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Jul. 31st, 2010


Who: Luther and Joanie
What: Joanie's back on Suicide Patrol! aka the Walk of Shame
Where: 401
When: Saturday, July 31st. Early afternoon.
Warnings: Wacky awkwardness and allusions to sex.

Bitches Love Spiderman: The Series )

Jul. 28th, 2010


Who: Joanie and Luther
What: The Breakdown
Where: Charleston, South Carolina
When: July 27th/28th
Warnings: Angst, suicidal tendencies, mind-fuckery, and potential swearing.
Notes: Tissues. Bring them.

Will you stay strong as you promised? Cause I'm stranded and bare. )


Who: Luther and Joanie
What: The Aftermath
Where: Charleston, South Carolina
When: July 27th
Warnings: Crying, angst, heartstrings getting pulled hard enough to snap, and possibly swearing.

If I'm alive and well will you be there holding my hand? )

Jul. 25th, 2010


Who: Joanie and Javert (with a brief appearance by Luther and some NPCs)
What: The Smackdown of the Century: Javert vs. Joanie.
Where: Joanie’s neighborhood in SC.
When: Evening of July 26th
Warnings: Fighting, Swearing, Mind-fuckery, Angst.

They stake the odds til we take to the streets. )

Jul. 23rd, 2010


Who: Luther, Joanie, and Joanie's family
What: A big family dinner
Where: Charleston, South Carolina
When: July 23rd, at dinnertime
Warnings: Extreme funny

We now arrive at the part of our story wherein hilarity ensues. )

Jul. 19th, 2010


Who: Luther, Archer, and Isobel
What: A legal kidnapping
Where: 906 --> Hospital --> We will see
When: July 18th, Evening
Warnings: Watch this space.

'When I was kidnapped, my parents snapped into action. They rented out my room.' - Woody Allen )

Jul. 10th, 2010


Who: Luther and Parker
What: Elevator shenanigans.
Where: The Elevator of Doom.
When: Sunday after Fail!Moon
Warnings: Swearing.

Because Luther isn’t grumpy enough. )

Jul. 8th, 2010


Who: Luther and Joanie
What: Making a fort, realizing the Full Moon is a Fail Moon, and promptly getting drunk. (You know. Bro stuff.)
Where: 703 and the Fort of Dreams
When: June 26th at 6 PM
Warnings: Drunk texting, drunk thinking, drunk rolling around, drunk drinking. EDIT: And now Joanie has a pink cat. So warning for animal experimentation?

Come on, all you Good Rats, we'll send you to Heaven! You'll find the pearly gates in the froth and the foam! )

Jul. 2nd, 2010


Who: Joanie and Luther
What: Last leg of their trip (aka Talking Russia and Sam.)
Where: Umm US 95? (Pretty much in Luther’s SUV)
When: Morning of the 23rd
Warnings: Angst, Depression, Swearing, All that jazz.

Life is a highway - I'm going to ride it all night long. )

Jun. 30th, 2010


Who: Luther and Joanie
What: Getting to the airport then waiting for their plane
Where: Lobby -> Road -> Airport
When: Around 12:30 the day after they get back
Warnings: Bromance.

Well the devil's nipping at your heels and this time it's for real. )

Jun. 20th, 2010


Who: Vlad, Luther, Daniel and the various NPCs.
What: Questioning and helping
Where: Russia, Alexander Palace. The playroom and then onwards.
When: Day 2, morning
Warnings: Um. I'll let you know. This isn't the best mix of people.

Remember - it can always get worse. )

Jun. 13th, 2010


Who: Luther (Narrative)
What: Beginning to question.
Where: A playground on the other end of the city
When: Immediately after this
Warnings: N/A

God be my witness. )

Jun. 10th, 2010


Who: Tegan (and Tommy) and Luther
What: Checking up on the young'uns
Where: Around #106
When: Earlier this week.
Warnings: Most likely not

Lost boys and girls )
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May. 30th, 2010


Who: Luther and Joanie
What: The Hangover
Where: 401 and the bottom of a coffee pot
When: Saturday morning
Warnings: Extreme crankiness (swearing), headaches, and bonding

If you know someone who tries to drown their sorrows, you might tell them sorrows know how to swim. )

May. 29th, 2010


Who: Joanie and Luther
What: Drinking. (Meaning, an attempt at emo-ness but probably going to end in crack.)
Where: Lobby then to the bar then...who knows?
When: Friday evening
Warnings: Swearing, emo, crying, brain-breaking, drinking, and ...I'll add anything else as it comes up.

Don't lie about this, say you're above all this )

May. 26th, 2010


Who: Luther and Joanie (and is open)
What: Setting up the panic room
Where: 109, with the possibility of caffeine/supply runs
When: Tuesday night through to Thursday
Warnings: Sleep deprivation, silliness, swearing, and hard work.
Notes: Everybody that was tagged in Joanie's group lock about supplies is welcome to stop by whenever. Threads within this log are marked by time and day for the convenience of everybody that wants to come in.

Rome wasn't built in a day, but they say that Athena jumped fully formed out of her father's head. )

May. 23rd, 2010


Who: OPEN to anyone that wants to spill into the Lobby after they completed their group hell.
What: Probably a lot of wigging out.
Where: The Lobby.
When: After Group C's exit--they were pretty early on, so chances are it was before yours.
Warnings: We'll say language, since people are unhappy.
Notes: 1) The doors to the Group Hells turn back into the doorway down into the basement after people are through. 2) You can't see where they've been. 3) There's no posting order. Just reply to the main post with a new thread if there are specific participants you want to reply to--make sure you note who they are and what the char is reacting to, or leave it open, up to you. I don't have specific directions, my brain is not wired for public planning right now.

What we seek we shall find; what we flee from flees from us. )

May. 18th, 2010


Group H: Baba Yaga, Javert, Black Forest Witch, The Beast

The plaque on the wall says:

On this group of lovers four,
Fate has come and closed the door.
The wedding bells chime times two,
One chime for each two of you.
Obsessions all, obsessions one,
Share yours before the hour is done.
Should your confessions truthful be,
The wedding feast shall come to thee.
The confessionals are in the rear,
Go forth, if you have naught to fear.

One more caveat for you lot:
A double wedding this is not,
It's up to you who ties the knot.

The room resembles a bright, airy church, and the four people within it are dressed for a wedding. The pews are filled with faceless party guests, and while there is no ancient mariner who stops one of three, there is a cleric at the altar in black robes, which waits for them. Should all four approach the altar, they will be ignored and the cleric will not begin the service - nothing will happen.

The women are dressed as brides and the men as grooms. Any attempt to leave the church will result in entering the church again, over and over, ad infinitum.

Directions. )

May. 17th, 2010


Who: Katya and Luther
What: An after-work meeting
Where: Starting at Red Horse Tea
When: Monday, after 6
Warnings: None

great love affairs start with champagne and end with tisane )

May. 13th, 2010


Who: Luther and Katya
What: Going to the movies
Where: Starting at Katya's and moving to the local theater
When: Around 6:45
Warnings: Irritability

everything she owned was covered in cat hair )

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