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Give LiveJournal Just One More Chance!

Just kidding.

The latest smooth move by 6A/SUP (no more accounts without ads unless you pay up) put me in a nostalgic mood.

I've summarized LiveJournal's greatest customer service disasters, going back to April 2005.

Remember Nipple Gate!

It's a history lesson of fail.


W00t! Thanks so much for this summary :D

(now I don't have to write one to explain to all my RL friends why LJ sucks)
I had been planning to put together a post like this for a while; this seemed like a good time. ;)

I just want to scream when I read comments at LJ news such as, "I'm going to give you one more chance, LJ!" -- as if this was the first time LJ fucked up.
Wot the icon sez!
I found and read your history lesson yesterday. Great work! Very concise and informative with appropriate amounts of snark. :D
Snark makes the fail go down easier. :p
That it does.

Do you mind if I add you? (I always ask first.) I've read your LJ-related entries both here and there for a while now and have been meaning to ask.
Go right ahead!
Just added. Thank you. :D
I checked the IJ stats page to find that they have added almost 1,000 accounts since your post yesterday. I wonder if that's a typical day?
IJ has been adding 1,000 new accounts a day since December. :D

The vast majority of LJ users still do not know about "no more basic accounts." The first post in LJ news to allude to it was extremely misleading; the post in news yesterday was somewhat straightforward. But very few LJ members look at news. They will find out about it when they try to create another account, or when they tell their friends they can get a basic account -- and find they can't.
Probably most people will just shrug and ask what the big deal is about having ads. They won't even consider the ethics involved behind making such a change without even informing users. I can't believe they haven't even made an official announcement! This is such typical LJ behavior. I swear that site is just a gulag.
Stewardess, you are so good at predicting. I mean I've got one of your important post about SUP copied literally in my Eyejay, including the links, thanks to you. BTW, can you predict if I can win a lotto someday? *just kidding*

Anyway, thank you for keeping us all up-to-date.