07 December 2010 at 01:48 pm
[The COMMUNICATOR comes on with a click. There is a moment of BLESSED SILENCE, and then:]

What the everloving fuck is going on here?!

[Oh, don’t you wish that that BLESSED SILENCE was back now? The voice that comes through is LOUD - raised to a shout. It also sounds FURIOUS.]

Obsolete fucking AI? Not making any of its mistakes? That’s real fucking reassuring, you nooksniffing bag of shit!

[BANG BANG BANG. Someone his hammering the keys here!]

This is a real funny joke, assholes! How many fish puns did that fucknugget make when he was designing this steaming pile of musclebeast refuse? Did he throw a temper tantrum halfway through and storm off like a dumb grub who’d shit his diaper and leave one of you other ignoramuses come up with this unbelievably moronic messages?! I could fucking barf a more atmospheric memo! This is why I’m the leader, and what do you not do to your fucking leader? That's right! You do not fuck with your fucking leader!

[Rant, rant, rave! Karkat continues to mash the keys of his COMMUNICATOR before he gives a SCREAM OF FRUSTRATION and throws it against the wall, where it goes off with a CLUNK.]
[Action | Open]
30 November 2010 at 08:11 am
[His restraint is offffff, so instead of eating in the kitchen, Kaworu's off to explore the other food options in the prison. He's gotten so used to walking with that weight dragging against one leg that he appears to have a limp at first, but gradually he regains his balance and begins to walk a little more normally. As for his black eye, it looks slightly healed - his eye is open now, and rather than turning purple or yellow as a human bruise would whilst healing, the black portion has simply shrunk down a little.

Eventually, he stops at the ramen shop and orders a bowl for himself, sitting near the door and awaiting his food. He's heard some nonsense over the network, a lot of angry voices, but this morning he's been too distracted with his exploring to pay the close attention he did while restrained. Thus, he has no idea how lucky he is when his ramen comes and he takes a big bite, then pulls a face:]

This is terrible. It doesn't taste like anything at all.
[Voice|Backdated to noon-ish]
25 November 2010 at 10:25 pm
...[So he woke up this morning and found out he'd managed to sleep through an entire day. He didn't think he'd used that much energy. But, even so, Jun's voice doesn't really sound sleepy, just deadpan, and he's bored...bored, and a little bit curious.]

This is a bit of an odd question to ask out of the blue, but since everyone is from different worlds, what kind of music do you listen to? Well, if you listen to music at all.

[...That last sentence pains him, but he has to include it.] Also, is music an everyday part of life, or is it mostly just for special occasions?

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[Video - Open]
23 November 2010 at 12:15 am
Listening to music the other day made me wonder... are there any other musicians here? What instruments do you play? I know the piano and violin myself. I haven't been here for very long so I'm not sure if there are any instruments available, but if possible, maybe it would be fun to all get together and play something sometime.
[Video|Action|Open] Meet-and-Greet!
11 November 2010 at 05:39 pm
[Have a very nervous-looking Miranda who is trying to hide just how terrified she is of screwing this up.]

Umm...W-Welcome to everyone who just arrived today! [handwave] I know that it can be a little confusing and maybe scary, but Marina isn't a bad place to stay, really.

[Monsters and evil people not withstanding.]

If you would like to maybe m-meet some of the other new inmates, or get to know some of the people who are already here...there will be treats, tea, and hot cocoa in M-Meeting Hall 1 of the Education Center.

Y-You don't have to come if you don't want to! [doesn't want to pressure anyone] But you're not alone here, and you can make some really wonderful friends. And anyone who wants to meet the n-new arrivals is more than welcome to come! If you don't know how to get to the Education Center, I can try to give you directions?

[Miranda will be there with a table that is covered with cookies, cupcakes, brownies, strudels, and hot tea and cocoa just like she promised. She really wishes she had found someone much better suited for this. She's not a spokeswoman or even that confident of a speaker one-on-one. Hopefully they can avoid the robots and not get into trouble for coming?

And she still had one other call to make...]


Umm...K-Kanda? Are you b-busy tomorrow morning?

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09 November 2010 at 08:34 am
Excuse me - is this thing working?...

[A long pause before the voice (a kid's voice) starts speaking again.]

Thank you to whoever gave me the information about Marina. I was just wondering...is this really a prison?

[It doesn't seem so bad. It REALLY doesn't seem so bad. Aren't prisons supposed to be awful? ... He takes a few seconds before speaking again. This second question is something he kind of needs to know, but he's not sure which answer he wants to hear - on the one hand, he really wants to see his friends; on the other hand, from what he's seen in the information pamphlet...things, them being here would be a bad thing...

