May. 18th, 2010


Group M: Gretel, Moriarty, Vasilissa, Snow Queen

The plaque on the wall says:

A motley crew, if e'er I saw,
And not a one against the law,
Except for that one tiny thing,
But it was hardly worth the sting.
Babies, see, are very small,
And barely worth the fuss at all.

So this boat is in the clear,
From dock to dock and pier to pier.
Except, you see for smaller dings,
Like broken hearts and hateful things.
So for this boat to stay afloat,
Kindness, friends, was all she wrote.

And this hint I give you now,
What you want is near the bow.

The room is not a room at all, but rather a pirate boat, complete with a crew that is ready to wage war against another vessel that is coming ever closer. The vessel is missing two things, which becomes immediately apparent: a captain and a name.

Directions. )

May. 9th, 2010


Who: Evie and Nicky
What: Nicky's coming home.
Where: 1202
When: Sometime after this
Warnings: A little grossness and pills? And Evie swearing a lot.

Homecoming )


Who: Evie
What: Narrative of finding out that Jack has left.
Where: D1, mostly
When: Right after finding out that Nicky is no longer in the hospital.
Warnings: Swearing.

hit the road jack and don't you come back no more )

May. 2nd, 2010


Who: Nick, Evie, Tegan, and Jack
What: Returning Nick to the hospital
Where: various apartments in Bellum Letale, then the hospital
When: Minutes after this
Warnings: TBD, although not many, I suspect

'I'm youth, I'm joy,' Peter answered at a venture, 'I'm a little bird that has broken out of the egg.' )

Apr. 16th, 2010


Who: The Hollis Family (aw)
Where: 1202 to wherever they go
When: Friday evening
What: They have to have a Talk too.
Warnings: Evie's angry, Jack's a jerk, and Nick is awkward. Usual Hollis!

Family bonding at any means necessary )

Mar. 3rd, 2010


Who: Jack & Evie & Nick
What: Hollis family reunion
Where: Bellum Letale and mental hospital
When: After he writes to Evie and the building
Warnings: Surly, resentful teenagers.

All grown-ups are pirates. )

Mar. 2nd, 2010


Who: Evie (narrative, closed)
What: A phone call
Where: 1202
When: Backdated to last week
Warnings: Language.