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Further icon cuts

GreatestJournal users: Whatever you do, don't go to the Edit Icons page on GJ. They've cut the icon slots to 10.

http://www.greatestjournal.com/users/karma_apple/28380.html has a screen shot.


Wow, they really did ....

Glad I left there months ago.
Too late. Another thing they failed to notify us about. :/

Well that explains why the last 3 I'd put in vanished.

I just need 3 really as all my RP people share a journal and the Comm only has one.

I hope they settle whatever's happening, not that it'll stop me from using it unless I can't manage to post.
Ok, it's been confirmed that you'll only get limited to 10 icons if you actually go to your Edit Icons page.

Sadly, I found this out too late. But hopefully it's just a glitch and they'll fix it soon.

On another note, it seems that our email notifications have also been turned off.
Sadly, I found this out too late. But hopefully it's just a glitch and they'll fix it soon.

From the way things have been going there I doubt this. They have a long history of a lack of transparency, and they'd already cut the icons before, from 2000 or whatever it was to 100, and even though they took a poll on the news community (that not that many people read) to see what people would be willing to give up, they never acted on it.
Heeeeeeeey, I took that! :D I feel all e-famous now.
You had a Lane icon!
XD I had 96 of them! Now, only 10, alas. I used her face to portray Su Li at a Harry Potter roleplaying game.

I never watched Gilmore Girls too much, but aah, I keep meaning to.

Oh right, GJ was so popular for roleplay lol.

Okay, now I want to go and hunt for a Paris icon. Because Paris would not put up with this shit!
Haha, danke!
Heh. I managed to cut my icons to ten without even blinking... Then again, I manage to only need 6 on LJ too.
No matter, I still have all my user pics on my hard drive, and burned to a CD.

The fact that this happened with no head's-up is still underhanded, but *shrugs* I've long ago said good-bye to GJ.
Haha, wow. And I just went in there and took a few out this morning, didn't get limited to 10 though so this must've happened sometime between 2:00pm EST and now.
They probably did it to relieve server strain.

Hopefully it won't stay at 10 or they'll lose alot of new users who really liked that 100 icon bit.
That makes sense...Though if the server is strained as much as it seems to be, then it would make sense to try and divert new people from coming over and causing more strain, wouldn't it?

I mean, they did direct new users to go over to IJ instead...
Yes, it does sy on the Create an Account page, to come to IJ instead.

But that doesn't mean the servers aren't still straining because of the new users from before that announcement went up. And those new users could very well have been uploading their 100 icons or even moving their entire journals via LJSec.

That too would strain the servers, even without anymore new accounts being created.

But no, it wasn't very nice to not announce that the limit was being lowered, whether temporary or permenant.
True, they definitely should've made an announcement about what they were doing and why before taking 90% of everyone's icons. >>
Well they have done before, they cut the icons from 2000 (or 1000, I can't remember) to 100.

The thing is that GJ was originally supposed to be an RPG server. Cutting the icons down to 10? Not so good for the RPGs.
Yeah when I first signed up there, it was 1000.

As long as you don't edit your icons, you won't lose them.

I have 40, they'll all still there.