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It finally happened. lol

Does anyone remember GreatestJournal? Well it's finally down. I was on it yesterday and it was working fine so it must of happened within the last 24 hours.

What I keep on getting is:

403 Denied
GJ is currently down - Please go to LiveJournal

Old users: you can backup all entries and comment with ljarchive

As of January 6, 2009, after a year of issues, GreatestJournal is finally dead. Oh well.

Check this out http://greatestjournal.com/


Between this and the LJ thing, I expect we'll be getting an influx of n00bs. *battens down the hatches*
Oh boy, what's up at lj now?
They laid off almost half the staff in the USA, so various people are predicting everything from no changes to the failure of the company and the death of the site.
AH! So that's what [info]squeaky was referring to in that last update he made in the announcements comm. Another victim of the economy crisis no doubt.