August 2010



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Jan. 18th, 2010


Who: Gabrielle
What: Memory Post (late sorry)
Where: Apt 1001
When: Morning mimosas...
Warnings: None, just...booze?

wake up in the morning feeling like p diddy... )

Jan. 16th, 2010


Who: James.
What: Memory.
Where: 501.
When: Evening of the post.
Warnings: ?

don't lose your nerve. )

Jan. 15th, 2010


Who: Ed Strong
What: Memory Post
Where: The Second Bedroom of 1107
When: The day after the landlord's post
Warnings: TBA

one bourbon. one scotch. one beer. )


Who: Esme
What: Memory post
Where: 804
When: A while after the Landlord's post.
Warnings: Blood mentions, Esme crazy.

the gods lost 2-1 )


Who: Sam
What: Memory post
Where: P5
When: Just after the Landlord's post.
Warnings: N/A

i'm dying to know what's in your head / i'm dying to know how it all got in there )


Who: Rick
What: Memory Post!
Where: The lobby.
When: Immediately after, even during, the landlord's post.
Warnings: TBA

In which Rick's long day gets longer. )


Who: Cole
What: Other people's memories.
Where: 802
When: The afternoon after the Landlord's post.
Warnings: TBA.


Who: Vaughn
What: Memory crazy.
Where: 9th floor stairwell.
When: Awhile after the LL's voice post.
Warnings: TBD.

“My mother says I must not pass, Too near that glass; She is afraid that I will see, A little witch that looks like me; With a red mouth to whisper low, The very thing I should not know” )


Who: Henry! guest appearance by everyone's favorite mirror boy.
What: memory post.
Where: 105, then the lobby, then a stairwell.
When: late. after Henry's pseudo-heart-to-heart with Daniel.
Warnings: not yet.

you cannot quit me so quickly )


Who: Jude
What: Memory (Lack of)
Where: P2
When: Evening
Warnings: None
Notes: Memory plot

Remembering what cannot be remembered. )


WHO: Helena
WHAT: Memory plot
WHERE: Lobby on the way up to the eleventh
WHEN: The day after the landlord post, midday-ish

She wasn't sure why she secretly kept hoping for good, or at least interesting, mail anymore. )


Who: Robert Drayton
What: Memory post!
Where: In the stairwell between the second and first floor.
When: Around three AM, technically the morning after the landlord's post.
Warnings: None yet.
Notes: Also short.

He didn't believe in coincidences or the supernatural. )


Who: Madison Tanner
What: Memory post!
Where: Outside in the hall on the first floor.
When: Late afternoon after the landlord's post.
Warnings: None yet.
Notes: It's a really short post. The responses will be longer.

She hadn't read the Landlord's post yet. )


Who: Rosalie
What: Memory log
Where: Penthouse floor
When: Before her daily babysitting shift
Warnings: Not currently

People have died here )


Who: Trenton.
What: Memories Post.
Where: P4.
When: Shortly after midnight.
Warnings: Something, I'm sure.

to be made of glass and gluttony )


Who: Ella
What: Memories
Where: The dumbwaiter
When: After Leah has moved in
Warnings: None

Lost )


Who: Shiloh
What: Memories
Where: Bellum pool
When: After the LL post
Warnings: Who knows?
Notes: Memories plot

Denny's on his mind )

Jan. 14th, 2010


Who: Shane
What: Memory plot--combing through the building for signs of Vaughn.
Where: The stairs.
When: Very late tonight.
Warnings: None just yet.

if you chose life you know what the fear is like )


Who: Boyd
What: Memories post
Where: The stairs between the penthouses and the roof
When: After the Landlord post
Warnings: IDK yet
Notes: Memories plot

Happiness is a warm gun. )


Who: Vlad
What: Memory post!
Where: The penthouse floor, staircase, and eventually the tenth floor.
When: The morning after the landlord's post.
Warnings: None, although this might change depending on the memories.

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