[action / so open]
30 August 2010 at 11:14 pm
[Hello, Marina! Allen was tired and distracted and sad last night, and he vacated the hospital and accidentally left Tim behind. Timcanpy doesn't want to stay in a hospital without Allen! Lavi is okay but he's gone too, and that just leaves Jun and Kanda, and Tim doesn't even like them! So here's a little gold golem fluttering through the dome at about waist-height. He keeps pausing, looking around, seeming confused.

[Have you seen his boy?]

((ooc: you can encounter Timcanpy anywhere. all cats love to chase Timcanpy, and you can do pretty much whatever you like to him, because he will just regenerate. have fun))
The 78th Day
30 August 2010 at 08:17 pm
Good morning, inmates. It is the 78th day of the third generation.

Today some of you may be interested to know that a game of paintball will be held at noon at the athletic fields. They have received temporary decoration for the purpose of the game. Please use protective eyewear, and take caution with the paintball guns. Also be aware that the paintball guns will be collected and inventoried at the conclusion of the game.

Direct questions to inmate Chuck Bartowski.

Inmate Peregrine Mendicant, your request will be delivered to the post office shortly.
24 August 2010 at 01:14 pm
[she flips the communicator on mid-song. soft singing]

I know an old lady who swallowed a fly~
I don't know why she swallowed the fly~
I gu~ess~ she'll die~

[abruptly stops]

....It's not fair. Acumen shouldn't be allowed to do mean things like this. I want to see my family again! It's been so long since I've seen any of them too. I wish I saw Papa.

[Private to Gin]

Gin! You're taking me out today. [so insistent]

[ooc: SOB. I hope this is okay Li!]
22 August 2010 at 07:29 pm
[The video cuts on the sight of a boy with black hair on a perfectly normal-sized head and a trench-coat. It may be late at night, but nothing stands in the way of heroism!]

MY FELLOW HUMANS. Do not be alarmed, but there is a great danger here that you need to be made aware of. There are aliens among you! Not just any aliens! Like that troll alien. But one alien in particular who plans to destroy the Earth!

His name is ZIM and he is short and large red eyes and antennae. HE MAY BE ARMED AND DANGEROUS. Do not let him fool you into believing he is human! The green is not a skin condition.
[video | open | backdated to late morning]
20 August 2010 at 10:29 pm
How curious...hello?

[Alice has taken her communicator off and accidentally turned it on in her investigation. Faces and voices keep coming out of it, but none she recognizes.]

Well, this certainly isn't the Ascot estate.
[Action | Voice | Open]
20 August 2010 at 06:37 pm
[Over all, despite the general chaos of the day, it hasn't affected him too much. Speaking with someone who appeared to be Santa Claus had been strange, sure, but not bothersome. From the sound of things over the network there were many people who were having a much worse time than he was; it was kind of surprising how mellow the overall stay here had been. The only really exciting things that happened were Kamui showing up, and getting attacked by the monsters.]

[One thing that might prove to be more annoying, however, was the prospect of the flood of people that had come today staying in the shelter for the night. Sure, there was likely more than enough room for them all, but it was something Fuuma didn't feel like dealing with.]

[He had been planning on finding somewhere else to stay anyways and now was as good a time as any to start looking. So wandering the various sectors and looking for an apartment he goes.]

Which sector has nice apartments? I'm a bit tired of the shelter.

((OOC: Backdating this to before anyone he might talk to for fourth-wall showed up. Orz.))
[ Voice ]
20 August 2010 at 08:03 pm
Can't believe this...

Oi Gino or whatever the hell your name is. I need to talk to you. Like now or whatever.

People can get off my back now...
20 August 2010 at 03:33 pm
[Day 76: What a busy day. If these temporary arrivals hadn't been, well, temporary, she would have sold the post office SO HARD to each and every one. But they aren't, so she'll just have to find it in herself to carry on.]

  • Ribbons Almark: a letter from the Peregrine Mendicant.
  • Lacus Clyne: a letter from Lyle Dylandy.
  • Neil Dylandy: a letter from Lyle Dylandy.
  • Asuka Langley Soryu: a letter from Rei Ayanami.
  • Gino Weinburg: a thank-you card from Ribbons Almark.

