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Archiving & Transferring Entries from LJ/GJ...

Hey everyone. :) I was wondering if maybe I could get some help. I'm pretty sure this isn't where I need to go for this, but considering I'm new to IJ, I'm not sure where to address the issue. After reading your entries/comments, there seem to be several people that have gone through this process - so I'm hoping one of you can help.

I am currently a user of LJ & GJ both... and after dealing with all the nonsense on both sites, I'm just ready to start elsewhere. When GJ suggested IJ, I created one immediately. However, I'm having a slight bit of a problem trying to back up my previous entries on the other sites. I want to back up my entries to my hard drive & then transfer them over to IJ.

I am using LJARCHIVE.. but for some reason it won't let me connect to either of their servers to obtain my journal entries. It just keeps telling me that the server has stopped responding - when I'm connected just fine for everything else. Has anyone had this problem and know how to fix it? Or does anyone know of any other software that is used for the same purpose?

I would really like to start using my IJ, but I'm trying to wait until I've transferred the older entries before I do. Can someone help me? Please & thanks bunches!!!

EDIT: Apparently, my .NET FRAMEWORK wasn't up to date...even though I had just downloaded what I thought was the lastest version. I'm currently downloading/installing the updates from Microsoft Updates to that to see if that solves the problem. I'll keep you updated.. as soon as these finish. Thanks for all your help! :)


I would recommend LJ-Sec instead. I know of no way to repost LJ-Archive saved information to any other LJ clone. Drawback: LJ-Sec won't save or repost comments.
BTW: LJ-Sec backdates old entries, so you can start making new posts to IJ right away. No reason to wait...
I plan on using that, as soon as I back up the entries & comments before I do so. I just wanted a hardcopy of my stuff before I attempted the main transfer (which they suggest doing on the LJ-Sec page).
From LJarchive read-me file:
New feature and minor fix:

* Can now partially sync. This is useful when the Livejournal server is bogged down and dies halfway through a big sync.
* Changed request header to disable Keep-alive. This was causing LiveJournal to return bad HTTP responses.
What version are you using?
I think it's the newest version - 0.9.7.
You'll probably be able to get a better answer here then.
Thank you so very much!
This one looks particularly interesting:

I found it directly before you commented back with it. :) I'm installing the stuff needed right now. Hopefully that solves the problem. Thanks again for your help! I really appreciate it.
I don't know if your problem has been solved yet, but LJARCHIVE works with the Microsoft .NET architecture. If you run Windows Update make sure everything related to .NET is updated. Hopefully that can fix your problem.
It's updating as I type this. I had installed the newer .net framework because LJARCHIVE wasn't recognizing it on my system when I started. But little did I know, they just did an update on that one not too long ago as well. Figured out that's what I was missing after reading through the ljarchive community. Thanks so much for responding. :) Hopefully it works after this is done.
If you're all set, would you edit the post, please? Otherwise, I might be able to help, since I've used both programs quite a bit.
Sorry about that. I was waiting for this to update so I can be 100% sure that's the problem. I have a slow connection, so it's taking a bit to download/install.
Thanks to your icon, my cat has a newfound obsession with my monitor. @_@
LOL! A lot of people don't realize it's an icon!
I hope it works too. I used SEC and ARCHIVE the other day and they are AMAZING programs.
I'm not sure if you got all your entries over here but I used LJ-Sec and it worked great. Only took about 20 minutes to get all the entries over here and then lock down the entries over there as friends only.

Hope you got yours over here safely too.
I just installed the latest update of the .NET framework. I will try ljarchive again tomorrow.

Um, how long did it take you to lock ALL your posts over on LJ? I have been there since 2001. Eep?
took less than 10 minutes with lj-sec.

I've been with LJ since 1999 so shouldn't be any longer for you.
Oh cool! Thank you! :-)

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Sure, I'm alway looking for new friends
Coolios! :-)