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Jun. 25th, 2010


Group Xi Plot Post

Day 4 - OOC: Thursday, June 24 - Sunday, June 27 )

Day 5 - OOC: Monday, June 28 )

Jun. 24th, 2010


Who: Bernadette/Bluebeard {narrative}
What: Bernadette, meet RUSSIA. It’s kinda cold.
Where: Village near the palace; Pub
When: Late Evening of Day 3
Warnings: ---

Fashionably Late To This Madness )

{More to be added later in the comments}


Who: Tegan and Nick
What: Waking up
Where: Georgy Lvov's home
When: Morning of the Dinner
Warnings: nope.

Mornings are harsh )


Russia, Day 4

Who: Group Xi
What: Dinner for the Grand Duke
Where: Alexander Palace
When: Day 4 (OOC, this will probably be open through the weekend)
Warnings: Could be anything. It's a party post.
Notes: Put your character's location in the subject line!

Dinner is an opulent affair. )

[This is a party style thread. Put your character's location within the palace in your subject line. Have dinner, mingle, dance, sneak into one of those alcoves, go take a bath in a huge claw-foot tub, steal clothes, eat the Grand Duke for hitting on your woman, have fun!]

Jun. 23rd, 2010


WHO: Helena (with appearances from Darcy, Anastasia Romanov and Grand Duke Michael)
WHAT: Narrative, or Where in Time is Helena Kelly?
WHERE: Here and there and everywhere
WHEN: Days 1 – 3; so much catching up to do!

Her luck had quite literally run out on her. )


Who: Brian and the wonderful people inside his head
What: Operation Sunburn (i.e. why Brian could dominate
Where: The Sahara Desert
When: Midday on July 17, 1789
Warnings: Whining and some mild language.

Murphy's Law had seemed to hold a grudge against Brian. )


Who: Vlad {narrative}
What: Meeting Pavel Milyukov
Where: A village near the palace
When: The afternoon of Day 3
Warnings: None

better to die than live a coward )


Who: Lily & Open to anyone in Group Xi not preoccupied elsewhere.
What: Time to rest that weary head of hers in her new apartment. Oh wait, no it isn't. Surprise, you're actually in a Russian village. P.S., it's really cold.
Where: The village in which Georgy Lvov and Pavel Milyukov are scouting for volunteers to participate in the formal dinner.
When: The morning of Day 3. March 20, 1917.

Had she cuddled up to the wrong monster in a nightmare? )

Jun. 22nd, 2010


Who: Ella, Nick, and Joanie (and Tegan, too!)
What: Meeting Georgy Lvov
Where: A small town near the palace
When: Mach 20, 1917 (Day 3 for Group Xi)
Warnings: TBA, most likely just mild language.

But evil's lurking so he's always on his guard. Cause if you're gonna spy you better spy hard. )

Jun. 21st, 2010


Who: Oliver and Will.
What: Well royal kitchens don't tend to themselves!
Where: The palace kitchen.
When: Post clothes gathering and temporarily hiding out.
Warnings: Will swears. Unless either of them decide to knife a random worker it shan't be any harsher than that.
Notes: Since it says "kitchen/dining workers" they may randomly appear on the floor from time to time depending on the angry French yelling. Just a heads up for anyone who will be in the dining area on the second night.

He snuck away, boots and all outside into the bitter cold. )


Group Xi Plot Post Day 3/4

By now, our travelers should be fed, warm and somewhat familiar with their surroundings and with the local people. Unfortunately, their very presence has altered the timeline.

The four locals that Vlad and Ella accosted for their clothing included a woman named Anna Demidova, a lady-in-waiting to the Empress, who had been sent into the crowd to spy for the Romanov family. She's run back to the palace with tales of witches, and the Empress believes they have been sent by her darling, dead Rasputin, and she's trying desperately to find them (Vlad particularly, who she thinks is the Mad Monk himself). There's also talk of a Beast in the woods (and, mistakenly, in the stables), and plans are brewing in the village to go hunt the creature down. The young Tsarevich was overheard telling his sisters that three men (Daniel, Vlad and Luther) were going to save them. Others in the group are feeling the effects of the weather, and Rosalie and Will are feverish and unwell.

Day 3 - OOC: Tuesday, June 22 - Wednesday, June 23 )

Day 4 - OOC: Thursday, June 24 - Friday, June 25 )

Group Xi: [info]beaute_endormie, [info]bookshelved, [info]dysmorphic, [info]jumpingpast, [info]labete, [info]never_old, [info]nobleblood, [info]old_fashioned, [info]sentinelstar, [info]shebringscurses, [info]thimbledarling, [info]vespertine, [info]tiger_says_rawr, [info]unrequitedcharm, [info]veridicality, [info]wickedwicker

Jun. 20th, 2010


Who: Rosalie, Ella, and Jane!Vaughn
What: Fun times as ladies-in-waiting
Where: Alexander Palace
When: Day 2
Warnings: Will update as needed

it was the German that was the problem )


Who: Vlad, Luther, Daniel and the various NPCs.
What: Questioning and helping
Where: Russia, Alexander Palace. The playroom and then onwards.
When: Day 2, morning
Warnings: Um. I'll let you know. This isn't the best mix of people.

Remember - it can always get worse. )


Who: Sam and Joanie.
What: Tending to horses. Neeeeigh?
Where: The palace stables.
When: Post-hunkering down and sleeping in a barn, post-pulling a Doc Brown and traveling back in time.
Warnings: A stable is not very conducive to sexing, so probably none. Bambi dies. Animal activists, proceed with caution.
Notes: Heeeeeey. So like, I am totally going to assume that either Joanie turned hay into clothes or they were all thrown time-appropriate clothes when dragged off to their respective whatever's. Yes, this is Kim and I have such a way with words. ETA: It was all Joanie. She Harry Twattered the barn group some clothes with whatever magic word it was. Hurjashfutuanfjh!

A horse is a horse of course of course )

Jun. 18th, 2010


Group Xi Group Log

Who: Group Xi (ξ)
What: A group-log
Where: Outside Alexander Palace
When: Night one

Midnight, Bellum Letale, and all is quiet.

Then, 12:01, and a rush of blinding light overtakes all members of Group Xi, regardless of location. There is a whirl and a swirl of heavy-thick magic, and it feels like the full moon has come early.

But no. When the disorientation settles, you find you're ankle deep in snow, in the dark of night, outside the gates of Alexander Palace. You can see no one you you recognize in the thick crowd. There is Russian being spoken around you, which you can only understand if you are fluent in the language.

In the back of your mind, you can hear your tales. Present. But you are not transformed.

And you are almost alone.

[This is a party style post (post your location in the crowd in the subject of your thread start). Feel free to find others in the crowd, to go in search of other people, to hunker down and find clothes, etc. You can only be in one thread at a time, however.

All posts once the sun rises must be in other logs - this group post is only for night one/arrival activities. Morning/Day 2/Day 3 logs may be started by characters in the group once the sun rises at their discretion. You cannot write beyond Day 3.]


Group Xi Plot Post

The Romanovs Group Xi (ξ)

(This post has comments turned off. Please direct all plot-wide questions here and all Group Xi specific questions here.)

Arrival and Days One through Three )

Group Xi: [info]beaute_endormie, [info]bookshelved, [info]dysmorphic, [info]jumpingpast, [info]labete, [info]never_old, [info]nobleblood, [info]old_fashioned, [info]sentinelstar, [info]shebringscurses, [info]thimbledarling, [info]tiger_says_rawr, [info]unrequitedcharm, [info]veridicality, [info]wickedwicker