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Jun. 27th, 2010


Who: Lotte and Christine {Narrative}
What: Operation Field
Where: A field
When: Day Four of Tempus Plot
Warnings: Excessive happiness and fluff.

Be not afraid, come follow me. Answer my call and I’ll set you free. )


Who: Micah and Iris
What: Tending to wounds
Where: The wine merchant's house
When: France, dammit, France.
Warnings: Fevers?

In which Micah wishes France had some damn Neosporin. )

Jun. 26th, 2010


Who: Group Omega
What: Plot Post and group thread.
Where: Paris, France.
When: Day 6 and Day 7. July 19 & 20, 1789, Paris. [OOC: Saturday June 26 - Sunday, June 27 ]
Note: For questions, return to the original OOC post.

The night of the fifth is unpleasant for many of the residents who have trouble resting. Those in the group with weakened constitutions, or who have any open wounds or injuries, quickly worsen as a change in the wind befouled much of Paris' water supply, and the warm weather doesn't help health conditions. Noxious fevers and stomach flu symptoms make the lack of antibiotics extremely cumbersome.

Residents who suffered time lapses the day previous continue to have headaches notable as a symptom of that phenomenon. All characters feel weak when they separate too far from each other. The sick are incapacitated by the night of the sixth despite the best efforts of those still on their feet.

On Day 7, every single tale vanishes from the minds of residents. No abilities or transformations are available.

Jun. 24th, 2010


Who: Micah
What: Operation Luau
Where: The edge of an active volcano in the Hawaiian islands. Deserted.
When: During the time plot
Warnings: None

An hour )


Who: Bran, James and Lotte
What: Operation Rent
Where: Around Paris
When: Day 3
Warnings: Awkwardness, glaring, etc

In which the Phantom cast reunites )

Jun. 23rd, 2010


Who: Micah and Iris (completed log)
What: One of these days, Micah is going to get over this woman.
Where: The wine shop, France
When: Day 3
Warnings: None

The wine shop was a little cleaner than the rest of the city, but not by much. )


Who: Group Omega
What: Regroup.
Where: A wine shop, Paris, France.
When: July 17, 1789. (Day 4)
Warnings: None as yet!

It is July 17, and the scorned representatives from the Third Estate are coming together to declare themselves a National Assembly. Spirits are high in Paris despite growing fears of foreign invasion in the countryside and the horrific violence of the days previous. The King has come to the city, and he still enjoys popular support and respect since he has come to accept the tricolour and all it represents. It is dangerous to be in the city without a tricolour cockade on your hat or cap. The aristocrats in the city talk among themselves of plans to leave the country, though some are supportive of the new shift in power and have friends and allies among the other Estates. Secretly, King Louis and his supporters have hopes of foreign support for absolute monarchy abroad, but so far the rest of the world has yet to react to the revolution with more than stunned stares.

At the small wineshop owned by an ailing old woman and her daughter, Marie, residents of Bellum Letale are regrouping. Small teams have gone out to search the city for more residents and supplies while those left behind take the opportunity to discuss what has happened and how to reverse it. As the day wears on, the headaches and nausea that was symptomatic of the first time jump returns in isolated waves, apparently at random among the residents.

Jun. 22nd, 2010


Who: Russell and Will
What: Operation: Commandeer, or scavenging the city.
Where: Around Paris
When: Day 3
Warnings: A little violence is likely.

there was less blood now, but no less smoke. )

Jun. 21st, 2010


Group Omega Plot Update #2

Adventures in French Revolutionary Paris continue. For event sign-ups and questions, return to the original OOC post.

[OOC: Tuesday, June 22 - Wednesday, June 23]
Day 4.
July 17, 1789, a wineshop in Paris... and various times and locations.
Read more... )

[OOC: Thursday, June 24 - Friday June 24]
Day 5.
July 18, 1789, a wineshop in Paris.
Read more... )


Who: Nina and Sherri
What: Operation Damsel
Where: Around Paris
When: Morning, July 15, 1789 (Day 2)
Warnings: Updated as needed

she had woken up to an entirely different Paris )

Jun. 20th, 2010


Who: Bran, Lotte, Brian and Lucas
What: Waking up, planning, and other fun things
Where: An abandoned house in Paris
When: Morning, Day 2
Warnings: TBD

In which there is no shortage of tension )


Who: Micah, Will, Iris, Russel, Jonathan, and James.
What: In a place (and a time) like the one they're in, people get hurt. Fortunately, that's what hospitals are for.
Where: Hôpital Salpêtrière
When: Just after sunrise on the second day
Warnings: Blood, hospital business, anger, and so on.

there was blood on the streets and on the stones, and most of all on the people passing by. )

Jun. 18th, 2010


Group Omega Group Log

Who: Group Omega
What: Arrival. Just somethin’ to get you goin’.
When: IC DAY 1. July 14, 1789. About 1:00 PM local time.
Where: The streets of Paris, France. In the general vicinity of the Bastille.
Plot Reference: Setting post is here.
Note: This is a party style post (post your location in the subject of your thread start). Feel free to find others, search for other people, hunker down and find clothes, etc. There is no posting order. Communicate with each other! You can only be in one thread of this post at a time. All posts once the sun rises must be in other logs - this group post is only for night one/arrival activities. Morning/Day 2/Day 3 logs may be started by characters in the group once the sun rises at their discretion. You cannot write beyond Day 3.

Midnight, Bellum Letale, and all is quiet.

Then, 12:01, and a rush of blinding light overtakes all members of Group Omega, regardless of location. There is a whirl and a swirl of heavy-thick magic, and it feels like the full moon has come early.

But no. When the disorientation settles, residents find themselves hip deep in chaos and urban rioting. Old Paris, starving, restless, and angry, smells aquatic and slightly foul. The July afternoon is disorienting, extremely bright and almost unpleasantly warm. No one here speaks English, but you don’t have to understand French to know that the angry roar of the crowd doesn’t mean “welcome to Paris.”


Travel Plot: Group Omega

Political Background )

[OOC: Friday, June 18 - Saturday, June 19]
Day 1. July 14, 1789. About 1:00 PM local time.
The Streets of Paris.
Read more... )

[OOC: Sunday, June 20]
Day 2. July 15, 1789.
A wine shop in Paris.
Read more... )

[OOC: Monday, June 21]
Day 3. July 16, 1789.
Various locations throughout Paris.
Read more... )