August 13th, 2010

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Who: Nick & Tegan
What: Peter & Wendy and their future?
Where: Somewhere appropriate >_>
When: After Bellum falls
Warnings: It's Tegan and Nicky. They might get mighty heavy with some hand holding.
Notes: >_> Move along til there's something here.

[Placeholder :3]

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Okay, another wrap-up place holder. Just because there's no way I'm getting it written today.

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Nothing here. Move along. Just in case.

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Placeholder, yo.

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Who: Micah and Iris
What: Backdated, completed log
Where: The warehouse
When: After the Masquerade
Warnings: None
Notes: Posting un-posted things

It was the morning after the Masquerade, though that was something Micah was entirely unaware of. )