He asks anyway.]

... Also - has anyone named Ron Weasley or Hermione Granger arrived here?
[video | open] A bit earlier in the night
06 November 2010 at 11:41 pm
[Ed looks at the communicator as if he's surprised it's on for a moment before speaking. His tone sounds irritated at best, but once the confusion subsides, expression matching his tone - there's an obvious hint of worry there too.]

Has anyone else gotten sick recently?

[He's trying to figure out just how widespread it is, and whether or not there should be cause for more than 'average every day flu' concern.]
[ Voice | OPEN ]
02 November 2010 at 02:06 pm
How I feel at the moment is not hilarious and you better not think it is, so where the fuck are you, spiderwitch?

I've said this before because it's true! You're a no good, fucking backstabbing land hag so you would leave me all alone like this here, I hate you so much right now and it hurts more than I would like to admit! If only I had my Ahab's Crosshairs on me yesterday I wouldn't have been hiding inside my apartment I would have been obliterating all those monsters outside who dare kept me from finding and ripping you apart before they ever could have!

Otherwise, I don't give a fuck if all the humans died out due to the monsters around here whenever the power goes out, fucking land dwellers don't even appreciate the hemospectrum and there are too many of them...

[Vriska's disappearance makes one very upset Eridan without his kismesis]
[Video | Public]
29 October 2010 at 05:38 pm
[Leopard is still in his recently claimed chamber in the Education Center Dining Hall, having seen no reason to move from there so far today.

To those who don't experience the blackout, he appears in perfect (well, a bit dim) lighting, but to others it's purely dark other than a glowing red 'eye' which shifts around.

Being a hikikomori and having an artificial eye, he has little trouble with the dark, preferring it even to the bright sun. Still it's a little dark for his tastes even, particularly since he can't have the glow of his personal computer's monitor on his eye.

Periodically the transmission is marred by static, interrupting the A.I.'s words.]

Why is this blackout last░░░░long? Acumen! I really must say, your power generation is really qui░░░░░░░░acular.

Spectacularly BAD that is!

If this were my colony, there would be no shorta░░░░░░░░wer! Ah, my mirrors, what beautiful work they are!

What do you people even do here without power?! Really, really...

I suppose there's alway-

[There's a gap in the transmission here for about thirty seconds.]

"Don't give up, you're the best, Leopard!"

D...D... "Divine is what you are, Leopard!"

Another D... Hasn't anyone else thought of one yet?! [He doesn't wait long for a response.] "Debonair as ever, Leopard!"

D...What's that knocking? Hmph, useles░░░umans! Needing me to open the door for you!

[He opens the door, but nothing is there. (At least that can be transmitted via camera.)]

Oh, what's this? You.... [He sounds delighted.] You must be Deinonychus leopardus! Now you've fin░░░░░░░peared to me at last! I was beginning to wonder if they were ly-

[There's another gap in the video and audio for about twenty seconds here.

When the static clears, Leopard is lying on the floor. He quickly floats back up, his eye going wide at the thin air.]


[And then the transmission abruptly ends.]
Location: Sector 2 - Education Center Dining Hall / Early evening
[ voice / action | open ]
26 October 2010 at 09:50 pm
[She's been doing as Jun said and hasn't ventured outside, instead having gathered all the flashlights she could find and made sure the shelter's first floor common area was well lit. Hopefully none of the batteries will run out...]

If anyone needs healing, come to the shelter! [THAT MEANS YOU, JUN.]
[ voice | open ]
23 October 2010 at 11:16 pm
[She's had far too much coffee today to sleep, and she can't get comfortable since Naoya's stupid cat decided to make her stomach into a body pillow (even though she can't bring herself to push it off, either).]

Is anyone actually awake right now? [Aside from you, Ushiro, and your morbid questions haha, pot and kettle]
[ Action || Open ]
18 October 2010 at 08:10 pm
[Now that the ball and chain is gone, Vanitas finally feels power returning to him. Off in Sector Four, darkness bleeds off of him. From it spawns five little creatures that instantly pool into the ground and scatter off in different directions. Unversed are now unleashed upon the denizens of the asylum.

He's noted that he can't create more, possibly due to more restrictions. Vanitas growls a little under his mask, irritation levels rising further. Just what does that machine think it is... Watching the Floods wander off, he sets himself to looking around. Nothing suspicious about some teenager in a mask walking around. Nope, not at all. It's about time he got better used to the layout of this prison. Perhaps he could run into someone that could potentially be useful...

The problem is the Unversed. Vanitas isn't stupid enough to be caught near them. He'll steer clear of the little horde he's created, only spawning more of the current batch meets an untimely end. After all... The thing they do best is appearing when you aren't quite expecting them too and attacking.]

