[info]apotheosis in [info]07refugees

Release #43


Among the 'features' added:

Title of post in Last Post, Friends Pages, Calendar view (every page where displayed multiple entries) now links to entry.

One problem, though. The code broke the Smooth Sailing layout. The whole thing.

You're supposed to test these things first, boys and girls.

ETA: Looks like it was fixed. But how long until something else breaks?


Huh, yeah, that's the layout my old fic journal has on it and they certainly killed it. Oh well, everything's over here now.
I'm really only on LJ to RP. Anything else has been over here for a while now.
Well that explains WHY I can't read my flist there! IDIOTS!
I always liked the journal customization better over here, anyway. Their new system is too quirky to begin with.

and the Smooth Sailing messup? Yeah, that's all sortsa stupid...

and you can get a permanent account for just $175! LOL - yeah, right!
I cannot comprehend why people buy perm accounts at thtat price over there, and squee over getting 150 icons. Obviously schools need more math & economics requirements. ;-P
yeah, no joke XD