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OpenID Notifications.

A little while ago someone mentioned in a comment on LJ (can't remember who or where it was) that one of the disadvantages of using OpenID was that you don't get comment notifications.

I'm not sure if anyone here had the same idea, but it's wrong. All you have to do is go to your "edit profile" page (after logging into LJ with OpenID), scroll down to "Contact Info", and put in the e-mail that you want notifications sent to. You'll get an e-mail shortly after asking you to verify it, and then it'll work just as if you had an account there... except you don't.

I've been using my OpenID account for a while to read my friends' journals on LJ, and it's been working pretty well for me. In fact yesterday I finally decided to delete my LJ and so far I don't feel like reactivating it.

So if you know anyone who's still waffling between making a permanent move here because all their friends are still at LJ, then you should tell them about this... OpenID is like methadone. :)


This looks very interesting, partly for myself, partly for my LJ friends who might like to read my shiny new IJ.
Do you know if it works from LJ to IJ too?
It works between all journal services that support OpenID, so yes. The only real disadvantage that I've found is you can't reply to entries that have anonymous commenting disabled.
Thanks for mentioning the anonymous commenting. I never bothered disabling that since pretty much all of my posts are FO anyway, but it's always good to know such things.
thanks so much for letting me know. I do miss my friends already though.
Thank you! I had no idea. This is great.
I'm confused. Then again I always am. I know what open ID is and I googled it. But I'm still confused.

I have friends at LJ that want to read my friends only posts here, how can I let them do that if they're not on my friends list? Or is that not possible?

Or did I entirely miss the point of this post? Haha
They can. :D They just have to add you using their open-ID account. :) (And if you want them to be able to comment--set it to enable commenting from everyone.)
*goes off to make a tutorial--because she's just that helpful and every site has a different explanation for this. XD*
Sweet! Thanks.
Okay, your friends at LJ can read your posts using OpenID. I will explain.

First, they have to sign into IJ using OpenID... just click where it says "OpenID" at the top.

Then they have to make a comment on any public post in your journal... as long as you have at least one public post that has anonymous commenting enabled they'll ba able to do this.

Then when you get their comment, click on the little orange swirly logo to the left of their username... that'll take you to their OpenID profile on IJ. All you have to do then is click the little "+" box that you click on to friend people, and they'll be able to read all your f-locked posts.

If you want to read their posts on LJ, it works the same way, but in reverse.
Thanks bunches!
I've been trying the whole OpenID thing but it's not as functional as I'd like it to be. Like, if someone only wants registered users to comment, I can read their flocked posts but I still can't comment. Also can't read closed communities.

Also, someone was jokng with brad about selling OpenID to the Kremlin. As much as it was a joke on both sides, I really have to wonder how secure I would be if he did sell it to SUP.
I've put in a suggestion on the [info]ideas asylum to add another category for allowing comments: OpenID and Registered. If you think it would be a good thing, you might wander over there and add a comment to the entry.
I've never been able to figure out how to use OpenID.
I know that was brought up in a thread where a few of us, me included, where using open ID's. Someone there told me about this, and I was thrilled when I found out. I do suggest making sure, after you get the reconfirmation email, that it actually has your email listed, as I had to redo the whole process twice.

You also get to have six free icons. Something I have found to be rather fun!
Very very good to know. Thanks for pointing it out!