  • From Ribbons Almark : to the attendees of the Marina Post Office Opening party, minus Q and Kefka.

[Hi fourth-wallers! If any of you want to bother PM on her route or at the post office, please feel free to do so with [action] in your comment line. ♥]

[Mail submissions for Day 77 go here!]
20 August 2010 at 09:34 am
Um -- today is the first official meeting of the sewing club! Ehe. Ta-daaaa. [she gestures back at the room behind her, which is in the crafts room at the education center. there are sewing machines and piles of pretty cloth and Orihime's latest half-finished skirt and a stuffed penguin and a gold haro]

You don't need to have any skill level to come and hang out, if you're interested. We'll show you how it's done! And it doesn't have to be sewing either, if you like to knit or quilt or embroider or whatever you can do that here too... It's just more fun if you do it together!

Oh, and new people can play too!

So... come join us at the school crafts room~!

[backdated to afternoonish. event-style posting, so tag amongst yourselves, and I'll tag when I'm back from volunteering!]
17 August 2010 at 03:01 pm
[brief flickering and the video screen successfully pops up!]

These new machines always do get the best of me.

If someone could direct me to the North Pole then I would most appreciate it.

[note: Santa will know the names of all characters that have Christmas in their world! HE'S SO WATCHING YOU]
13 August 2010 at 06:21 pm
[Day 75: It had initially seemed like a very promising day for mail! Until, well, Q's package. With her minor back injury, it was a small slice of agony, forcing her to abandon her carefully-planned route to go straight to Gin's house first. The rest of her route is accomplished with relative ease, but the mail lady has markedly less enthusiasm than usual, and occasionally she can be spotted pausing to rub nervously at her back and scowl.]

  • Peregrine Mendicant: a letter from Ribbons.
  • Lavi: a letter from Allen.
  • Ushiro Jun: a letter from Jennifer.
  • Lacus: a letter from Euphemia.

  • Course Catalogues: to Elizabeth Middleford, Jun Ushiro, and Wolfram.
  • From Sakura: individualized thank-you cards to Lizzie Middleford, Jun Ushiro, Allen Walker, Kitty Pryde (aoa), Yuuki Kuran, and Neil Dylandy.

  • Gin: package from Q. A very, very, very heavy package from Q.
  • Saya: package from Diva.

[Fortunately, once she arrives back at the post office and sees what awaits her, she cheers right up again.]

[Sorry it's a little late, the day kind of vanished.; Mail submissions for Day 76 go here!]
[Voice | Open | Filtered from Asuka]
11 August 2010 at 03:27 pm
What do you feel makes one human?

[This is a serious question, Marina. And if you say 'biology' or 'a human soul', you will break her heart. Just to let you know.]
29 July 2010 at 06:02 pm
Do a little daaaaance.

[Suddenly, more demanding,] OBEY. [GIR laughs while he orders some angry bots to escort every single one of you to one of the parks. Fighting back will only result in punishment...and believe him, you don't want to know what GIR has cooked up for you then.

While you walk you may notice that dawn has suddenly become night again, the lighting is still working though it's all very...vibrantly colored and disco-y--maybe a strobe light here and there--and that the once peaceful silence has turned into blaring techno.

GIR starts to sniffle happily.]

Y-you're all so beautiful.

OOC info under the cut! )
27 July 2010 at 04:09 pm
[Roxas is illuminated by the sphere of light he's holding in his hands, and skating on his ATs around the streets of the dark dome.]

Where's the best place to put up a big light? I don't think I can illuminate the whole dome, but I should be able to brighten up a sector for a while, or something like that.

Maybe by the school?
The 73rd Day
26 July 2010 at 03:54 pm
...Acumen? ...Hellooooooo? LET'S MAKE BABI--


[Giggle while GIR proceeds to mess about with certain things in his new surroundings, gleefully asking what 'this does' or 'that does' in the process.

GIR eventually decides that he rather likes the dome in nighttime, so for now all you'll be seeing is darkness. But of course breakfast time doesn't have to suffer because of this! There's a gasp because now GIR has some ideas!

