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Insanely bothered -

I migrated over here after the Strikethrough partly because I was affected - through my fandom and my survivor communities.  I was affected from the mass panic that these deletions caused.  I was affected by the outpouring of anger and rage that 6A's actions caused.  And I was affected by the solidarity of the populace at livejournal.  The fact that the news travelled quicker than any news the LJ staff might feed the users.

I am outraged that the news reports coming out of 6A seem to play down the whole event when it was a violation of so many rights that it isn't even funny.  The proper protocal for deleting any of those journals would have been to receive a legitimate legal letter from law enforcement or an agency like such and then taking action. 

But they didn't do that.  They proceded to wipe out several communities and user journals without so much as a "thank you for shopping with us" or a quick journal read to determine what was in fact being discussed.  I know that takes time, but time is what it takes to do something right.

I still have my account at LJ, I am waiting until my paid subscription runs out and then I will go down to basic and eat their bandwidth.  Some of my friends have follwed me here, but for those that have not, I will stay at LJ to read and comment only.

I am insanely bothered by the new LJ main layout.  I consider it a violation of my privacy that when on a public terminal everyone can see what my friends last comments were and mine too for that matter.  I am also pissed off that LJ has moved all pertinent news to the bottom right corner.  It's almost like they are hiding from us.  And they don't include and "opt-out" option so that I can have my news first.

So here I am, friend following or no, for the better I am hoping.  My trust in LJ is shattered beyond all repair and I feel violated and dirty every time I talk about them.

I am making a new start, a new life so to speak here. I have created some fandom communities over here and hope they continue to gather new members.

I wish all you other refugees the best!  We have been through a right bit of hell, haven't we...



What good are 2000 icon slots if you can only upload one at a time and have to load the entire page to get to the upload box because they put it at the bottom, for that matter...? ;)