July 8th, 2010

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Phone Call To Bran.

[9:31 PM, Fail-Moon]


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Phone Call to Cole

[Night of Fail!Moon, around 10pm]


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Posted by 1003

[9:01 PM; Fail Moon]

Would someone like to explain what's going on or what isn't around here?

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public from D2A, night of the fail!moon

....So, does someone care to remind me of what was 'supposed' to happen on these full moons? I thought there was going to be chaos and people changing into...

Fairy tales.

Well. Hate to disappoint, but I'm still me, you all seem to be you, so first thing tomorrow morning, I'll be calling the local funny farm to haul the lot of you away.

For your own protection. Of course.

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public from 906. around 4am the night of the fail!moon

[after this. if you don't want to click, trenton kind of destroyed his portrait and died.]


can someone come up here

i dont know what to do he

hes dead

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Who sucks at backlogging posts in a timely manner? SIGNS sucks at backlogging her posts in a timely manner~

[ Wednesday Morning, Day Before Fail!Moon ]

Topic: Recycling – Please Take A Moment

So I’ve noticed that our apartment complex doesn’t seem to provide us with recycling bins, nor do there seem to be appropriate containers behind the building for us to use.

As I’m sure everyone here is aware, plastic, paper and glass are all limited resources that are very easily reusable and only take a moment to set aside. You make a difference and set an example by separating your recyclables and sending the message that you would rather reuse than see more earth torn up and/or another forest cut down.

On that note, I’ve done some research and there are a number of recycling centers in the area and a few businesses with bins that will allow us to throw away our recyclables there. If you’d like your waste reduced and the knowledge that you’re doing a small part to make a big difference, please leave your room number here and I will be able to come around and collect your recycling every Tuesday morning.

For those who would like to assist in this endeavor, please leave a message here, or feel free to find me on the first floor! Room 103, door covered in posters—can’t miss it!

For additional reading, please enjoy the following links:
- Earth911
- Planet Green @ Discovery Channel
- Go Green Initiative

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Text to Sam

{ Sent at 9:35 on the night of the Fail Moon }

HEY guess what? IM NOT GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!