Should you be worried? That is entirely up to you.]


((ooc: Ok, guys, today's the day to meet your new Vermin Overlord! First off, you can always refer to this post for a day-to-day schedule of what's happening. This morning Orihime and Ribbons will be given special attention! GIR will be sending robots to Orihime's house to pamper her senseless and give her candy and as for Ribbons, congratulations, you will be sent a huge shipment of tacos with bacon in them.

Comment as you would any other day post and have fun~))
23 July 2010 at 03:04 pm
[Day 72: another fine day at Marina Asylum! Besides the suddenly-missing food in the shelter, anyway. But, regardless of strange happenings, a busy parcel mistress' work is never done. And so after filling her bag with sorted mail, she strikes out for another busy day on the route! Today is more relaxed than yesterday, but she still wishes to be prompt with her deliveries! Out and about she goes~]
  • Gin: a letter from Roxas.
  • Road: a letter from Reiichirou Shiba.
  • Ribbons: a letter from the Peregrine Mendicant.
  • Euphemia: a letter from Ribbons.
  • Rei: a letter from Ribbons.

  • From Sano: to Lavi, Josak, Kobato, Sakura and Akito.
    • PM has been given extra invites to distribute to hot guys anyone who seems interested.
  • From Rayflo: to Xion, Namine, Kairi, and Sakura.
  • From Ribbons: to attendees of the Marina Asylum Academy Breakfast Meeting. Save for Cross Marian, that party crasher.

  • The Peregrine Mendicant: package from Jalyt!

[Her route over, she stops by the pizza place to pick up something to eat--assuming anything is left--before she settles in at the post office to water the new potted plants, give the place a quick cleaning, and to anticipate any possible visitors with her dinner.]

[If you do not feel inclined to thread things out and you were not one of the mass-mailer recipients, please respond OOCly or with a brief IC reaction so we all know you've seen it/received it! Mail submissions for Day 73 go here! And yes, you're welcome to thread with PM at any location she's plausibly visited.]
[ Voice || Action - Open ]
22 July 2010 at 11:42 am
Oi Inoue... Thanks for last night.

[Really, that's all he had to say. Though that probably... Doesn't sound right. He doesn't care. That's all he feels like saying. Guess who hadn't been to school? That's right. Ichigo's skipped out. Finally out of that Shinigami uniform too. Might feel a bit odd, considering this is still in his spirit form, but wearing that thing all the time? Eh... Right now he's in the common room in the Shelter, gnawing on a popsicle stick. Thinking. God he's been doing that a lot.]
video | open
21 July 2010 at 01:22 pm
[ Hello! Have a happy Gaap, Marina. Probably not a good thing. ] Hm~hm~hmm. I've been hearing some interesting things lately, and I was wondering, [ giggles ] who here is human and who here isn't? Why, some of you look to be [ sounding somewhat bitter now ] so innocent, and yet you're not. Who should I be wary of? Who should I stay away from? [ she totally didn't filter this from anyone because she doesn't care. also doesn't know who to filter it from. ]

[ her face twists into a bitter smirk, sounding almost angry - a complete change in tone from her light, happy attitude before. ] ...You know, this place is damn snazzy for a prison. [ pauses. snarling; ] What kind of punishment is this? There's even a school...
[Video - Open]
20 July 2010 at 05:43 am
[Toothless is bored. He's been here long enough that he's pretty much explored everything. He knows by now not to mess with the very big fish (aka the dolphins), for they are not for eating, and to leave all the small animals, also not for eating, alone. So now he's trying to see if anyone else wants to play that one game he played a few days ago.]

I want to play the baseball game! Where can I find someone throwing the ball?

[He still thinks that baseball is, more or less, fetch. Throw the ball, bring it back, repeat. It has something to do with teams and going home but he doesn't understand that part. This place isn't home. It's under the water! How can they run home?]
09 July 2010 at 08:29 pm
I think a little girl's coming to kill me.

[from this. matter of fact. not at all like someone who should be freaking out right about now.]