July 31st, 2010

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[Posted Friday afternoon]

so i figure its been like 4 days since i got back and i'm not allowed to 'do anything terrible to myself' so why not use this thing again plus i finally found the stupid invitaton under the couch so i have a question about this masqer fuck it masked ball thing. i went to the last one and it was okay till those people died.

i was wondering if people think the building will do something if someone decides not to go. and if so then what. except theyll have drinks and its free i haven't decided if i'm going yet but if i'm just going to end up there anyway or somewhere like antarctica because the building is pissed then i guess maybe i should. except i think im kind of crazy and not really stable maybe ill be the one who drowns in the well this time, probably a lot less painful than jumping off the fire escape anyway

hey illy are you going? ...fuck i should not be typing things or talking to people ugh

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Locked to 507

[The day after this]

I don't suppose you have any advice for a man who's spilled his secret indentity to the woman he was once engaged to and now has her living in his apartment?

Yes. I am faintly aware that I might have screwed up everything. But I have a back-up She's got a cover There's only two other people on this floor and Hannah hopefully doesn't know who Gina is She said she wouldn't say anything