June 13th, 2010

[info]nobleblood in [info]bellumletale

Locked to P1

[After this has been going on for a few minutes]

I thought I heard But no one has a child on this floor, and Please tell me I am not going to have to deal with a crying baby every damned night

I apologize if I am disturbing you, and I realize that this is likely none of my business, but [...] I thought I heard a crying child. Since I was not aware that you had a there was anyone in the building who had young children, I wanted to make sure [...] everything was alright.

[info]charmed_lies in [info]bellumletale

The real estate agent never told me how absolutely charming this place was. If you like that sort of thing, that is. It's quite... quaint. I suppose it grows on you, doesn't it?

In case it wasn't already blatantly obvious, I've just moved in. My wife will be joining me in the near future, but until then it'll just be me, myself, and I settling in among the rest of you. I'm Lucas, but feel free to call me awesome, I really don't mind at all. I'll be working out of my home here for the near future until I can establish myself in the city. If anyone has any advice on how a man can get to know the best people around here, do let me know. I'd be forever grateful.

If there's anything you need or if you just want some good conversation, feel free to stop by D2. I'll be busy unpacking for a few days and company is always appreciated.

[info]nineteen_stars in [info]bellumletale

...does anyone here happen to have some aspirin? for some reason, i have none and i think i might be dying.

[info]labete in [info]bellumletale

Locked to 1104A.

[After this.]

You shacking up with Boyd now?

[info]wickedwicker in [info]bellumletale

Phone Call to Luther

{ During this }

[Ring. The phone is on speaker phone, and when he picks up, he'll be able to hear the sounds of the bar around them.]

[info]still_lotte in [info]bellumletale

Locked to 1004

Hi, Hannah? We've talked once or twice before I think? A friend said that you work at the local animal shelter. I've been Er thinking about adopting a dog and wanted to know if there was [...] any further information I could get?

[info]cyprian in [info]bellumletale


U stilll have the portrait?

[info]bookshelved in [info]bellumletale

Book left at The Church: Second in a set. )