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Logging in no longer works for GJ. It might be a server glitch, but part of me wonders if system didn't just say 'fuckit' and turn it off altogether. Maybe that's what he meant by ASIS.

(Details: you can log in but if you refresh you're logged out)

eta I tried posting a comment to the news post (by inputing my un/pw right before hitting post) and got errors galore. Now it's showing my comments sans text. (http://www.greatestjournal.com/community/news/100462.html?page=29#comments)


The funniest thing about all this, I went to the main GJ page, and this testimony was up there:

"I love all the features we get for free here that cost tons of money on other sites, and I especially love that you actually listen to us when we have suggestions."
- cho_malfoy - MORE
I especially love that you actually listen to us when we have suggestions.

Must of been made back when system gave a damn about his now confirmed dead site.
back in '03 and '04, most likely, when the site was new and actually functional.
Here is what was on the front page when I went to it

"GJ is clearly ahead of its time. So many great features, and it's all free! It's a little bit like Oprah giving away a car to everyone in the audience, but here's to hoping that we don't actually end up having to pay the taxes on our accounts."
- _msapprehensive
There's something to be said about death and taxes in all this somewhere. XD
OH GOD, that was one of my comments from my old GJ name! I think I wrote that back when, you know, system actually did shit for the site.
That looks like a 2005 comment.

The site seemed to be working pretty well back then.
Earlier today I still saw one about how great it was to have 1000 icons.
"GreatestJournal is a place where you can meet friends, post your feelings, show the world your pictures, and my favourite part: horde icons. GreatestJournal is more than an everyday journal site. GreatestJournal is like one big family."

*lol* horde icons

But it actually resembles my family judging from the comments on the news threads