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Re: GreatestJournal Refugees...

I noticed we have 2 (TWO) asylums for GJers to find each other: [info]findgjers and [info]gjmeetup. The first was created on 12/09, the second on 12/10.

None of them has GJ or GreatestJournal listed as an interest -- actually, there are no listed interests at all. One of the maintainers set up a welcome post, so I left a comment. The other, I don't know.

Again, please don't forget to list relevant interests, so users are able to find you via the interest search. Not only is it a great help for networking, it would also avoid redundancy.

To all the GJ RolePlayers: IJ STILL HAS COMMENT ROT. This means your comments might disappear without notice. (Eta: I don't mean the problem of comments sometimes not showing up right after you posted them; this can be solved simply by commenting again: both comments show up, delete the redundant one. What I mean is that weeks or months after posting, comments or whole comment threads are gone.)

It won't be fixed until the next code update goes live. I've written about this before ("Known Site Issues"). I know it sucks; at the moment there's always at least one downside no matter which journaling service you choose. :(


Dear [info]07refugees mod (*waves @ [info]keieeeye*): Would it be possible to update the profile page, and perhaps create a sticky post on top of the page (some journal styles, e.g. Unearthed, allow for that) with the most important rules, necessary information, and asylum links? (I'll gladly help if needed.)


On the bright side, the eaten comment will normally reappear once another comment is made to the post.
No, that's a different issue (sorry, I probably wasn't entirely clear). It's not that comments aren't visible after you posted them (and like you said, they appear when commenting again) -- it's that weeks or months later single comments or whole comment threads are completely gone.