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Update on GJ: Good News and Bad News

Well appearently greatestjournal is back up and running.

So the good news if anyone wants old entires or icons you can get them.

Bad News is that you only have two weeks.

When I tried to test comment, of course I couldn't do it BUT I was redirected to a page and got the following message:

Server no longer maintained and will be closed Jan 30 2009 - Please use LiveJournal or ljarchive

So if you want icons from communities such as rpg_icons, if you have old rp sls you wanna save, or anything else you wanna save from that site YOU HAVE TWO WEEKS SO DO IT NOW.


Shame it's being shut down, but at least they're giving people a chance to forward their entries elsewhere...

I wonder why they recommend LJ? They used to direct people to IJ before....
Your guess is as good as mine. You know how inefficient system is so no one should be shocked.
This is pretty wacky: http://www.greatestjournal.com/create.bml

The create journal page still says this: GJ's servers are currently overloaded - we recommend joining InsaneJournal instead.
I'm glad to see this -- that there's now a date, a chance for people to grab their stuff, and that it's going to be shut down completely, not left in a state of limbo for months or years with no option for people to delete their own content.
So am I. It's the first thing system's done right in a loooooooooong time.

BTW the irony of that icon you're using!! LOL
I'm trying to archive stuff with ljarchive and I'm getting that annoying error message again, as well as the archive telling me 'the server is unable to export comments.' At this point I'll take whatever I can get, so the comments will have to stay behind (or be copied/pasted manually), but is there away to get around the other error message, or do I just have to wait and see if it's just doing it right now?
I have NO idea about such things as the ljarchiver. I wish I could help you. For now, copy and paste is the best answer I can give you. Hopefully someone else will comment with a better alternative that will not be so tedious and long.
Oh the relief. Thanks for the heads-up: I'd about given up checking.
No problem. I considered this a public service. :-D
I just went ahead and deleted mine. Everything I had there, I have here, so.
Ah ok.
Thanks for the info. I just went ahead and deleted my GJ since I'd already moved everything to my IJ.
No prob. :-) Glad to hear you completed your transition.
I hope that if IJ ever gets anywhere close to this happening, we get plenty of warning... not to just to backup, but to see if we can coordinate a mass-effort to bale the site out. I <3 IJ.
I doubt that given [info]squeaky's track record that ij's closing is not in the near future. But if for some reason that time should come(again I doubt it), I think he would give us a notification which will be well in advanced.
Yeah, I do, too. Just voicing the vague fear this brought up.
It's also incredibly, incredibly slow. I couldn't even sign in. Not surprising, I suppose.
It's not slow for me. i dunno.
I tried again later and it was fine, so chances are it was a server overload or something. ;-)
Yeah. :-) An influx of the site's former users going to that site and snagging all they can I guess.
Thanks for the heads-up! (Hmm... heads-blows-up?)

I'll share the news.
No prob. As I said before, I consider this a public service. (LOL)