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RSS Feeds

How to set how much of your LJ posts are visible via RSS:


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There's an admin console command, set synlevel < level >, which allows you to choose how much of your journal posts are syndicated via RSS feeds. The < level > can be "full", for the entire entry, "summary" for the first paragraph, or "title" for only the entry subject.

So if you have friends using RSS NewsReaders and you'd like them to be able to read your entire post (especially if they're using FeedReader and can see flocked posts) then: set synlevel full


Do you know if there's a way to do this for communities? If so, do you know what the command is?
You rock. Thanks so much. :-)
Oh, very helpful! Thank you!
This is very helpful, thanks!

I'm just learning about feeds, and I wonder if you could answer a few questions (or point me to where I could find out)?

(1) Can I find out who is feeding my journal?
(2) Are all posts fed? Is there a way to limit feeding of my locked posts?
(3) Is FeedReader the only way to read my friends' flocked posts?

Thank you for any advice you have!!
M'sorry, I'm not that savvy about them either. I just do lots of digging around on the internet.

3) Feedreader. I'm not sure if it's the only way. I think any RSS reader that let you effectively use a username and a password to access information would work. I just know Feedreader as being the most currently talked about.

2) As far as I know all posts that the person's account as access to are fed. So if you filter posts they shuld stay filtered.

1)I have no idea on this one. I had a feed on livejournal for another project. I can see how many people are reading the feed, but not who. Though I expect if I sent in a request to support they might be able to tell me. And thus - you.
Thanks for the answers. I'll do some more digging around -- time to figure this stuff out, isn't it?
Thanks for the information!