Jul. 30th, 2010


Who: Sherri and Brian
What: A sort-of conversation
Where: Right inside and outside the locked door of 302
When: August 6, early evening
Warnings: Alcohol use and abuse, angst, and Brian being a pill

Hush, little baby, don't say a word. And never mind that noise you heard. It's just the beast under your bed. )


Who: Sherri (and sort of Brian)
What: Brian wants to lock himself in and the world out. Sherri won't let him.
Where: Mostly outside 302, so third floor residents might hear or witness parts.
When: July 27th - August 5th, during days and early evenings.
Warnings: You'll probably want to slap Sherri.

In Which Sherri Doesn't Quite Argue with a Brick Wall, but a Closed Door is Close Enough )

Jul. 28th, 2010


Who: Joss, Oliver, Nina, and Sherri (and anyone who wants to join in)
What: Vampire Recovery Co.
Where: 205
When: Morning of the 27th
Warnings: Not much?

In which we pretend something non-Twilight related is here for the cut text. )

Jul. 8th, 2010


Who: Sherri, Joss, and Brian
What: Dinner and fail!moon antics.
Where: 205
When: June 26th, 6 pm
Warnings: There was mention of Joss maybe bringing alcohol?

One day I'll tie up all the loose ends, ring up my best friends, and have something to say. )

Jul. 1st, 2010


Who: Nina and Sherri
What: Talking about Operation Damsel
Where: Outside Bellum, then taking a stroll or going to the park.
When: Afternoon, two days post-Tempus
Warnings: Probably none.

What happens in Revolutionary France, stays in Revolutionary France )

Jun. 28th, 2010


Who: Sherri and Joss
What: Breakdowns, Epiphanies, and Catching Up
Where: 205
When: Directly after this
Warnings: Umm, whining, crying, swearing, mentions of mature themes, and all that fun stuff.

I don't know what's right and what's real anymore. )

Jun. 21st, 2010


Who: Nina and Sherri
What: Operation Damsel
Where: Around Paris
When: Morning, July 15, 1789 (Day 2)
Warnings: Updated as needed

she had woken up to an entirely different Paris )

Jun. 4th, 2010


Who: Sherri and Brian
What: Meeting!
Where: The doors/lobby of Bellum
When: Friday afternoon
Warnings: Super extreme politeness and civility

It's nice to be nice. )

May. 18th, 2010


Group G: Scherezade, Beauty, Phantom, Christine

The plaque on the wall says:

In the Beauty's mind there is a play
From the greatest Bard of his day,
And with her to direct Phantom and his lady,
The queen of tales shall see
A scene of two star-crossed lovers,
Horrible though one may be.
A word of warning for those present here:
Not a drop of real blood shall this play house see,
Or the house will become a prison
For the offender, whoever he (or she) shall be.

A replica of The Globe Theatre, down to the last board and peg.

Directions. )

May. 15th, 2010


Who: Sherri and Joss
What: The Reunion
Where: The entrance to the lobby
When: Early afternoon
Warnings: Most likely a lot of squealing.

It came as a surprise... )