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It finally happened. lol

Does anyone remember GreatestJournal? Well it's finally down. I was on it yesterday and it was working fine so it must of happened within the last 24 hours.

What I keep on getting is:

403 Denied
GJ is currently down - Please go to LiveJournal

Old users: you can backup all entries and comment with ljarchive

As of January 6, 2009, after a year of issues, GreatestJournal is finally dead. Oh well.

Check this out http://greatestjournal.com/


I was waiting for this day.

System NEVER wanted to admit there was a problem on the site.

I was so glad when I left support a year ago. I got tired of him missing in action for months and years at a time since 2003.
Can't say I blame you. System didn't seem to care about his users. Ok granted it was free, still that is no excuse. This site(to an extent) is also free but [Unknown LJ tag] does everything(and usually succeeds) he can to keep this site at top notch.
sorry I meant [info]squeaky* lol