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A banner for us expatriots

I got really tired of putting up the same written notifications in each of my RP journals as I transferred them over, so I suddenly hit on a fun alternative, to let people know where I am these days. I made a banner that I'm using as a clickable link on my account pages as I close them out. And you guys are all welcome to use it, too. (Although please cache your copies on your own webspace :D? )

And to see it in action: you can lookee here.

Edit: Per request, here's how you code for it. In the example I link to, this is the code I used:

<a href="http://miss-colleen.insanejournal.com/"><img src="http://www.ardath-rekha.com/images/albums/userpics/10001/insanejournal.gif" border="0"></a>

You would replace miss-colleen with your insanejournal name, and then replace the bolded img src URL with the URL where you store your copy, for instance, on photobucket. (Please store your own copies, because I'm not made of bandwidth. ;) )


Cuuuute! I'm still trying to decide what to do with my creative lj. I might leave it up for wanderers. And I should un-flock that smut, too.
That's a really great idea. One thing: A lot of people don't know the coding to use to get something to work as a clickable banner; could you provide instructions for that? Thanks!
:D Done. Thanks for the reminder. :D Nothing more annoying than an idea you want to implement but can't because nobody said how to. XD
LOVE IT! Nabbing to go pillage LJ!
Thanks... a great idea! :)

I'm going to use this when I close up my journals over there, which won't be too far away now.
I may do that, hmmm....
nice banner, thank you, I will be stealing that. (Just the image, not the bandwidth. :) )