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I guess Im free?

Edit: Fixed. That is a site that i do own but its free directNIC which wont let you do filehosting easily

Yeah. I know my comments probably mean bupkiss but it felt good to write it anyway. Nothing wrong with a suggestion, right?


No image that I can see. Just a box with a red x. ;(

I can see it on this entry in my browser. Not sure why you cant.
Your host doesn't seem to be working.

Cant host it on that domain due to it beong one of our free domains.
Your link also sends me to http://www.directnicparking.com/ , as if the domain has expired and been taken over. O_o
Link no worky. Did you delete your LJ or was it suspended? I deleted mine...all of them, even my paid accounts. Didn't see any reason to post an image of it, though.
I deleted it just a while ago.Fixed the link. Basically it was just amusing and felt good to write what I did in this image....not that it means anything.


No, I think it's good for people to tell them what the problem is.

Love your icon by the way.

Kudos to you!

I did the immature thing and put a big F-U in my LJ profile.

Check it out for laughs: http://lovebyelise.livejournal.com/profile
My sister just told me about this (she'S deleting her journal right now, but because she never uses it.)

I didn't know you could do this... and you know, I may take the plunge and delete my journal now.
Yeah. YOu can. Just go into your "Account" settings and go to "Delete my account". My journal entries will still be there for the next 30 days in case I have a change of heart but anyone accessing any aspect of your journal will see "This journal has been deleted" and your name will have a strikethrough through it when shown on anyones comments or on anyones friends list.
It's there longer than 30 days. It's there until the LJ staff decides to purge the deleted journals.

Or, at least, that's what I assume since they post once or twice a year saying how all these usernames are up for grabs because they just purged the deleted/inactive accounts or something like that.
I did roughly the same with my rpg journals at lj - different text but same sentiment. My main journal stays and will state why I am not updating anymore ... until lj decides to delete it
My suggestions were considerably less diplomatic...
It's worse than a Nanny State. That's been going on, too, since way before Strikethrough (or Boldthrough, or whatever you want to call it, depending on your preferences) but the thing is, the latest rule changes not only have them policing us, but also have us policing each other.

"Report this", "flag that", "submit this or that for review", censor yourself for "under-14 content", censor yourself for "under-18 content", censor yourself for "adult themes", censor yourself for "offensive content", or risk being censored by LJ against your will.

And what is offensive content? Anything that offends anyone, I suppose? Let troll season begin on LJ - as soon as those rules were published I was out of there. And if they come into effect on IJ (it's actually special code included in the latest LJ code update, and I don't think you can remove content flagging, cutting and reporting from the software that runs these sites and leave any other updates intact, can you?) I'll be out of here, too. Even if that's tomorrow morning. I almost feel like I'm running from censors in Communist China, but whatever. I have backup plans for my backup plans at this point.

I know free speech is at the whim of any private site owner, but LJ was created with freedom to express yourself as one of their core principles. It was at the very foundation of why LJ existed, and what it existed for. So my shock and disappointment at LJ are something along the lines of...eternal. I don't think I'll ever get over it.
I think LJ needs to hear these things, however, I never ever EVER got an answer to any emails I sent to LJ, or comments in their news posts. I even commented directly to an LJ employee in a community right after he said "We respond to everybody"... and never got a response. So I wrote my concerns out and sent them off like you did, when I deleted my other 2 LJ journals, but I suspect no one really reads them.

I think deleting journals is important. It reduces their numbers and hurts them when they try to get advertisers.
Except that they never purge their deleted journals until it becomes convenient for them. Even though it claims your journal will get deleted after 30 days? It won't.