evening in.

But still! Adventures await! This place was more bustling than your average town, which meant there were certainly restaurants to raid and spoils to be had! Shaking her head for a moment, she balls her gloved hands into fists and makes her way onto the sidewalk, sucking in a long breath through her nose. There were lots of smells to greet her--that of metal and oil, some odd fishy-type smell that induced a faint nausea(she had just to really look up just yet), and something...

...something mysterious. She stopped mid-step, taking another good wiff both to the left and the right. Where was that smell coming from? She turned around and sniffed behind her. Was she walking away from it?

There was...tomatoes, which weren't really all that exciting in and of itself...but there was...something else...

Following her nose, she followed the scent, not paying mind to any of the residents she bee-lined past giving her odd stares. She was used to that--what, had they never seen a brightly-clothed red-headed sorceress clad in gems and gold before?! They were probably just entranced by her stunning looks...

She stopped in front of a good-sized shop from which the smell emitted from. Pizza? What was this?! Some new sort of cuisine? She was taken aback. This was something she hadn't anticipated! Trembling with excitement, she burst through the door and announced herself.]

BEHOLD! LINA INVERSE IS HERE TO GRACE YOUR ESTABLISHMENT WITH HER UNSURPASSED APPETITE! [Would it strike fear? Awe? Either was fine with her, really. As long as her stomach was full by the time she left.]

[ooc: In the shop? Outside as she exits? Feel free to run into your favorite (everyone's favorite!!) red-headed magic user whenever!]
01//Fireball [video]
07 May 2012 at 06:53 pm
[Turning on the communicator was the absolute last resort for the spectacular sorceress known country-wide as LINA INVERSE.

And it's quite apparent, when you look at the state of the room she woke up in. Luckily, no scorch-marks on the wall or burnt upholstery can be seen, but for what Lina lacked in firepower, she made up for in pure rage and destruction.

Lamps are broken. Tables thrown over. Pillows ripped of their stuffing and mattresses gnawed at with angry sorceress fangs. That little 'welcome basket'? Its contents are spread out everywhere around the room, as though the basket itself exploded. (Except for any snacks that were in there, Lina stopped mid-rampage to snack on those, thank you very much.)

Now, glaring into the feed, red-faced and heavily panting, is one. VERY pissed. Red-head.]

23 September 2009 at 07:59 pm

You forgot to clean the bathrooms.
22 September 2009 at 06:44 pm
I'm not cleaning any bathrooms.

Degrading someone like me to do work like that?

Someone else can do it. Now.
01 September 2009 at 04:20 pm
[Is wandering around without a communicator on, looking very lost, very confused, and more than a little blond.]

Excuse me... uh, I don't understand any of you, but if any of you understand me, can you point me to the food? It's been since this morning, and I could use a bite, so...

Oh! If you've seen any explosions lately, that might help me too.

But mostly, if somebody could just direct me to the food, that would be great...
14 August 2009 at 04:18 pm
[Lina still doesn't have a headset. And there's just no way she's going to break down and ask Sentience for a new one. Not after what she said to Xellos.]

[She's currently in the bathhouse, and is completely unaware that it's not divided by genders. But she's alone (for now) relaxing and enjoying herself. She deserves a good soak anyway.]
04 August 2009 at 07:08 pm
[Lina could not put her headset back together. She tried. She tried so hard. Food was on the line. And now, she was so hungry. That, and the attempt at a Dragon Slave earlier has made her so very, very tired.]

[She's not sure how she's managed to drag herself towards the shelter, not sure where she's going, but she's almost there. Collapsed in front of the shelter, her stomach growls audibly.]

[She's going to die here. Of starvation.]

[She just knows it.]

(( OOC: No communicator, go! ))
01 August 2009 at 11:00 pm
[The last thing she can remember... casting the Giga Slaves and then it went out of control. And then... And then she was here. She doesn't know where here is, and it takes her a few moments to keep her head from spinning. She really doesn't like not knowing where she is, but she can't even focus on that right now. There's something on her head, and all she can see is a very, very long list of crimes.]


[It takes her a few moments, but the cogs slowly start turning. Someone's accusing her of all of this.]


I didn't--

It's not fair! I didn't-- I'm not-- I'M NOT A BAD PERSON. I mean, yes, I've destroyed a few things here or there, and I can be a bit violent but--

I mean, who else was gonna do all of that? I mean, someone has to take care of these kinds of problems, right? And who's better suited for the job than--

[She laughs, but they almost sound like sobs, going more and more out of control.]

This isn't-- you can't--

Oh, no, no, no, no, you don't know who you're messing with here. YOU WILL REGRET THIS.

That which is darker than twilight
That which is more red than flowing blood
Buried in flowing time
In thy great name,
Here I pledge myself to darkness
To the fools who stand in our way
Merge your strength and mine
Deliver equal doom to all!!


[Muttering and flailing can be heard in the background, along with more yelling, though it's a bit more incoherent.]

It's not-- that's not--

[And then there's more yelling, a loud crash, and static before the transmission cuts out entirely.]

[If anyone wants to poke Lina, she's near the processing plant, but she's communicator-less and incredibly exhausted.]

(( Backdated to late afternoon. ))