August 2010



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Jul. 31st, 2010


Who: Xavier and Gina
What: The once-fiancees have awkward fun times as they settle into living together again.
Where: 1003
When: Sometime after Gina moved in but before the masquerade
Warnings: We'll see!

Is it all that we are good for, just a stretch of mortal time? )

Jul. 30th, 2010


Who: Xavier and Gina
What: It's a surprise! AKA, Gina's coming downstairs and we have no idea what's going to happen ...Or it's the great reveal.
Where: 1003
When: August 1, Afternoon
Warnings: No clue. Xavier's thoughts tend to be dark.

Over the hills and far away - he swears he will return one day. )

Jul. 22nd, 2010


Who: Xavier & Lucas
What: Nightmare
Where: Dreamland
When: The night after this
Warnings: Absolutely terrifying shit.

Way-hey up she rises! )

Jul. 21st, 2010


Who: LXG! (Lucas, Xavier, and Gina)
What: Dinner
Where: D2
When: Wednesday at 6
Warnings: Xavier's thoughts will most likely be more violent than 300, both Kill Bill movies, and Natural Born Killers smashed together.

How nice it is to have a dinner amongst friends that harbor no resentment towards one another in the slightest! )

Jul. 19th, 2010


Who: Xavier Edward & Gina
What: Dream times
Where: Dreamland
When: The night before the epic Xavier/Gina/Lucas dinner.
Warnings: Angst. This should be a given with Xavier

Why don't you crash into me, baby? )

Jul. 16th, 2010


Who: Xavier Edward and Lucas
What: Nightmares
Where: Dreamland
When: Before the fail moon (and Xavier's dream with Helena)
Warnings: Fighting, swearing, mental torture, and all that fun stuff.

Whatever you do don't be afraid of the dark. )

Jul. 15th, 2010


Who: Hannah and Xavier
What: Lunch Except it’s never just lunch is it?
Where: 1003
When: The day after this.
Warnings: Just Xavier’s usual...train of thoughts?

There's always an ulterior motive )

Jul. 10th, 2010


Who: Iris and Xavier
What: The building does it’s bumping-into-people thing again.
Where: Lobby.
When: Sunday morning after Fail!Moon
Warnings: Possible freak-outs and swearing.
Notes: Kore is done spamming the log comm now.

Waking up Sunday morning, Xavier wasn’t certain what bothered him more – the failing of the moon the night before, the strange dream with the woman named Helena, or the fact that at this rate, someone would kill Lucas before he did. )

Jul. 8th, 2010


Who: Xavier and Helena
What: Confessions in Dreamland
Where: Dreamland, specifically Helena's mind-house
When: We'll call this Saturday night, after the fail-moon.
Warnings: Angst.
Notes: Watch the "when" space. This might change >_>

I was born from the wound of a poisonous man - beaten and broken and chased from the land. )

Jul. 6th, 2010


Who: Xavier and Gina
What: "First meeting" (i.e. Gina has no clue and Xavier wants to shake her)
Where: Some place nearby that makes good cocktails
When: Friday June 25th at 7 PM
Warnings: Total obliviousness, angry thoughts, and possibly an inappropriate story or two.

It's so nice to meet you, man I have never met before. )

Jul. 3rd, 2010


Who: Xavier and Sam
What: Business talk. Oh and power disabling.
Where: 904
When: June 24th, 8:00 PM
Warnings: Swearing?
Notes: Xavier gave Sam a call, assumed ooc, switching their visit from Monday to Thursday. Timelines suck.

La nuit du chasseur )

Jul. 2nd, 2010


Who: Xavier and Brian (and Gabby)
What: Dinner and discussion (and dinner crashing)
Where: 302
When: Tuesday at 6
Warnings: Men cooking.

Caution: men in the kitchen ahead. )

Jul. 1st, 2010


Who: Gina and Xavier {Completed log.}
What: First dream encounter
Where: Dreamland
When: The night of June 20th.
Warnings: Angst. And length, but it's coded up so it's nice and easy to read.

Dream on. )

Jun. 29th, 2010


Who: Xavier Delamere & Co. {Narrative}
What: Power games.
Where: 1003
When: June 19th/20th
Warnings: N/A

Just a mirage. )

Jun. 14th, 2010


Who: Brian and Xavier
What: Xavier hasn't been to a dentist is 12+ years. Oops.
Where: Brian's office.
When: This afternoon.
Warnings: Probably not.

You'll be a dentist... )

Jun. 13th, 2010


Who: Xavier and Lucas
What: Old friends Business partners reacquaint meet over lunch.
Where: Lobby then to Osha
When: This afternoon
Warnings: It's a bit early for that, isn't it? Some dark thoughts, maybe some swearing - nothing more.

History is a story told by the people who survive. )