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LJ stats

I was stumbling around the latest LJ stuff the last couple of days, and someone asked about LJ stata. They didn't know how to get them. I forgot to save the link. If it was someone here on IJ, or if any of you come across the post, they can check them by going to

Just like IJ, only change it to EvilJ.

Speaking of stats, the User Stats listed here at IJ, has a total that changes all the time (UP of course) but the ACTIVE number is always the same -1680 Why is that? Just curious. Not some bothersome to try to raise Squeaky about it.

And what is a "detox" patient? I don't recall seeing those in the different levels explanation.


When I looked at the IJ stats page just now, the active number was 15097.

Also I find it interesting that LJ has a pretty even bell curve going on with its users ages, peaking at 19 and then evenly dropping off with subsequent ages. IJ isn't nearly so even, and also proportionately has a lot more older users. Because it's mostly adults affected/disgruntled by Strikethrough? Or is it just spikey because IJ is a newer service and LJ has had years to build its user base?
It could be that a higher percentage in the younger brackets are at LJ for specific social networks. I know I'm still active on LJ in part because my friends from college are still active on LJ.

Older users may trend more towards fandom beyond general squeeing. If adults want to have adult discussions about characters, they will go someplace that will let them have those discussions. While right now the crack down is on visuals, what happens if the next wave is fanfic text and the wave after that is discussion text? Or if a sponsor doesn't like particular political of religious discussions?

The younger users also may not be used to the concept of having a real choice. Dislike your school? You're stuck. Hate your homeroom teacher? Too bad. Journaling service online breaking their TOS? What do you mean, leave?

There's a visible bump between 17 and 18 on the InsaneJournal stats, which to me would correspond to "you mean I get to CHOOSE a college, and I can transfer out if I have to?" or "first job after high school graduation" age. The discontinuity between 22 and 23 could correspond to college graduation; the cafeteria social network that could spread news about posts on lj_biz to those never hearing of that community but on LJ goes away then. And those who have been involved in fandom for years could account for the relative size of the upper age range.

(I would like to add, however, that larger sample sizes do tend to give smoother curves; IJ's bumpiness could be due to not having LJ's numbers.)
Or because a lot of the young people on LJ can't think for themselves? *g*

I'm so terribly ageist towards my peers, it's awful.
I think that the stats over at LJ are skewed for a possible combination of reasons:

-Those above teeny-bopper age do not put their year of birth out on the internet as they have a more developed sense of reasonable privacy.

-The age statistics (if correct) are for all accounts ever created. If you will notice, something like 1/3 of them have never been updated and only about 1/4 of them are currently active. I think the 16-21 age group are more likely to have fun with the account for a day or a week and then move on to some other space.

-The age statistics (taking the two above point into consideration) are not something that behooves LJ to correct in any way as the demographic they are selling to advertisers looks more young and hip in with the incorrect numbers.

Anyway, the median age and average age of people in my segment of LJ is/was about 30-35. I always thought that just might be in my little corner, but I think it's probably more accurate overall than I thought.
Might have to do a refresh or cache clearing to see the active number change. *nods*
That is a glorious icon.

Snatchable by any chance?
I don't see any reason you couldn't nab it. nightdriller over at LJ made it and that LJ has been deleted and purged, so apparently she's not around to say either way. Besides, if I remember, there was no problem sharing them as long as she got credit for making them.
[info]squeaky has mentioned the page's code being outdated before to me. No idea if he's planning updating it or what, but it is incorrect.