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cdenise, one of the former GJ admins has just left the site as of last night.

You know it's getting pretty damn bad when admins start to leave.


I'm here on IJ

Yup I left last night after receiving a nasty email from a member after I told her about the username reset info. She wrote this:

And nobody over at GJ has the damn right to get snippy with any of us since WE are the ones who were kept in the dark. Can you blame us for getting angry about things? And no matter what we've read that's been posted, it all smells like bullshit to me. It's one story after another after another...so basically, reading every single news post has been a complete waste of MY time. We were supposed to have 10 icons and now all of a sudden five. It took some poking and prodding for system to post saying what's going on. It took his support team to post all of the problems we already knew about for us to start asking questions again and again and again.

So please, your attitude is not warranted right now considering all the shit we've had to endure on this server for the past three months or so. Especially us roleplayers who have communties to NOW move because all of you can't get your shit together.

All the shit she had to endure? All the shit the support team had to endure!

That rant took the cake and then I realized that nothing will change from the users. Support on GJ is still a thankless job.

No matter how many posts I make to news or issues, the members cannot put 2 and 2 together that someone responding int the thread was a member of the support team. I was reading the 1500+ comment thread and answering when I could since System most likely had comments turned off.

Now there is one abuse team member left (naa) And very few support team members that show up every six months or so and never contribute.

So I'm here now and would be more than happy to help out here! I never realized that IJ has been around forever. I feel more welcome here than I ever did on GJ! :)

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Wow... just wow....

Talk about all attitude....

I can see her point, but still, you were the only one doing your job (effectively) and even /I/ know that you weren't being told anything by your "boss" and that you were doing your best....

I get that they have to move their roleplay now. Really. But there is NO reason for that 'tude. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you....

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Ugh, sounds like one of those bitchy little kids spreading their negative attitude around the server. That's pretty much what gj was made of these past few months, and I'm not gonna miss it there at all. IJ is soooooo much better.

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May all her preferred usernames on every LJ clone ever be forever taken, and Tub Girl be in her next RP. That's just flat out rude and insane, and she's shown herself to be a worthless turd, one step below system.

And I'm glad you're over here!

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** Icon SNAG **

That's cute.

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:D! It came from jillicons on LJ - she has some fun, wild, and surreal stuff!

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Oh I never blamed you. If anything I think you people went through enough with system's inability to keep the gj users informed. It was system's doing, you were just helping.

And about the job being thankless, you at least have one person thanking you for your efforts. That being me. :)

So Thank you! And welcome to ij. :-D

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lol OH NOES the poor rpers and their horrible three months in the dark. It's been four or five YEARS for the support team, hasn't it?

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Their RPs, oh noes!

I'm having a hard time taking it seriously because I used to RP and I'm kinda glad the stuff was deleted now. It was so awful and so, so very sad. I've never read the OC's RPs, so I can't empathize at all.

I do hope that you work over here. I don't know what it's like working with squeaky but I can tell that IJ is all around a healthier environment.

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Well, I hope you don't get the bad vibe from ALL RP'ers now, I've tried to stay out of the news comm due to the fact too many people start shit there. You've been nothing but great, honey.

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Oh man, that's so typical. Be the one person who's actually trying to do the right thing, and somehow that means all the snark and bitchery comes your way when you're the one who deserves it least of all. Your expertise is going to be hugely appreciated here, and hopefully we can foster and maintain a more polite culture. XD

Really, would it kill people to say "please" and "thank you?" It's not like anybody was paying you to wade through all of that!

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wow, it's you! I was so saddened by the whole thing, and shocked when I saw your GJ deleted, so I'm extremely happy to see you here. I'm sure Squeaky will be delighted to take you onboard the support team here. Honestly over the past two or three months I've seen you do so much on GJ for NO thanks whatsoever, and, well, I dont blame you for quitting.

Welcome to IJ. It rocks, here.

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That sucks. I can get that the users are frustrated, but it's been made pretty clear that you and the rest of the support team have had your hands tied by System's behavior. So for her to take it out on you -- for a service she does not pay for -- is rude, unfair, and definitely smacking of entitlement.

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Wow, that sucks. Yes, she was angry, but it should be clear to her that there's more going on behind the scenes. Acting like a know-it-all who has the right to boss you around is the LAST thing she should have done. You put up with a lot over there.