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A Handful of Icons

Just a couple of icons that I made for myself that some of you may want as well:



Nice! I'm snagging the second one. Thanks!
I'm definitely snagging the second one.
Those are great, I love the 2nd one :)
Snagging the middle one like everyone else.
I'm taking the middle one as well.

Good job!
Awesome! :D
taking, using on mosspiglet

thanks you kindly
Totally grabbing the first one.
Sweet - nicking off with the second one, and will credit in user comments.
Snagging the second as well, will credit.

Thanks for helping me get closer to reaching my 300 limit... I have a long way to go.
Hah, I'm greedy. *snags all*
And just to be different, I snagged #3 (but #2 also). *g* Very nice!
I'm snagging the first two. Good job!
Awesomesauce. I'll steal all three to use sometime.
Pure awesome. Still can't decide which one to take, but I'm definitely snagging one (or two). Will credit!
Forth. Oh wait, Third. Yeah totally meant third.
bwahahahaha, taking the first one, thank you!

Snagged #3 and will credit.
These are awesome! :D
taking the second one, will credit. :)
Mmm, yes, totally snagging the first two. With credit, of course. <333
I'll steal the first one, with credits of course! With more thanks to [info]rushlight, where I saw it in the first place :).
Nice! I took the second one - it's so fitting ;-)