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It finally happened. lol

Does anyone remember GreatestJournal? Well it's finally down. I was on it yesterday and it was working fine so it must of happened within the last 24 hours.

What I keep on getting is:

403 Denied
GJ is currently down - Please go to LiveJournal

Old users: you can backup all entries and comment with ljarchive

As of January 6, 2009, after a year of issues, GreatestJournal is finally dead. Oh well.

Check this out http://greatestjournal.com/


It was still up? Damn. I thought we'd been through this...
I do...or rather DID go there now and then for icons at rpg_icons. I was still a member of that comm and they had a wide selection of icons to snag from there. Guess I'll have to go to lj and ij for icon hunting only now.
Was it this comm you went to on GJ? Because if it is, it looks like they made the comm here.
Didn't see that here. hm THANKS! :-D