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Talk about a hysterical coincidence!

This was too good to not screen print and share:

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I happened to spot it when I logged into a free account I have for RPing. Is that not spot on or what? And here is the article from the cap -- it's old news that I think everyone's seen.


That's beautiful.

I think the fandom planets have aligned!
That is so hysterically perfect. Fandom rules! :D
YEAH!!! Seeing that made me cackle!
And then, in honor of it all, I got this, too:

My Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom is:
Sirius Black gets suspended by LJ Abuse for writing underage slash fic in the conservatory, with the lead piping
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LOL!! That is too perv- I mean, perfect!
Tehe, thanks for sharing!
:D! Gotta love it!
Ha! That's perfect.
Isn't it? XD
You iconed it! That's even better. *g*
It had to be done!
Heh, wow, this is perfect! =P
:D! The most hysterical part is that it was completely random!
I can only imagine what'll converge for fandom lolarity next!
Is your icon shareable? *loves*
Absolutely! :D
Good ol' Tweak. He's very entertaining!
Tweak might have to get some heart-shaped eyes, too!
Yay! That is so beautiful! Hee!!!
I can't wait to see what'll pop up next!
that really is beautiful
And a testament to the awesomeness of IJ!
All praise! The fandom gods have smiled upon IJ!

May I swipe your icon?? ^____^
Certainly! :D