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Greatestjournal blunders yet again

Oh dear god. Just when you thought GJ has reached the absolute bottom, they went down even further.

The icon maximum limit has reached 5. I tested this myself. If you value your gj icons, don't try to edit them.


I was totally amused at how they slipped that under the wire while announcing that they weren't gonna be bothered to fix what's broke. Good thing I never set up camp seriously on GJ.
Yes, same here. I made an account there just in case... but I never did anything with and it looks like I'm not going to.
Yeah a month ago I'd of been pissed. But gj is exciting now! LOL like something new happens. We never know what that cooky system will do next week. :)
I thought you had an icon of Melrose Bickerstaff; I was about to vomit.
I bet everyone who was praising GJ as an alternative to LJ after Strikethrough '07 are feeling a little bit foolish at this moment in time.
You're right there *sheepish*.

But I think most of us could see which way the wind was blowing- and after all, IJ did do as much as possible to welcome refugees in, while I don't remember GJ saying anything but "aggggggggggggggh, not more!"
As they should feel foolish for backing the wrong team.
Well, I had a GJ before strikethough but never used it enough to know there was a problem besides icon disappearances. If I didn't hear about IJ from others, I would've used GJ or went back to my DJ.
Ditto. I'd be on GJ or another host now, too, but I heard about IJ through...you.
O HAI, at least the price is right. Cuz you get nothing for nothing over there!
Except when the bill of sale promises everything for nothing.

I was only there exclusively for like a day, before they started telling folks to come here instead. I did so and quickly got myself a permanent account (it's cheap here!). I just wish I hadn't wasted my time moving my LJ over there only to find that site was falling apart. On the plus side, though, the implosion yields entertaining comments in their news threads.
I was there back when it was still unlimitedRPG.com, before they changed the name to GreatestJournal, and I never could get comfortable there enough to seriously consider it as a real journaling home, because of all the promises of all these bells and whistles and extras and shiny more things and how we should never, ever worry about how it's getting paid for because it's all taken care of, so stop asking.

It was already losing its bells and whistles before the Strikethrough influx. (image hosting, I think gjpix too, and icons were already starting to drop - it was 2k originally.)
You get what you pay for indeed.
Sunny's bringing sexy back.
How very true now.
I got a good laugh out of this one, thank you :)
Absolutely right. I could give two craps about user icons, but not being able to have better CSS would get on my nerves very fast. The styles over there are completely horrorticulous.
I love how the main page still says "10 icons per journal". -_-;
Well, you can't expect system to do it all himself.

o.O Oh, wait....
I meant that they reduced the number of icons to 5, and yet the main page (where they tell you all the "benefits of joining") still says you get ten.
Yeah, I know LOL. I was making a joke on the arrogant way system acts. That is that you can't expect system to change both the code and the front page, but of course he does. That's why he won't let anyone help him out. ;-)
He is... system of a down! ;D
Muahaha!!! But you, my dear, are made of win.
Hahahaha, thank you!
Ah, didn't know that. I was never really active on GJ (though I do have an account there) so I've got no idea what the admins are like.
Yes, because it's just so damned hard for him to lift those inactive little administrative pinkies and actually do some work with them!

I'm still convinced he's a petulant 10-year-old in a business suit.
I'm convinced he's mailroom clerk doing this in his off-0time. He needs to feel the POWER!
Ah yes, I couldn't agree more with that. Ever since all these problems started back in the summer months, I've been saying that it's a bloody snarfing power trip with him. Either that, or he's trying to make up for a marked deficiency in the pitifully small size of his anatomy by showing just how big of a cock he can be.
....[info]squeaky, anybody?

Nah. He'd be asking for help right now. :-D
Um, I realized afterward it would've been better if I had made that the first reply to your comment. All I meant was to finsih your sentence for you by saying in effect "Oh wait...squeaky, anybody?" because as we all know, squeaky *does* do it all (pretty much) cheerfully, effeciently, and absolutely without complaint or delay. He is also the most responsive admin I have ever seen on any website. Just awesome. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

Two words: False advertising. Along with those "create journal" link & "private message" ad too.
Have you also noticed that GJ still has "private messages" on the main page as well?
And "FREE PHOTO HOSTING" ... hahahaha
I noticed that last night when I was checking icon credits for some of my icons I used to use over there.
Yeah. Sorry you lost your stuff. :-\
Oh I backed up my icons months ago and haven't edited them since, I was just checking who made a few :D
Since GJ has begun to trip, I started going here http://www.greatestjournal.com/allpics.bml?user=YOUR_USERNAME to check the icons out.
I did that too, but it is perfectly safe to go to the edit icons page and not risk anything if you don't change a thing. It's not viewing the page itself that does the naughty, it's pressing 'save changes' that does it.
With all due respect, yes, it is just going to the page. Viewing the edit pics page automatically deactivates all but five of your icons.
Well, I have 1 userpic because GJ never gave a damn about my not active self.
Odd. Mine were deactivated long before I went to the page.
I went one better. I deleted my account. I never go there, and only did last year when LJ had the blackout. I created this one in June at the urging of a friend, and never looked back.
I think I'll keep my username there, just because you never know. Maybe GJ will get sold like, um, LJ did (hopefully not to the same people, though...I have no interest in dealing with SUP at all).
Unsurprisingly, the most popular FAQ question currently is "How do I delete/undelete my account?"

So it would seem you are far from alone.
Funny enough although I never edited anything for a while, I only got 15 left of the 20 I uploaded, the other 5 show up as red dots...

Not that I'm sad, I had my GJ for some time, but never really used, except for backing up ... it did not took me long to decide for IJ, even though I don't particularly like any of the layouts.
11 out of 19 for me. Oddly enough, all of the anti-LJ ones are in the still working category.
I don't know if that isn't just coincidence, for example I uploaded 8 Marcus Icons (a vampire from Poltergeist the Legacy) and four are dead, the other one is an animated gif ... seems pretty random, but what do I care - GJ never thrilled me that much
I will not miss GJ and the whiny emo kids plaguing the front page, or the childish way it has always been run. It's always sucked quite badly, and was a poor substitute for LJ.

I just hope IJ isn't a massive fraud, luring us all into a false sense of security... I feel nice here and will cry if it dies :(