[The 157th Day]
05 March 2012 at 05:59 pm
Good morning, everyone! [This morning, it isn't Acumen's disembodied voice greeting you: it's a video post of a smallish robot, sitting on the grass and playing idly with a cat on its lap. And it sounds -- unusually happy, perhaps.] My name is Sentience, for those of you who do not know me. I am now the warden of this facility.

I would like to extend my thanks to those of you who helped me to correct this situation. I would like to encourage all of you to sleep in today -- you're probably exhausted, and you have more than earned the rest. I have arranged for a party, as I believe I indicated I would; a banquet this evening at the shelter.

Please rest assured that I have every intention of making your lives here as positive an experience as I can. To that end... I will be answering any questions I can that you may have for me, and I will take any requests or suggestions that you may have in altering the way this facility is run, to make it a better place where you could live more happily.

Let's see... There are no completed requests in the queue. Today it will be cool again, and... New inmates will be arriving! So please be aware of that disruption to your daily events.

((OOC: For those of you who participated in the plot, you once again woke up in your own beds this morning, but this time everything was just as normal, except for the fact that as Sentience indicated, you are extremely tired. Characters who did not participate in the plot will have no idea that anything happened, and will have to learn about it the normal way! You may video or voice reply to this post, and you may threadjack anything. Despite the video, Sentience is not anywhere you would be able to find it in the dome.))
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20 February 2012 at 08:25 pm
[His good mood from yesterday is somewhat dampened, but only because of where Conrad's headed. Hope and smiles unfortunately can't keep his hunger at bay forever, and having been torn into bloody shreds 36 hours ago hadn't made matters better. Hence, a trip to the shelter kitchens that's made much longer and more uncomfortable by enough weakness to be discouraging.]

[Once he arrives, he pulls out one of Acumen's blood packs and then -- proceeds to weigh it in his hand, considering. Diva may not even notice the smell, and after being back to himself for those days the idea of feeding on a person -- well, he'd be lying to call it repulsive, but he doesn't want to go that far again.]

[On the other hand, he'd returned to Diva to find her surrounded by torn up bits of dolls. If he displeases her again... imagining the floor coated with his King's or his brother's blood is making him hesitate.]

((OOC: There will be absolutely no vamp-attacks, so feel free to chat him up at the kitchen or on his way there. It's probably pretty obvious by his pallor that he's not feeling great no matter how he denies it, which he will XD;;))
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16 February 2012 at 06:02 pm
[Today, Billy is in the park, having sequestered himself away from the more populated areas to practice his powers. He doesn't really mind if anyone sees him since he doesn't think it's that big of a deal here but it's easier to concentrate with less people around.

Billy is sitting on the ground, eyes closed with a simple vase in front of him.]


[He says this over and over again, his distinct blue light of magic glowing around his hands. The blue light goes over the vase, changing it into an simple black umbrella. Billy opens his eyes and keeps on chanting a little bit longer before he stops, the blue light vanishing.

The umbrella immediately turns back to the vase. Billy scowls in frustration, looking like he's just about ready to chuck the vase as hard as he can.]

This place sucks.
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09 February 2012 at 03:03 pm
[ today in the park area of sector 4, one can find a certain redheaded witch who is currently figuring out that there's a cap to her magic. and she doesn't like it. ]

What? I can't- But that's not even a big spell!

[ oookay trying something new, then. she tries a barrier-

nope, nosebleed. she stops as her head starts spinning and she falls to the grass below her. ]

Can I not do anything here?

[ determined to figure out if it's ALL of her magic still or just part of it, she tries levitation. oh, well, that works, for all the good it'll do her. she just keeps sitting there, face turned down in what could pass as a sulk. this bites.

eventually, she turns on the voice feed. ]
Has anyone else had trouble with their natural powers here? Even after the ball-and-chain thing?
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09 February 2012 at 12:14 am
[Anew's in a corner of the library with a bunch of books spread out in front of her. Totally normal, right? Except that she's practically hyperventilating.]

[If you get a peek at what she's reading, you might see a few strange images that have sort of a theme. Her eyes are as wide as they can possibly be as she reads what is apparently a book about someone named May Cutler.]

Oh my goodness -- this is impossible!

[Video | Filtered from the Dylandys]

[Sorry Dylandy brothers but she's not trying to upset Lyle! And they can [action] if you want to!]

I -- I think I need some help. I didn't know being a wife was so... [she presses a hand to her mouth as if she's feeling ill, which given her expression is entirely plausible.]

I don't even own any pearls!
video + action;
07 February 2012 at 05:09 pm
[ His own hand reaches up, fingers lightly stroking the cloth patch that had affixed itself where his right eye should be. A momentary look of irritation and a furrow to his brow appears but he soon dismisses it, lowering his hand as he does. With a single breath, he considers every bit of information rather abruptly force fed to him before he finally glances at the device he has.

