[info]plumbob78 in [info]07refugees

Given their last news post I think this may just be a lie

Semagic choked trying to cross-post my last entry to GJ, so I visited the site (which I rarely do because this has been my primary). Get an error saying :


We're currently working on something. The site will be back up shortly."

Don't know whether they are actually trying to fix something (like the not-staying-logged-in issue), but I somehow doubt it.


The site is back up, to an extent. I went to 'update journal' after I logged in and got a message above the page that said "IMPORTANT: GJ is currently running on a backup DB - we recommend using exporting journal and using insanejournal instead - more info". The 'more info' link takes you to http://www.greatestjournal.com/community/news/100625.html there.
whoah. Things are really screwed over there. Now they're not just telling new folks not to get on, but they're telling everyone currently on board to abandon ship.

Poor GJ'ers.