Jul. 16th, 2010


Who: Gabby and Joanie
What: A chance meeting
Where: Starbucks
When: Mid-morning, probably around 9:30 or 10
Warnings: Swearing, cattiness, rhaeg, and any other nonsense Joanie comes up with.

Every little trait, however small, makes my very flesh begin to crawl. )

Jul. 15th, 2010


Who: Bran and Gabby
What: A spontaneous visit + dinner
Where: D3
When: Let's backdate this to Monday, about 5:30-ish
Warnings: None at present

who needs prior notice when you can be spontaneous? )

Jul. 11th, 2010


Who: Gabrielle and Isobel.
What: Witchy things, protective sleep charms, girl things, When Harry Met Sally and ice cream? Maybe not that.
Where: 906.
When: I like 'nowish,' let's go with that.
Warnings: Crying!Isobel? I don't know. Probably not much.

Glinda the Good stepped down from her ruby throne to give the little girl a good-bye kiss, and Dorothy thanked her for all the kindness she had shown to her friends and herself. )

Jul. 3rd, 2010


Who: Bran and Gabby
What: Visiting, introductions, and awkward fun
Where: 1106
When: The day after this, at 2 {timelines confuse me}
Warnings: Who knows

the Dark and Mysterious Raven was not impressed )

Jul. 2nd, 2010


WHO: Helena and Gina
WHAT: Introductions!
WHERE: Orange County Hospital
WHEN: June 20th afternoon
WARNINGS: One day Helena will have a log over a PG rating. Not today.

She was just about to reach for the television remote when she heard a gentle knock at her door. )


Who: Xavier and Brian (and Gabby)
What: Dinner and discussion (and dinner crashing)
Where: 302
When: Tuesday at 6
Warnings: Men cooking.

Caution: men in the kitchen ahead. )