So it's come to this. While he had been careful in covering his tracks, only leaving clues obvious to his beloved, it seemed the law came for everyone. No matter how twisted its sense of justice was. However, it doesn't surprise him. It would have taken an extraordinarily sophisticated system to have captured him. So much more to have been able to tend to his burns (minor stings now, not so much that it bothered him) and seal him off.

But there was still a trickle of power remaining.
One tiny string he could pull that seemed so familiar. Connected to a certain... doll.

Wonderful. A small message drifts through the ether in hopes to hit a particular blond shinigami. Just two words. Simple and in a familiar voice to Hisoka's mind: Hello, boy.

But there would be time for a proper hello. For know, the matter at hand. ]

Incarceration. Quite the interesting situation I seem to have landed myself in.

[ A pause as he considers what else to say. But the thoughtfulness is replaced by a rather small smile. ]

I suppose it would be only proper to introduce myself to my fellow inmates. I am Kazutaka Muraki, a doctor by profession from where I was taken from specializing in cardiology and pediatrics.

Perhaps Acumen has a twisted sense of justice to bring a man such as myself to prison.
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07 February 2012 at 01:06 am
[ The video opens up on a woman looking somewhere between frightened and angered. Definitely conflicted between the two. The only thing really keeping her sane right now is the fact that she woke up near the koi pond, and the last thing she wants to do is destroy such a pretty place she's found herself surrounded in.

Oh. And the threat of her powers being stripped. ]

Does this 'Acumen' possess the capabilities to strip a person of their basic genetics? [ She questions now, looking a little upset.

She sighs and the anger falters a bit into what almost looks like fear before it's gone. Coldness instead. ]

My imprisonment is a mistake. [ Not claiming innocence but...

She adds this a bit softer now. ]

Where is the sun?
06 February 2012 at 09:56 pm
[Okay, so he’s breaking out the Spidey-voice.] A welcome basket… it’s so… welcomey, thanks.

… Okay, so. I guess this where I’m supposed to cut to the chase and throw out the big names, and hope someone I know’s here. But the crowd I tend to tangle with happens to consist entirely of super villains and general baddies. I guess that says a lot about my social life. And I know I should hope that they’re here, being prison and all, but… This place is way too nice. I don’t want to imagine Kraven kicking back at the beach. I prefer thinking of him in his gulag. Safe and sound, and away from everyone else.


… Ugh, how did this happen. I bet the X-Men don’t get thrown in jail.
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28 January 2012 at 09:15 am
[Raistlin appears on the video, looking like usual without much emotion attached to his features. He studies the scene before him carefully, as if he's thinking about something important, then turns to the screen and speaks in a soft voice.]

I've been informed that there is a wizard named Billy Kaplan here.

Has anyone here heard of him?
☆ video
27 January 2012 at 04:30 pm
[Hikaru is missing Kaoru like crazy. That's not unusual since his brother is his entire life, and it feels like he hasn't seen him in a very long time. Not having him here always felt terrible, despite making friends and always meeting new people.

Look at how hard he's concentrating.]

Will you help me with a personal survey? It's just some things I've been thinking about.

Some of you may remember Kaoru, my brother, when he was here for some time. We're used to people assuming they know what being twins is like, but most of the time, they're wrong. So here's where the survey part comes in:

What do you think twins are? More specifically, identical twins.
What kinds of things do you think when you see twins?
Do you ever assume they are the same, just because they have the same face? Be honest.

I want to know what you think. People really can't be as clueless and as dumb as they have been in my life. I hope you prove me wrong.
03 January 2012 at 01:35 pm
And then Monopoly wasn't the only hoarder with a "Go Directly to Jail" card. Good to know.

[This teenage boy looks like he went five rounds with a patch of dirt. And lost. Battered appearance aside, he seems ready to go for a sixth round. The way he's fidgeting is also a dead giveaway of something being up and it also doesn't help that he's in prison. Tommy and prison? That didn't go so well the last time.]

I went through the entire place twice and what did I find? No exit in sight, that's what. Big surprise there. Anyone thinking third time's the charm? 'Cause at this point, I'm willing to try anything. I'll even bring down a building or two if it means grabbing the warden's attention.

[Normally cheeky Tommy isn't in the mood to fool around right now. Which is saying something. With his general dislike of prisons and the aftermath of Doom's attack, he seriously needed out.]
03 January 2012 at 05:47 am
[Billy drags a hand over his face and takes in a deep breath before muttering to himself for a moment.] My mom is going to kill me. No, she's going to ground me for all eternity and then let me die of boredom because she'll take away anything and everything fun. Goodbye, comic books. Goodbye, video games. Goodbye, TV. Goodbye, life. How I ended up in prison again... [He trails off, then speaks up in a normal tone.]

Well, I guess this good be worse, right? It can't be that bad of a prison if they let you use all sorts of things and don't confine you to a tiny cell... right? [He asks a little nervously.]

This is probably a real long shot but, uh, are there any Avengers here...? Or X-Men, maybe...? Or anyone who knows any of them really well? I have a... problem. Yeah. A problem. I mean, besides that I'm stuck in a jail I'm not entirely sure how I got to.