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LJ poll

As all of you all settle in here, will you please go back to LJ just once more to give me some information in this poll? It's at least a way to gauge what business they had, have lost, or might be losing - and in what coveted demographic groups.


Please feel free to pimp/pass around. Thank you!


Actually, if you make an LJ account and name it specificallyforthispoll or something, that would be cool.

Or maybe open IDs can answer polls.

Or you can copy/paste and e-mail me and I"ll include the answers in the final numbers (I'm documenting using an Excel spreadsheet and think an one-page summary analysis will probably make things pop out).

Or just get as many people who still have LJs to answer as you can. It's already pretty eye-opening, especially people's main concerns.
I thought it was *very* interesting.

I'll do what I can.