((ooc note: The Unversed can be found in any sector you wish to be in. They usually come in groups of 2. Since Vanitas can simply create more as soon as another is defeated, encounters can also occur at any time during the day. Vanitas is also available for action, though only in the morning.))
06 October 2010 at 12:17 pm
[Orihime is at a table outside the ramen shop with her head rested on her folded arms and a stack of plates in front of her. She'd decided to treat herself to just one plate of gyoza with mustard on them, since she had a picnic to go to, but then she'd decided to have another, and another... And now she's just sitting here with her head burrowed in her arms, trying to cheer herself up so she doesn't bring everyone down.

[But it's getting hard to keep pretending that she doesn't notice Kuchiki-san and Kurosaki-kun are gone.

[Kurosaki-kun is gone...]
[Video] | [Action]
28 September 2010 at 12:18 am
[Rose is sitting at a corner of the playground, playing with some building blocks. It might look childish, but she's making a house out of the blocks - and then she knocks off the roof and makes it taller.]

[Finally, she addresses the feed.]

I'm curious, Marina. What sort of dwellings do people in your worlds reside in?
[action // open]
23 September 2010 at 06:36 pm
[ it started early this morning, but he didn't really notice until about two hours ago, when his clothes were noticeably ill-fitting. unfortunately, by that point the shrinking had sped up considerably -- and now he's less than a foot tall.

feel free to investigate the pile of rumpled clothing in the park and discover a tiny, tiny Suzaku within its folds. he'll stop shrinking when he's roughly the size of a mouse, but he already looks like a doll and the communicator is much more difficult to use.

he wants to get back to his house, but he's not sure how to go about it -- and, technically, a little bit naked right now. ]
09 September 2010 at 06:27 pm
Lost in troubling thoughts )

[You'll find Saix sitting in an out of the way corner of the library, reading intently and taking notes.]

(((OOC: Special invitation to anyone from the FMA-verse, since the majority of the books in Saix's pile have to do with alchemy and the philosopher's stone. :D)))
[action/open | video/closed to broadcast only] PLAY BALL!
08 September 2010 at 11:25 pm
[Gino announced the second official Marina baseball game just like last time, giving the exciting play-by-plays and the occasional commentary about the players and the cheerleaders. He tries the occasional video feed, but the communicator doesn't have the best ability to take in a large setting, so nothing is very clear.

There is really never a dull moment in a game where the players include, but are not limited to, dragons, angels, and vampires, oh my!

The Purple Dragons won in a last minute upset. AND THE CROWD GOES WILD! ...Right? Upsets are pretty exciting.]

ooc note )
26 August 2010 at 04:44 pm
[Josak is in Sector 5 today, looking at the empty shops and houses that could be used as a boutique. He's even dressed in one of his more practical designs for the occasion. One should always look their best when out shopping after all. Using a house could make the boutique complicated to decorate, but having a parlor and sitting rooms would be nice. He has a general idea of what he wants and when he finds it, he'll know.]

Oh, Jennifer.~ If you're not too busy today, I would love some help in my search for the perfect shop.
20 August 2010 at 09:34 am
Um -- today is the first official meeting of the sewing club! Ehe. Ta-daaaa. [she gestures back at the room behind her, which is in the crafts room at the education center. there are sewing machines and piles of pretty cloth and Orihime's latest half-finished skirt and a stuffed penguin and a gold haro]

You don't need to have any skill level to come and hang out, if you're interested. We'll show you how it's done! And it doesn't have to be sewing either, if you like to knit or quilt or embroider or whatever you can do that here too... It's just more fun if you do it together!

Oh, and new people can play too!

So... come join us at the school crafts room~!

[backdated to afternoonish. event-style posting, so tag amongst yourselves, and I'll tag when I'm back from volunteering!]
[ video ]
17 August 2010 at 05:50 pm
[ just look at this guy on the screen. don't you want to be him? bright red suit, stunner shades -- he's the definition of modern cool. the ironic sort. judging by the fact that his eyebrows are visibly furrowed despite the sunglasses attempting to cover them, this young man is obviously having a hard time with this.

when he speaks, don't mind the slightly southern (specifically a certain lone star state) accent. blame where he's from.

Ah, hell nah. Back this shit up. I ain't done nothin' wrong.

If it's illegal to be as fly as I am, this just isn't a world worth livin' in. Hate on my phat beats and my sick as hell suit all you want... Ain't nothin' gonna stop me.

Someone please point a bro in the direction of the nearest exit. I'm blowin' this joint.