July 29th, 2010

[info]nobleblood in [info]bellumletale

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Are you alright? It looked like that knife went in fairly deep.

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I hope you liked what was in the box I left outside your door. ((OOC: Bam!)) I'm [...] sorry there are so many. O_O I tend to bake when I'm freaked out or otherwise avoiding my fucked up life Do you have a minute?

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I figured out who you were through good old fashioned forum stalking. My name is Gabrielle. I think we [...] met? the night of the full moon. But um I just ugh, this is weird wanted to see how you were doing?

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I'm sorry, I figured out your room number via forum stalking as well. I seem to be doing that a lot lately. I'm Gabrielle. I don't think we've been introduced, per se. But I was wondering if everything was okay after she the witch Glinda left?

[info]whatbefell in [info]bellumletale

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[Locked to 507]


I was the Count.

[Locked to 904]

Able to keep the tiger locked up last night?

[Locked to 1004]

How did the Full Moon treat you?

[Locked to D2A & D2B]

And how did the Full Moon treat you? Is Gina alright, why the fuck was she crying? If she's Mercedes then she's going to

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[ Parker's Cell ] -----> [ Luther's Cell ]

[Around 9:43 p.m.]

[ Ring. ]